What are you buying an old Saab for ...

What do you buy an old Saab, in your situation it only makes sense to lease a new car !!

Saab 9000 Aero. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive saabblog.net

As a car fan, I started working in the automotive industry in the eighties and during that time I lived out my penchant for special used cars with that certain something. The conversion of a former Mercedes W 123-200D automatic taxi to a 300 D with five-speed steering wheel gearshift and continuous front seat, the construction of a Giulia from Alfa Romeo and a Volvo Amazone 123 GT, both of which were then sold for a trip around the world I always let myself shuttle back and forth between exotic cars with heavy work or financial investment and then back to “good”, stable cars like Mercedes 190 D 2.5 turbo and BMW 323 eta-E 30.

From 1997, everything went "well-ordered": I drove brand-new company cars with my new employers and often changed the vehicle because of the many road trips. However, my old love for the cars with the star got the first rough scratches and I realized with my "second cars" that the Swedish cars from Gothenburg can already be very stable and comfortable. With company cars from Ingolstadt, I came increasingly to the benefit of vehicles that can move safely and a little more driving.

The thought of driving a Swede that gives a dynamic driving feeling started to haunt my head. The vehicles from Trollhättan played but no role, because I always drove on the one hand at the time always Hecktriebler or Allradler, on the other hand, the curses of my colleagues from the independent workshop were in memory, if they had as screwdrivers of the German brands to serve a customer with a Trionic vehicle.

When I decided to start 2014 as a consultant and continue to stand for many miles on German roads, my accountant said: "It's best to lease a new vehicle, because you can claim the effort directly!" This statement did not fit into mine Ideas of self-employment and free decisions of the entrepreneur and so I bought a well-preserved Volvo V70 I from a retired pediatrician, who had decided to give the license for age reasons and to sell the dark blue station wagon I mentioned "Studienrat". The "Studienrat" did a good job, but at some point had "on the bell" over 300 tkm and too many big upcoming repairs, so I thought: what is more individual in the daily auto setup than a 18 year old dark blue Volvo station wagon?

It came as it had to come and I was researching the depths of the internet via Saab. Shortly thereafter, I was on the relevant sales platforms on the road to find one of these beautiful, also a little sporty cars. At the former Saab dealer C + N-art car in Neuss, I stroked more and more often across the yard and was pleased that there are not only Saabs offered and repaired, but also obviously many bodies are, which is about it by slaughtering the customer base for smaller money used parts to send.

I still remember, as it was today, when I put my business card there a year ago with a request to call me when a car with the special something and in good condition, preferably an 9000er, came in. The 9000er had it done to me therefore basically, because I'm traveling alone a lot, but also like to travel with a lot of luggage and a large family.

The phone rang for two months, and the friend answered, "I have something very special here," so I started right away. On the six kilometers there were such buzz words as "parts supply", "complicated engine control", "never even screwed to such a car" etc. through the head. And then he stood there: an untreated, not washed, original Saab 9000 Aero with Italian delivery history, therefore 2ltr. Engine. We took him up to the stage and after the test drive I was pretty excited inside ......... 20 years old, in a very good condition of the bodywork, continuous maintenance history in the last 6 years at the Saab specialists in Neuss and all with approx 160 tkm ...... I was pretty nervous when I got home.

The reputation of the 9000er Aero had not gone unnoticed by me as a car fanatic, but the fact that some were delivered with the 2 ltr engine made me suspicious in my ignorance. Was there maybe another motor in the aftermath?

I called my friend, who at the time gave up his job as a salesman for writing utensils, from then on working his way up from a "flagship" used car dealer to managing director of a large branch of the brand from Wolfsburg. He also knew the Saab 9000 Aero and the legends about it from his earlier days, but then said the decisive sentence that prompted me to surrender to this new passion: "What do you buy an old Saab for, in your situation it does it only makes sense to lease a new car !! "...... it shot through my head that only dead fish are swimming with the current, I immediately bought the" silver fish "and today, after 20 tkm in 10 months, I haven't had a step for a single day regretted.

Thanks to Matthias for his Saab Story! This is one of our exclusive Saab boarding files on the journey. Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday trip, a restoration or another event in life with the cult brand from Trollhättan?

Whatever it is, write us. We are looking forward to it!

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  • If the 9000 were new today, I would buy it again!
    Since none of these fully networked Datenkraken would have a chance.
    Every ride is fun and relaxing after a hard day. As such, my "company car" is now in use for five years and just under 70 TKm (total 21Years / 240 TKm).
    In the summer, his three colleagues take him some km
    I can confirm that an old well-kept SAAB consistently goes down well.

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    A great story. One way or another, we all started with the Saabie passion. Of such stories lives this blog. As an independent company developer, I have not leased a new car. I drive to the customers with my Saab convertible, and I am always involved in an interesting conversation. The resonance is always positive and the knowledge
    from the talks is: Mainstream drives mass-produced, individualists drive Saab.
    All Saab drivers always good trip.

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    Our daughter has been driving my beloved Hobby 9000 Anni for 2 months with a fresh driver's license. Dear Swedish steel around them like small car buffers…. She is very proud of it, and the 9000 is really cool, even with the kids. Last week it got a new MOT, without any problems, with 286000 km. Thanks also to Saab Borghardt in Paderborn for the best service to our Saabs.
    Borghardt in PB is really a recommendation, even if he does not advertise on the blog.

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    Nice story. The 2.0 Aero have been offered in Italy for displacement reasons (insurance). So yes is also a true 9000 Aero. Even if one actually only thinks of the 2,3

    Have the same in black. Also from Italy. But then I replaced the 2.0 for an 2.3 engine

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      I think it was tax reasons that were responsible for the 2.0 liter.

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        Absolutely correct. When I was still driving a BMW, the E30 for the Italian market was also available as a 320iS. I don't know the 323e mentioned in the text, I once had a 325e, a lot of torque, relatively economical, but above all a long-term runner, indestructible ...

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    Aha, the aero9k with 2,0l cubic capacity, again closed a gap in education! My aero has 2,3 and is still fun even after 20 years! :-))

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    Bonjour, comment puis je traduire en français? Merci

    • blank

      You may use the translation module at the main menu!

    • blank

      Hi Michel,

      Tu peux faire le copy paste dans ce site: https://www.deepl.com/translator.html, c`est le meilleur.

      Thanks for the contribution! Hopefully the 9000 will get a status like the 900 once, it deserves it anyway.

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