Blog donation 2018 and blog future

Sometimes a look to Sweden helps to understand our situation. In the home of Saab, the media landscape has changed a lot during the last 12 months. Small, local newspapers are fighting for survival.

Blog donation 2018. We need support.

What is local journalism worth?

To secure local journalism, they decided to take radical steps. Online expenses have become more or less continuously chargeable. If you want to read, you have to pay. Either per article or on subscription. Local journalism also has its price. Anyone who wishes for media diversity tomorrow, has at least understood in Sweden that he can not be free.

Mark and I are not journalists. We are fans who write for other fans. But the blog is something like a very small local newspaper in the big, automotive cosmos. Saab is a small village and we are the editors of the community. We like to write, with heart and soul. And we would like to add the blog story for another year.

Over the last few months, we have discussed the future again and again. Whether we want to open parts of the blog only for subscribers, or whether we continue to keep it completely open. And if we can afford that at all. The bill is simple. And she is sobering. On average, around 2.500 people read here on a daily basis. Some once a week, some every day. Last year, the blog donated slightly more than 100 readers. If we were to introduce a subscription model and increase the number of subscribers to just 200, then all the problems would be solved.

We have a budget that would allow for an annual blog project. Money for sticker promotions, service folders, research, rally plates for Saab meetings and many other ideas. 50% of the published articles would then no longer be freely accessible. And we carefree.

We believe in the free internet.

That's tempting, and in the last few weeks I've been close to doing it this way. In principle, however, we believe that anyone who is interested in Saab should continue reading everything here. Because Mark and I believe in the fairness of readers, the appreciation of our work, and the freedom of the Internet.

Unfortunately, the economic situation has not improved since our last appeal for donations in November a year ago. The number of Saab partners supporting the blog has continued to shrink and with them our budget. The effort to write our blog in the usual quality has increased.

Blog donation 2018. Our call also goes to the Saab partners.

That the brand needs the public is undisputed. And that Saab in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - unlike other countries - is still alive, could also be partly due to our work. Therefore, the call is not just for the readers. Also Saab partners, who could support us regularly, are addressed.

In order to secure our minimum budget, we need the support of the readers for the coming year. Requires at least 6.000,00 € for the next 12 months. We think, as so often, of 60 € per year, or 5 € per month, which the blog should be worth the readers. So we hope! We are optimistic! We believe in the Saab Spirit and in our readers.

Of course, everyone can give what they want and what they think is appropriate. We are grateful for any support! Every contribution counts, and every sum secures the blog and our work for the coming year! Donations can be made conveniently via Paypal, on request we can also send you the bank account number (Email: donation (at)

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  • donated

    Is the donation actually tax deductible?

    LG, Martin

    • Thank you! I'm afraid the blog is not recognized as a charitable. So not deductible ...

      • Filed under car maintenance, it maybe .... !!

        • And, done ... !!

    • Since the blog will not be charitable, this is hardly possible.

      Just take it all for what it is: Acknowledgment for the great job that Mark and Tom are doing here.

      Now missing in the article only the reference to the mail address in PayPal or donation is (ät) ....?

      • Exactly, it's donation (ät) ... .. top right is also a button. Many Thanks!

    • Not deductible, as not charitable!

      I think it's more about personal appreciation, whether you appreciate the dedication and contributions of Tom and Mark and the readers. And willing to financially support the provision of all the insights, information and images.

      And as is the case with hobbies such as luxury yachts, base jumping and Saab: the public rightly does not pay in the form of tax subsidies.

  • I always read your profound comments with excitement. All the information is always worth € 60. Therefore, I will gladly make the transfer at the beginning of January. Hope that many readers see that and also participate!

  • Sure, also will be back (!) As a donor!
    Pay for my local newspaper :-), my "tour" subscription, my journals.
    Tom u. Mark, what your 2017 have again made available to articles, is terrific!
    Many thanks for that!
    YOU are the important SAAB link! (The "rest" would otherwise be the lone fighter group ...)
    I'm looking forward to 2018 with the Saab blog!

  • Done and I hope that all those who read here regularly (also the colleagues from the press) make a small contribution to get this great blog.

    Greetings Cetak

  • also done, hope here are many comments with "DONE" !!!

  • 60 € I think it should be worth it

    • And yet I think that more than 100 readers should donate. It's not just about getting X together, but somewhere for appreciation - and the widest possible! ! !

      As Tom wrote, smaller donations are welcome. If all 2.500 readers only donate one 5er on average, this would be € 12.500 and thus significantly more than the targeted 100 60.

      In this respect, I join the call for donations: EVERY READER COUNTS. EVERY EURO COUNTS.

      Incidentally, this is also a crux of the payment models. If you shut down 100 subscriptions with those that are worth 60, thousands of other readers would be left out. The community here would unfortunately shrink. In addition, the range determines the value that partners and advertisers grant to a website.

      PS II.
      how about a workshop directory here on the blog? Entry for an annual fee.

      Readers would have a national directory and you would see which local SAAB service supports the blog. Just an idea ...

      • Well Herbert, well written ... as always. However, it is new that you can apparently read minds ...

        Furthermore, as written, we believe in the free internet. Against every trend we want to keep the blog open.

  • In any case: (to the music of viva Colonia) "Come along, that's priihiimaa ...) And thank you, the SAAB blognet stickers have arrived!

  • Hello Tom, thanks for your diligent work. For me, you are the engine of our Saab community. I will also gladly make the transfer and look forward to more interesting reports. Best regards from Saxony ... ..

  • It is really sad, 2500 readers a day, but only about 100, donors. Those who do not donate and use the blog should be ashamed ..

  • Done!!!! Thanks for this very special blog and your great work.

  • Done! This is an absolutely fair price for your great work! A big thank you for that! And a few more than 100 dispensers should be there this year! Here we go!

  • You are doing a great job, thank you! I like to pay you a fee ... ..

  • My comes in mid-December ...

    Possibly. Could you offer a PRO version; whole instead of half text, each post via PDF in the mail, no "Google" advertising, new "blogs" 12h earlier, discount coupons at eg. Orio or other partners, ect ....

    • No way for me!
      Liver half of the contributions in the subscription.
      PDF by mail mulls the inbox by volume; the existing Google advertising is really harmless; 12h hours earlier is completely uninteresting, the blogs are very rarely time-sensitive; There are discount vouchers from KIK & ATU & VAG & about every existing retailer, so a marketing nonsense is unworthy of (my) Saab ...

  • Done! Thanks for the great work. I hope this year more than 100 people press the "donation button". It's so easy to make the payment!

  • Done! Thanks for the daily dose SAAB!

  • Every year this is one of the few "payment" that one likes to make
    Thank you very much for the great value. Hope that many agree and value the blog as much as the donating readers do. Am optimistic looking forward to the "Kassensturz"!
    PS: By the way, I already think that the blog is "non-profit". After all, there are many Saab enthusiasts. And on the automotive culture level, he is one of the key media that keeps the spirit of a past cult brand alive ...

    • Charitable ... that's right, Olli!

      However, Tom and Mark would have to found a club or a limited liability company, natural persons can not be charitable (well, of course they can already and are also many! Just not in the sense of the tax code (AO)). Purpose of the statute: Promotion of the automotive culture, in particular of the Swedish brand Saab, in particular through exchange of experience, care of the automotive heritage and documentation and presentation of the history and vehicles of the Saab brand. Or something like that…

  • In December, I also donate something. This month, it's not going to go because, as it should be otherwise, a lot of money went into the two SAABs.

  • With a clear conscience and great gratitude for your commitment, I have just done the donation.

    Oh yes ... if half of the "subscribed" readers would donate the appropriate annual fee, then the 500 would be x € 60.- = € 30'000.-.
    "Manno", that makes you think like you have to work hard to get at least the necessary € 6'000.- together ... tztztz !!!

  • I hope that we can enjoy the blog in 2018 again regularly. Donation has been made. Hope many readers will make it so that Tom and Mark can continue to offer us the great Saab stuff.

  • @all: Thanks for the donations during the last 48 hours. And for the positive feedback here on the blog. A great start, and for Mark and me a confirmation of our work! It lets us look to the future with hope! Please continue….

  • Hello Tom, I have just instructed my contribution to 2018. Thank you for your commitment and I am looking forward to saabige reports in 2018.

  • Since 2 years, there is no longer Saab in our family. This decision was inevitably due to financial and space reasons to the reliable practicality of our vehicles to obtain. Nevertheless, I can not let go of the subject of Saab and I continue to pursue if not so often, but still very much and interested in the blog and would not miss him. That's why I find it very much in my best sense if I do not have to sign up to continue reading. And that's why I just donated. Although no 60 € but only 2 / 3 thereof, but would like to call the other readers to donate. With 2500 readers daily, 100 dispensers are clearly not enough

  • May I ask how the 6000 Euro come together?

    • Very restrained at the moment ... After a good start. Tomorrow comes an update with the numbers!

  • I fully agree with these opinions. Good work should always be valued and rewarded accordingly. My contribution should have been received last week. With your work, our little Saab village will continue to be a liveable home address and I think that's great. So dear non-paying subscribers, give yourself a jerk ... ..

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