Saab. The route is the goal.

In my 52 years, everything has always been about cars. Already as a little boy, I used to like exotic Citroen DS with my dad in Vienna for a ride through the city and watched the other cars.

Saab 900 by Roland
Saab 900 by Roland

I remember Volvo Amazone and the extraordinary Saab 96 and 95. As I started collecting collectibles in the 90ern Auto Brochures, I was near 100 km dealers at almost any Saab dealer and liked to get into the cars.

But for me these cars were always out of reach at that time. 2002 I am then again come closer to a Saab by a good friend who organized a press car. It was an 9-5 Aero in black with complete equipment. We flew to Paris for the automobile salon.

At 22 clock drove away from Vienna, to 0.15 clock German border, and to 4.30 clock French border. Until then I have never driven a car that accelerates at 210 km / h as fast as the Aero. Continuous speeds according to the speedometer 265 km / h were no problem neither from the chassis nor from oil and water temperature. For the performance we did not consider the 12 liters on 100 / km high.

2004 we had a 9-5 3 liter diesel station wagon as a press car where we were in Hungary in Budapest. Super driving performance with low consumption. Over the next few years, contact with the brand has repeatedly been made at car fairs and at dealers. But I remained true to my French car brand. That changed 2011 when I had a worse technical problem with my Citroen C5, 4 years old and 60000 km, and no one said he is in charge, and there is no reimbursement.

So 25 years of loyalty ended at a car brand. After a few weeks I bought the first Sweden:

Volvo S80 2,4 170 PS, 70.000 Km, BJ 99 first-time ownership for little money.

After I was so excited, 2013 came to my mind in November a convertible would not be bad, preferably one of Saab. Short on the Internet looked, and on Saturday already drove to Hartberg where a Le Mans blue 902 convertible in US execution stood with light leather equipment.

After a short trip to the super winter price bought, and after many holidays and summers with convertible feeling it is already in hibernation in the garage. In between 9000 bought 2014. Sold again after 4 months, was a disaster. Then bought 9-5 Turbo, unfortunately died in an accident. Then at the end of 2015 found the best Saab for me.

Saab 900CC 1992 with 130PS, automatic, electric sunroof, 4x electric windows and air conditioning we have filled and which works great too. With relatively little maintenance costs in 2 years 14000 km driven and had fun. In the 901 you still have really quality and safety I learned to appreciate in January, as I crashed on the highway at 100 km / h from a truck an ice plate on the hood, and an ice plate right into the windshield. And nothing was broken.

I hope that I can travel for many years with my Saabs accident-free.

Thanks to Roland for his Saab Story! This is one of our exclusive Saab boarding files on the journey. Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday trip, a restoration or another event in life with the cult brand from Trollhättan?

Whatever it is, write us. We are looking forward to it!

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    Greetings Martin

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