Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet stolen in Hamburg

In Hamburg-Altona a black Saab 18.11.2017 Cabriolet was stolen on Saturday the 130 in Thadenstrasse 900. The theft took place between 16: 30 clock and 19: 00 clock. We urge the Saab Community to help you find the Swedish classic.

Saab 900 stolen in Hamburg.

The owner has reported the loss to the police. The open Saab is in good condition. An older report rates him with the grade 2. The 900 Cabriolet is a coveted classic with stable added value. In recent times, there is an increase in thefts, especially in well-maintained vehicles.

Since a Saab 900 stands out on the street, we ask the Saab Community for your support in the search. The black cabriolet also has a black hood. The pictures show a number plate that is no longer current, and the 900 now rolls on winter tires with other rims. The current official registration number is HH - FX 1234.

Notes that contribute to the discovery, please contact the nearest police department or the editorial staff. We will forward them immediately.

Characteristics of the missing Saab Cabriolet:

SAAB 900 16 V Turbo Convertible
First registration: 25.04.1989
Saab VIN: YS3AD75L3K7022730
Gearbox no. GM 456-10 / 798 050
Stand: 311.000 km
Color: Black, Body color 170B
Transmission: 5 gear
Seats: Buffalo Leather, Trim Color E33
AHK, removable, type 324 013 691 101, manufacturer Westfalia-Werke, Wiedenbrück
Steering wheel: Nadi, wood

License number:

HH-FX 1234

Special Features:

Stainless steel exhaust system, type 2013107, manufacturer ATJ Autotechnik, Johanngeorgenstadt.

MAD level springs to reinforce the rear axle.

Manufacturer MAD Holding BV, Veenendal, Holland, color: blue

12 thoughts on "Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet stolen in Hamburg"

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    Almost unbelievable but it is reality. Can I imagine your joy very well. I wish you a lot of fun with your Saab Convertible !! Hope Emte will do just that.

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    It is very gratifying that the car has been found so quickly thanks to social media posts.
    What did they ruin everything?

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    Dear Saabists, I still can't believe it and you can't imagine it: Today, Fri. later to Erik! On the way home from the office, he found my beloved car in HH-Hammerbrook, identified it with the help of and immediately notified Tom & the police !!! A 24.11.2017 X cheers to the community !!!!!!!!!!! If I were a Marxist, I would believe in the world revolution !!!!! Thank you very much to all of you for your sympathy and Daaaaaaanke especially to Erik and Tom for their attention in civil life, commitment & lived courage !!! Of course, I've already talked to both of them on the phone and take care of their personal thanks. - The Saab is quite battered, probably stolen after using it on inner-city jaunts, is secured by the Hamburg police for identification purposes and is then examined by the insurance expert. In the hope that the workshop team from Gas ******* tos Hamburg (caution 🙂: surreptitious praise) - that is allowed today & here in the synopsis of the precipitous events - can get going again. Again: To everyone, everyone, everyone - especially to Erik & Tom again a huge THANK YOU! for your active help! Sincerely, Martin.

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    Au cheek.
    My sympathy !!
    ... especially with a nice old convertible! 🙁

    Incidentally, this is also one of the reasons why I am in forums / blogs / etc. never act publicly under “real name”, always delete the GeoInfos from the pictures before uploading pictures, always retouch my license plate (sometimes humorously) and also like to remain “anonymous” for the general public on the www.

    I don't even like to imagine how I would be if I suddenly couldn't find my beloved Saab in his usual parking lot…. 🙁

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      I see the same thing with your Saab. It is worth more every month ...

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    Indertat very violent and cruel. First in Hamburg this destruction by fire during these riots and now two reports of theft again in Hamburg.
    Here you immediately think of an organized gang that is very interested in Saab. Hope both cars are found back very quickly.

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    Already violent. You really have to worry about that.

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    Mine is unfortunately gone!
    Red Saab 900 turbo 16 S license plate FN-AD 1989, stolen in October 2017 in Hamburg Altona Old Town. Hernach tank theft Max Brauer Allee.
    Take care of your Saab s !!!!!

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      One of our customers “lost” the Porsche 911 Cabrio with the H license plate in HH ...
      Parked a Sprinter in front of the 911 in the twilight ... no one thought anything about it ... in the dark the Sprinter and the 911 were gone. Til today. 🙁

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    Ouch! that hurts ! ! !
    Very nice car. May it find the way to the rightful owner without prejudice.
    And may the thief repent of dry crispbread and Alster water in a dark dungeon.

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    Awful! That's the horror!
    Possibly. on the blog a topic: theft protection of the SÄÄBE ???
    Apparently there is a “need” for these classics ... which would be ok, but please only (!) Legally!
    I keep my eyes open ...

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      That is sure to be an issue. The 900 seems very popular with thieves, but we will do everything to spoil your pleasure. Our press release on theft is at the top of Google News. The 900 is therefore “very hot” product. People don't enjoy that.

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