Collectors time. Saab classic auction.

A Saab 96 with only 48 kilometers on the clock? A fantastically beautiful Saab 96 V4 Monte Carlo with less than 7.000 kilometers on the meter? Or an early Saab 99 with just 17.000 kilometers of mileage. Saab collectors should now urgently review their deposit account. In Sweden, 3 unique vehicles come for auction.

Fantastically beautiful Saab 96 V4 De Luxe Monte Carlo. Image: Bilweb Auctions

Classics with low mileage can only be found in museums or in private collections. They have the special charm of the new car, even though they are in advanced age. On the other hand threatened damage. If you want to kiss her for the traffic, you should bring a lot of feeling for rolling cultural heritage.

Saab 96 V4 farewell edition 1980

There's a Saab 96 V4. He is one of 500 vehicles of the farewell edition. Blue metallic, Ronal rims, rear spoiler and black-painted rear end. And only incredible 48 kilometers on the clock, because he was from 1988 in the Saab Bil Museum as an exhibit.

After the mileage a new car from the year 1980 and so certainly unique. The estimated price of the blue time capsule: 25.600,00 €.

Saab 95 V4 De Luxe Monte Carlo 1967

How about a Saab 96 V4 De Luxe Monte Carlo? 1967 built and shipped to New York. Then brought back to Sweden, since the middle of the 1980er on loan in the exhibition of the museum in Trollhättan.

A fantastically beautiful car, with less than 7.000 kilometers of mileage. One of the most beautiful variants of the Saab 96 ever! With an estimated value of just under 20.500,00 € certainly rated too low. In recent months, similar Monte Carlo, with higher mileage and noticeably worse condition were sold more expensive.

Saab 99 1971

Also rare is the Saab 99, which was also admired in Trollhättan. Before 50 years, the 99 was introduced. Drawn by the unforgotten Sixten Sason, whose design philosophy has long shaped Saab. The first Saab, with an 4 engine from its own production and probably also unique in this form. A milestone in Saab history that should be worth at least 15.400,00 €.

All vehicles were owned by the collector Eskil Thulin, who provided them to the Museum am Göta Älv on permanent loan. His heirs now give it up for auction Bilweb Auctions, The Saab Bil Museum, plagued by ongoing space problems, regrets the departure, but should not be unhappy about the newly won place.

The vehicles are in a very nice, very original condition, even though the tooth of time has gnawed on metal and paint. The mileage of the 3 classics makes them unique and attractive to collectors. But it also brings disadvantages. Even collectibles should be moved, even if they are only a few 100 kilometers per year.

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    Pardon Tom, is unfortunately not a Monte Carlo V4 but "only" a 96 V4 DeLuxe. The Monte Carlo cash register.
    Difference: no wooden steering wheel with the aluminum spokes and the interior like Saab Sport, later Monte Carlo with the bright piping and headrests are missing. But I would also take it …….
    Thanks for the nice article, Saab models that let the heart bounce!

    • blank

      You never stop learning ... Thank you!

  • blank

    Thank goodness I'm already the proud owner of a 96 and 99 ...... ..
    Would be a great temptation, the Monte Carlo, a dream!

  • blank

    As always, everything is a matter of taste. I think all three are pretty in their own way. One thing is clear, however. They are an integral part of Saab history. For this reason alone, they are noteworthy. The mileage and the obvious condition speak for themselves. Unfortunately, at the moment I only have use for "Daily Driver". Otherwise I would probably get weak.

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    I do not know, Saab 94 and 95 somehow look like Eastern bloc, which could have rolled off the line at Wartburg, Skoda or Lada. Volvo had the prettier daughters on offer.

  • blank

    As much as I appreciate SAAB, the 96 from 1980 is pretty tough design tobacco ...

    The other two are clearly prettier.

    At 1980er you can see how great the challenge is to modernize an existing design both technically and visually. And also that one can fail with it. Fascinating how well SAAB succeeded later with the 900 and the 9000, which became more and more beautiful with the (model) years.

    • blank

      How good that the tastes are so different ..

      Especially the blue 80er 96 would be my candidate, gorgeous this objectivity and demonstrated safety on an "old" body. The 99 I prefer as CC towards the end of the construction period, the 901 contrast clearly as Steilschnautzer ..

    • blank

      I'll come out as a fan of the “Last Edition”. For me, I've been driving Saab the 96 that I would like to have for so long. Even if the chrome classics and above all the Monte Carlo are very attractive.

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