Saab-Nikolaus at the Skandix AG

With the discontinuation of our shop, a source for Saab fan articles disappeared. And since the brand doesn't really have anything to offer for the passion of its numerous fans at the moment, it was a real loss. But now comes a remedy ...

Saab Nicholas at Skandix
Saab Nikolaus at the Skandix AG

Maybe at the right time. Because we keep getting emails with questions. Maybe we could and maybe we could produce new cups. Or tin signs. Even if it cost a little more ... To be clear: we can't. The blog budget is limited, the human resources are limited. What subtly describes the situation!

But sometimes the solution is much closer than you think, and it has developed well in recent weeks. Skandix AG has been supplying spare parts for Swedish car brands for many years, and Saab is close to the company. Because otherwise you would not have been in Lutter am Barenberge for years, the blog and its projects, as well as our Saab 9-5 "Paul”Support.

Animated as a present for the fans Skandix today our fan shop idea with some selected products. This also includes the legendary and very much missed Saab Troll cups. If the supply meets demand, then one would be ready to revive more of our designs. An initiative that the blog crew really like and that we support.

As a large distributor and Saab specialist, Skandix has the logistical skills and can provide a professional service. The Saab heart and the passion for the brand are not forgotten. Because, and that's important to know, it's not about new business, it's about keeping Saab alive. Therefore, Skandix takes over our usual, fair pricing. And, when it comes to reprints, let the products be produced at our local sources in Germany.

The Fan Products are available from today. It's a tailor-made Saab-Nicholas gift, and also a sympathetic sign for Saab and the fans. We are happy about it!

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    A little hard to find on Skandix. Hides behind “accessories”. But then…

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    Good news for Santa Claus for all SAABians!
    May the Skandix team “run into the booth” ... 😉
    A happy holiday season!

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