Saab market check - Saab 9-3 NG from model year 2008.

The market check for the Saab 9-3 NG up to model year 2007 went online in August. Market observation for vehicles from model year 2008 to 2014 was planned with a short delay. It then took longer than expected. The market has changed dramatically over the past few months.

The prices for used 9-3 II diesels have continued to plummet, with entry starting at just under €5.000,00. The demand seems low, the downtimes are high. The selection is still relatively good, because around 2/3 of the offers are diesels. If you are not afraid of impending driving bans, you can get in extremely cheap.

While demand for diesel seems to be stuck at a low point, prices for petrol engines are stable to rising. However, it must also be noted that there is actually no significant selection. Wanted are 2-liter turbo engines, less the V6. It's thirsty, but it's fun. All-wheel drive is less in demand, and automatic is not very popular either. The fans preferred a 2-liter full-turbo in aero trim, with few kilometers, at a tolerable price of less than €10.000.

Saab 9-3 sedan. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

Saab 9-3 NG market check (from model year 2008)

And there is almost no such thing. Even switching to the 1.8t, which can be increased to almost 200 hp with the help of Hirsch Performance, is hardly possible. The market is very limited and you can feel that 2008 was the last time Saab was able to deliver quantities.

I still found some nice vehicles. They are all well above the threshold of 10.000 €, so you have to live as a prospect.

Saab 9-3 sports suit 2010. Pour Noble Cars. Photo: Noble Cars

Saab 9-3 1.8t Vector sports suit 2010. 91.000 kilometers

The sports suit comes from Saab's short Spyker era. That alone makes it rare, and a mileage of less than 100.000 kilometers is also hard to find. A beautiful vehicle that requires a Hirsch performance upgrade and turbine rims - and then it would be a real eye-catcher. It is for sale at Noble Cars in Giessen.

Saab 9-3 2009 with good features. Photo: Car Schaab.

Saab 9-3 1.8t Vector sports suit 2009. 114.111 kilometers

A very well equipped 9-3 Vector is available from Saab Auto Schaab in Lemmer / Netherlands. With navigation, xenon, leather and 17 ″ rims, it actually leaves nothing to be desired. Difficult to find in this equipment. The import to Germany is easy with CoC.

In principle, the selection in the Netherlands is a lot more productive than in Germany. While prices tend to be higher, the difference has narrowed in recent months. Germany is adapting, which is mainly due to the small supply of petrol engines from model year 2008. Buying a 9-3 is almost without risk. Beyond a few minor weaknesses, the compact Saab is an economical long-term car. The supply of spare parts by Orio AB is good, with temporary weaknesses. From time to time there are gaps, which have been closed quickly so far.

Nevertheless, one must pay more attention than ever to the condition. In the trade, vehicles with reduced maintenance and bad condition are increasingly appearing. The age and urge of many second- and third-party owners for cost-effective use beyond the Saab world are leaving their mark. You should also look closely at reimports from southern European countries. The care conditions are very different. The terminology of what is meant by a good condition often varies widely.

The Griffin models and the 2014 model year occupy a special position. 9-3 Griffin are hard to find in Germany. If they come onto the market, the price can be imaginative or cheap. Because actually, due to the simple non-existence, there is no real exchange of supply and demand here either. In addition to visual differences and an improved interior, it is above all the powerful direct injection turbo engines that make the Griffin interesting.

The prices for the 2014 model year can also be full of imagination. More or less assembled by hand in Trollhättan, they probably have the best-tuned chassis of all 9-3. In Germany there are only a few of them, in Sweden there are always some on the market. Saab fans then usually pay the price that NEVS wanted its employees to sell. Only in exceptional cases is something below €25.000,00 possible.

Saab 9 3 Aero 2014. For sale in Trollhattan. Photo via

Saab 9-3 Aero Turbo 4, 2014, 65.000 kilometers

A real bargain could therefore be this second-hand 9-3 for sale in Trollhättan. The fair price is well below €18.000, which makes the Saab very interesting. For all vehicles of the 2014 model year, there is the option of increasing the output to 260 hp from Hirsch Performance. The relatively compact Saab becomes a real athlete.

Entry into the Saab world was not easier and, above all, not cheaper in 2017. Few vehicles meet constant demand. The trend is particularly noticeable in the convertibles, which will be tested in the next market check.

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    One question about the 9-3SC in Gießen: the design of the leather surfaces of the front seats with the narrow marquetry stripes is also known from the 9-5 (unfortunately, the artificial leather often tears here), but who came up with the idea on the back seats the large leather surfaces top and bottom colored? Again, you would have to sew small strips. That looks like collected, I think.

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      Maybe there was not enough leather in the MY10 for the seats

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      Since the previous owner has probably made an upgrade or downgrade. Normal at Vector Level are, depending on the market, both variants. But not combined in a vehicle.

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        I would say that the picture of the back seat does not belong to the car. I can not imagine that someone also exchanges the color matching door trim with strip

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          Could also be. Who passes by and solves the puzzle?

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    The Trollhättan Aero is interesting. Who has experience with the import from Sweden?

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      I introduced a Saab 9-3 BJ 2014 from Sweden less than a month ago. The ADAC gives you help, and help is also listed on the internet. There are no big difficulties! I introduced the car on Monday and changed the car the same afternoon. The problem is: The seller has to leave the car logged in, this means a certain confidence of the seller to the buyer! A German insurance does not accept the car and the day or week approval is not valid abroad!

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