Briefly noted. 9-5 Calendar and Food Motor Show.

Some things around Saab never seem to end. In Sweden, the brand was back in the press yesterday. As for Saab gifts, things are not looking good this year. Our fan shop is gone, but the situation is not hopeless. Because from the north comes the 9-5 NG sports combination calendar.

Saab 9-5 calendar
The Saab 9 5 calendar 2018

As every year, this is a Marcus Bergfeldt fan project and the profit from the calendar goes towards a good cause. In the new annual planner you can find some German sports suits and a photo from our archive. New this year is the possibility to customize the calendar. Printing is “on demand” and national holidays can be added.

More information about the new calendar and a little more

Back to Christmas and the presents again. I'm really working on one literally "big surprise”For the fans, and something else could also come. There is no guarantee for that. Regular blog reading could be beneficial.

Saab at the Essen Motor Show

The Essen Motor Show opens its doors tomorrow. As always, the 1st German Saab Club will be there with its stand. This year the club will also be exhibiting in Hall 8.1, Stand 111. The vehicles that have been announced are exciting. In addition to a 9-3 Aero with Viggen Body Kit, a 9-5 NG sports suit is also to be seen.

A good reason to go to Essen! The crew of the Saab Club is looking forward to visitors.

Some things around Saab never end

In Sweden, the insolvency administrators are still active. They sue previous Saab suppliers who were preferred to 2011. That is not legal because it penalizes all other creditors. With success they collect money. At IAC, they raised 90 million kroner. Even harder it hit the seats supplier Lear. He was paid in the summer 2011 preferred, because he was an indispensable part of the supply chain.

Now Lear has to pay around court fees 13 Millionen € to the bankruptcy lawyers. The funds should be distributed to all suppliers, including those who have been disadvantaged by 2011. But only the lawyers really benefit from it. Every year, they collect millions in a process that has no end.

The name Saab, and especially Saab AB, has the damage. Because with every new judgment, the story from 2011 is flushed upwards and has negative connotations. There will never be a Saab revival under these circumstances. Not while the lawyers are at work.

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    My God what a nice combination of 9-5 NG is. I would have liked that one!

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    What you always easily overlook when lawyer bashing: they are not acting on their own initiative, but only on behalf of third parties. And the amount of their fee is regulated by law in most European countries, as in Germany, and therefore is not subject to arbitrary arbitration. The fact that here lawyers on behalf of the insolvency court against statutory fees for illegal creditor disadvantages, may not be conducive to the reputation of Saab, but it should not be the lawyers, but Saab itself blame, because Saab has indeed discriminated against creditors.

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      That's right. And the court regularly approves the fees. But: The actual and most important goal, the preservation of the car brand Saab and the production site Trollhättan was completely missed. And that's the real nuisance.

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