Briefly noted. Saab Inside and Saab staging.

The new Saab Inside is here! And it's about looking back at a Saab staging that took place in the old factory in Trollhättan. What do both have to do with each other? Nothing, and maybe everything.

Saab Saab Inside
Saab Inside Fall Winter 2017

On Friday, the members of the Saab service clubs looking forward. They received the latest issue of Saab Inside as a download. Full with short reports from the almost expired Saab year. Contributions from the IntSaab 2017, the Sachsen exit and the Saab Rally Team Wagenheimer can be found in it. Also an interesting interview with Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, CEO of Orio Deutschland GmbH, about the challenges and strategies in the commitment to the brand.

Saab Inside also provides important information about the Saab loyalty book. The subscription to the magazine is free and is one of the benefits of membership in the Saab Service Club. If you are not there yet and would like to be one of the first readers in the future, you can go online register.

Saab staging 2013

It was 4 years ago on Saturday. It was the 2. December 2013, as NEVS staged a reboot in the old Saab factory. However, we did not realize at the time that it was a big show in the game about Chinese investor funds. We wanted to believe in a brand reboot, and NEVS provided the stuff dreams are made of.

4 years later, NEVS has not become what one would have wanted to be. Not a big provider of electromobility. Not even for your own product has been enough. The pre-production phase in Tianjin is set to kick off this week and show where the journey is heading. To China.

The car brand Saab, however, has mastered the last 4 years amazingly well. Even without NEVS, or perhaps because of that, it has become a cult. Our readership is rising slightly, and that of subscribers too. Amazing ! And that in the year 6 without new cars. Where is there comparable?

Still, one can think about what would have been if ... If 2013 had worked with the reboot at that time, and if today the Saab letters still glow at the factory on the Swedish night. Would Saab become a cult or just a brand with Chinese investors? An interesting question.

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  • There it is again the old question: What would have, if. In fact, unfortunately, nothing good to announce. To argue with that again, the entry of BMW would probably have led to a better result. I'm sure of that. But in retrospect we are all smarter. So all we have to do is cherish and care for our Saabs, and wait for the time when we all drive young or old timers. Anyway, I'm ready for that.

    • Me too Bjoern, do this too. And this may not be an answer to Tom's question. Saab was already a cult car before the restart in 2013. So at least I see this development.

      • Well, with the attribute "cult" can be really only the 901 designate. If only because it is pretty much the only vehicle from Saab with which also not Saabfahrer can do something, in the sense of know. Everything else is for 99% of people just cars of a Swedish brand.
        That there are certainly other interesting vehicles of the brand for Saab-affine people is certainly undisputed. But neither 9k Aero, Viggen or a TrollR are in my eyes "cult".

        • Saab is a cult. No matter what you drive. To experience with us daily on the school parking lot, with very young people. The 901 Mantra exists only in Saab circles, not in the real world.

          • Then please tell me what Saab cult is, if some already use the term so much. Even VW is not cult, although with two Bulli and Beetle probably two vehicles from this house come from which one can not deny a real cult status.
            Sometimes I have the feeling that it is enough for a few people to look sympathetically around their car to speak of cult.

        • Cult is the brand itself. Like many things that you can not have anymore because there is not any more. Young people are less dogged and open than they seem to be. Only my observation. And of course I confess everyone's opinion and accept your point of view. We do not all have to agree to like Saab. Or?

  • Oh I love the "scrap iron fraction"

    • I think that has little to do with the "scrap iron fraction", especially since I myself own old and new iron. But somehow there is always an imaginary conflict brought about when you just reproduce what probably connects the majority of people outside the Saab scene with Saab. That does not mean that the other models are bad or less "real Saab".

  • hach and I still have a Saab 9-3 2.0T convertible, EZ 06.04.2004, with deer performance type T8 / 230PS, so with 42.000km and 12 Aluflegen nicely covered in the garage, so all 1-2 years it's time for the Saab meeting but only if it is nice weather. Would still be here looking for the original car phone for the trunk or a buyer at some point.

  • Cult?
    Is nothing more than the abbreviation for culture.
    There are a thousand ways to live his cult.
    And the Saab culture is the same as the motorcyclist's. You make trips together, meet in the club for sweating and shop talk and greet each other at the meeting in public.
    Whether that is already a cult?
    KA But it creates cohesion and a sense of community from which other brand supporters can only dream

    • Hello Eric. It is exactly like that.
      Strictly speaking, we at Saab speak of cultural property. And Saab belongs to the Swedish cultural heritage. There is no doubt about that. Greetings from the north to all Saabfahrer.

  • The cult status: The decisive factor is how we as SAABists see this. It is not about the broad recognition: "Cult status is usually attributed to objects of mass culture, which must not claim to be appreciated as outstanding cultural achievements, but which are revered by committed fan bases and to which a variety of myths are linked. Cult status can therefore also win quite remote cultural productions. "(Wikipedia, Begriffsklärung)
    In this sense, the brand, but also individual models have "cult status" for me.

  • Unfortunately, the word "cult" is used very inflationary today. Everything is cult ..., in the music world one is already cult if he can only sing a song!

    I see Saab drivers as contemporary individualists. Saab is simply MORE THAN HEARING! And that puts us pretty much off the beaten track.

    A Viggen or a 9-5 NG is not cult in my opinion but simply a great and rare car.

    Even a beetle is not cult, it was simply a mass product.

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