Orio AB streamlines the organization

The press reportwho went through the net yesterday afternoon will not have liked everyone. The Orio AB reorganizes itself and streamlines the structures. It has an impact on employees in Sweden.

Orio AB streamlines the organization
Orio AB streamlines the organization

First and foremost, the logistics sector in Nyköping will be affected. 40 employees will have to leave the company. Orio employs around 200 employees in Sweden. Not good news, especially at Christmas time. And already come back to the old dramas around the brand, which always took place at the end of the year.

No surprise from Orio AB ...

However, the case is different in this case. The development was foreseeable and it is no surprise. The Orio AB of the year 2017 is not comparable with the company from the year 2012 or 2013. Years ago, the former Saab Parts AB was still a purely Swedish, centrally managed company, so Orio is now internationally positioned.

The decentralization, driven for years, brought more freedom to the individual markets and shorter delivery times for the customers. As a result, new jobs were created by external service providers. Regional camps made the individual country organizations more flexible and independent, but at the expense of the old structures in Nyköping.

The adjustment in Nyköping is the result of successful decentralization, in which the German market also plays an important role. He is named, alongside Sweden, as the second European distribution hub for Orio. In addition to Saab spare parts, the current portfolio includes offers for the 26 most popular vehicle brands in Germany and Sweden.

Orio AB continues to work on expanding its product range. New product and service ideas are also being developed for Saab drivers. Having a Saab should remain possible in the long term without problems and with a lot of driving pleasure.

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  • Ultimately, there is no suitable time

  • Without any sensitivity we acted there.

  • Do the economic reasons understand this decision but why so soon before the end of the year?
    Hope the coworkers have gotten this explanation ah much earlier and thus at least prepared for what goes through the net now.

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