Saab 9-3 highlights. Original Saab.

Rarely has an Orio Germany campaign been as expected as the "Saab 9-3 Highlights". We had already reported on the LED daytime running light retrofit kit in advance. The initiative from Eschborn was welcomed by the readers and discussed controversially.

Saab 9-3 highlights

Saab 9-3 highlights

One thing is certain: the daytime running lights are available for the 9-3. It makes the Saab look much younger, and it fits the design of the Swede. It doesn't matter whether you are driving a facelift from model year 2008 or whether you are out and about with a Griffin. Everything is from a single source and no hardware store tuning is guaranteed.

The current action of Orio Germany is completely matched to the Saab 9-3. It fits in the cold, wet season. Everything revolves around the subject of lighting and seeing and being seen. Daytime running lights and ambient lighting are not just pleasant extras that you can enjoy. In addition, there are original Saab halogen headlights for pre-facelift models at a reduced price, as well as xenon front headlights from model year 2008 and bulbs.

Nevertheless, drivers of other models do not go empty-handed. For example, the ambient lighting does not just fit in the 9-3. It is easy to install in all brand-name vehicles and provides a pleasant, green backlight that matches the cockpit lighting of a Saab.

The campaign started a few days ago, members of the Saab Service Club already had the mail in their mailbox. The "Saab 9-3 Highlights" are in with the partners Germany, Austria and the Switzerland available. The prospectus of the action and the prices are deposited on the country pages for download.

Was it already? No, that's not all that has to be reported by Orio, our Saab Original Spare Parts supplier. In the next few days, more Saab news will come from Eschborn. We can be curious!

23 thoughts on "Saab 9-3 highlights. Original Saab."

  • Nice that there are such actions.

    When reading Orio, I finally wish a clarification of the several years open Takata airbag issue with appropriate action. That is very important. To be seen is important (DRL), knowing that an airbag detonation does not kill you!

    • That's right, the Takata story makes me uncomfortable too ...

  • And I get the deer fairing for the 9-5 NG cockpit from Lafrenz - are they finished yet?

  • And I wish Santa Claus for my sports combination a deer roof spoiler

  • I would like to know to which consumer the ambient lighting is connected, that is: Does it go out when I turn on the Night Panel? Where is it mechanically fastened?
    With this information you could then populate the 9-5er with it.

    • To the cigarette lighter lighting. They are installed on the left and bottom right in the footwell (fairing).
      With the 9-3 03-06 they are not darkened with NIghtpanel, with the 9-3 07-12 they are slightly dimmed with Nightpanel.

      • Perfect thank you! As with the 9-5er the cigarette lighter is dimmed at night panel, it should also work with the ambient lighting.

  • Yes a Navi update would be great !!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, you're right. This is a bombshell idea. Anyway, every second aircraft equipped with navigation (felt) suffers from a so-called "reading error". Maybe Tom could pass this suggestion on to -Orio-.

      The autumn / winter action with the highlights, I think great. I found the ambient lighting at the last show (a year ago) so nice, although the daytime running lights vermtl. would be more useful.

      Anyway: Good flight now in the dark season!

      • Orio reads carefully and picks up every suggestion!

        • Then think about the 9-5I. Even with the best care, for example, at some point, the beige fabric floor mats are no longer beautiful, please reissue in old design with embroidered Saab lettering.

  • Well, I miss a GPS update much more painfully ...

  • Incidentally, Skandix has daytime running lights for € 299 instead of € 349 ... Are the prices for the xenon burner unit or set prices? Either there is no information or I cannot find it.

    • This is a legitimate question for xenon burners. Osram bulbs D1S (gas discharge lamp) Xenarc® Night Breaker Unlimited is available at Scandix for 89, - Euro incl. VAT per piece, it is even cheaper and Osram is certainly a reasonable manufacturer.

      So far, I've had everything done with original parts at Saab in Dortmund, but with 80 Euro price difference (= 31%) with two bulbs, I'm missing a bit of the incentive.
      If there is a serious technical reason for the Orio burners, or it is a set price, I will choose Orio.

      • Then they have probably adjusted the price, or the 299 € were an introductory price, almost as long as stocks last.

  • ... since Christmas is coming up, you can make a wish, Carplay and AnroidAuto retrofits then your phone and navigation system will stay up to date. 🙂

  • Daytime running !?
    I have been driving since 1991, at that time still with OPEL`s 😉 with dipped headlights during the day. Back then, the lights had to be switched off when the engine was switched off. That was "done" later when the SÄBE reached me. 🙂 Road users can be seen better with light! The Scandinavians (of course) knew this much earlier ...
    Increased gasoline consumption was never an issue ..., neither was increased replacement of lighting.
    Thanks to ORIO for the nice offers!

  • “.. Drivers of other models still do not go away empty-handed. ... "
    Yes, yes …. So far I have unfortunately always received nothing in all previous promotions! ;-( 😉

    PS: Of course, it's still nice that Orio takes care of the "maintenance of the stock"! 🙂

    • This is not a wonder. Or?

      • Well ... right, right! 🙂

  • Well maybe the 9-5 is included.

  • I would also like to have offers on the subject of technology: clutch, brakes, exhaust, aluminum rims….

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