Tianjin launches production of the NEVS 9-3 EV

On Tuesday NEVS started the pre-series production of the NEVS 9-3 EV in Tianjin. The new plant was opened with a big ceremony, even though it is still not completely finished.

NEVS Tianjin
Presentation in Tianjin

The construction will cost around 400 million, but the final funding is still not. The production of the pre-production runs along bodyshells from Trollhättan; Swedish employees help train their Chinese colleagues. Series production is scheduled to start in summer 2018, by then a body shop must also be built on site.

NEVS 9-3 EV. Design of the series? Or not?

The NEVS 9-3 EV shown on Tuesday probably does not look like the series. The should look at the appearance of Studies that a Korean team had designed for NEVS. But because there is a high probability that there are no tools for this yet, the EV has an older design. It looks more like Saab than the final version and could be the design that was discarded because it was too Saab and too little Asian for the NEVS owners.

That would be the one possible version. Another source is sure that NEVS wants to bring this design into production. Because it is cheaper and has fewer modifications. As always, NEVS provides no facts and opens up space for speculation.

Whether the presented electric car at all a current pre-production vehicle from Tianjin or a staging is another question. On the 15. In November, the bodyshells were manufactured in the old Saab factory. By train they would be within a few days in China, prompt shipping to Belgium provided. And then just as fast loading on to Tianjin, quick assembly and preparation for the show. Between production and presentation are 20 days. Including paintwork, logistics and some 1.000 kilometers distance.

NEVS is the master of staging, we have learned that in recent years. There are no pictures from the factory in China and from the montage. Eventually, NEVS presented an electric car, which was mounted in the Frickeboa in Trollhättan.

The nameplate, found at sohu.com, shows December 2017 as the production date. That may or may not be a reality. But it provides the only technical data that is available. With a presumed 2.2 tons and 130 kW, the NEVS 9-3 is definitely not a Tesla hunter. Official technical data that would be reliable are pending.

Starting in the year 2019 50.000 electric cars will be produced annually, some of which still carry old Saab DNA. Behind the announcements one should set a multiplicity of question marks. The biggest problem is sustainable financing, which is still uncertain. Without them, it will not come to mass production in the summer 2018. A creative interim solution, the delivery of body shells from Sweden, for example, is not possible. The production license is tied to high local value added.

NEVS sees itself as Saab's successor

Another problem is the age of the platform. The Saab 9-3 sedan would have had a chance as a new edition with the fans. In 2013 and 2014. But not in 2019 or 2020 in a tough market without a NEVS fan base. And that is perhaps the biggest problem. At the beginning, to be seen on Instagram, NEVS once again quoted the supposedly great past. The Ursaab was tried again, but NEVS is not Saab - and neither heir nor a legitimate successor.

NEVS and Stefan Tilk's team need good luck in the coming months. The situation for the Chinese startup is a little better than it was weeks ago. But still tense and nothing is certain. And the way is still long!

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    • The message is not correct. It is based on a misleading interpretation of an interview with Kai Johan Jiang. The denial of the original source came on Friday very promptly, from the message goes anyway around the world.

  • SAAB killed by GM eaten by nevs

  • Interesting story! Where else would you have experienced something?
    From my point of view, it makes no sense to present a preliminary series with a different design than the one that will later go into series production. And that's why I'm rather positively surprised that it's now more reminiscent of SAAB than the disappointing measurement vehicles.
    The twenty days for the transport to China and the construction of the car, I think too sporty. Customs formalities would further delay the timetable. Maybe a lot was pre-assembled in Trollhättan - maybe completed.
    To produce a functional prototype it needs many different trades and an experienced team and equipment. That's Trollhättan!

  • Agree Franken Troll to 100%!

  • I have already witnessed a number of festive “openings” in China. There are tons of firecrackers ignited in front of the door that are supposed to bring luck. However, it was all just a facade to get funds free. In fact, one or the other plant didn't even have customers. It was invested in a large machine park, celebrated and then shut down. Anyway, we got our money, from whoever. This whole Chinese economy seems to me like an Apache pup, just a facade that is laboriously supported from behind

  • I can only associate myself with.

  • NEVS has done all this more or less thoroughly. They would have had the chances like Volvo, but that's over. 2021 or 2022 will no longer wait for NEVS. The whole thing is just grotesque and I know of any company that has so thoroughly cut all the chances in the bucket like this troupe.

    Just a tragedy ;-(

  • Great!

    For what do they actually present the car?
    If it is not officially available and not even the right design, what should this presentation be?
    There remains only the BAIC for the ex-Saab customer.
    No real deception, I think!
    The money could have been saved really.


  • NEVS is and remains a cucumber group. It's a disgrace that they're advertising with SAAB. Our darlings look after and care for up to H license plates.

  • This topic affects me rather less, if only because I do not live in a big city and such solutions are not interesting for me. I was able to clearly see the result of CarSharing concepts already realized in Berlin last weekend. Wildly parked on the roadsides Kurzzeitmiet- PKW, often a SMART, are often carelessly and for time-cost reasons beaten through the city, in order to then turn off as quickly as possible again. With the implementation of these concepts, the users of a further general depreciation of values ​​will be confronted with the car and the subject vehicle will only be seen as a pure service. In addition, another cultural asset disappears into the museum. I think that maybe too drastically, but I prefer to sleep next to my Saab in the garage and hope for better dreams ...... One more reason to keep our vehicle for a long time.

  • I really like the design of the 9-3 shown here - it's still somehow timeless and the car looks better than any new Mercedes. If the technology and quality are right, this car would also be interesting for regions outside of China.

    • I'm afraid you might be disappointed. NEVS is planning a product that is as inexpensive as possible for fleet operators. The private customers are not in their sights. And otherwise the course goes completely in the direction of “sharing economy” ...

  • We will see…
    We have had such a great “show” before! This then became about 100 new SAABs, and the mouse.
    Thanks for the info about NEVS. Not stunningly positive.
    There will hardly be any new SAAB in the near future ...

  • Bonjour. Merci pour your comments on NEV, après quelques information techniques pourquoi demolissez vous NEV. Ils tentent de remettre en route une NEV / Saab, malgré les difficultés financières ils feront des voitures en Chine, mais avec l'esprit chinois. Je souhaite voir cette voiture en Europe.

    • Non, nom de dieu, jamais une voiture chinoise. C`est pas seulment les Saabiens qui pensent comme ca, il suffit connaitre l`histoire de Tibet et la politique megalomane chinoise, mais les Saabiens ont plus des raisons apres les anecdotes voyous quand ils ont pris l`usine. Au moins le nom Saab pour etre sauvè.
      Because it would have disturbed me extremely, suddenly to take the label of a Chinese on the hood.
      PS: Blog donation coming soon and sure, sorry for the delay.
      Best regards and a nice pre-Christmas Eve all!

  • Entry Quote:
    "... NEVS is not Saab - and neither heir nor a legitimate successor"

    Exactly my opinion too - period

    So what is this discussion about other cars from China ... if a sack of rice falls over there ...

    • Interesting, not so long ago people raved about how NEVS took over the Saab legacy and for many “fans” is a successor who is aware of its roots and who carefully develops / wants to develop this great legacy.
      Anyone who didn't see it that way was somehow a pessimist or a black painter ...

      • Well Daniel. Unfortunately, even pessimists are right at some point, I would have liked a positive development for the Saab plant and heritage. The Saab veterans have always seen it with the greatest mistrust, and they were right.

        • In this case, however, the pessimists were the realists ... I say that without any glee or anything like that. but only encourages me to be as objective as possible, if not even emotionless at first, to deal with topics that interest / concern me / which I wish good success. Everyone would have wished Saab a good future, but at the latest with the first structural problems ... regardless, we could all watch how the situation in Sweden has developed.
          I was particularly irritated by one thing from the beginning: the whole world makes it possible to produce in China because it is so cheap. Ironically, the Chinese want to build cars in Sweden, the majority in the Chinese market land? Economically, that makes little sense.

          • Swade argued the same point, and you and he are so right….

            From my point, it is NEVs taking the local know how, and transferring it to China…. !!

        • Hello Tom!
          Maybe the “pessimists” were just realists ?! I am also one of them (since 2014). Anyone who is familiar with the economy knows that the entire procedure in Trollhättan was problematic from the start. Volvo has shown us how a takeover can work. This is the only way to develop something sustainable. Saab is and will remain history. Nevs doesn't interest me personally.
          All Saab drivers a nice Christmas time.

          • The sale of Volvo to Geely had a completely different starting point than the chatter about SAAB automobiles - unlike GM, the seller Ford handled the sale very seriously and, as far as I know, did not block any patents, for example at GM, in particular for the SAAB 9-5 II was the case. In addition, Volvo did not have a product range under Ford that only had to endure a so-called facelift (the 9-5 I was produced largely unchanged for almost 13 years under the aegis of GM).

            With just one model - the 9-3 II - NEVS had a much harder time getting something usable off the ground than Geely with the wide range of Volvo products.

            You are currently looking in vain for a really environmentally friendly car at Volvo - I keep my fingers crossed for the NEVS crew!

  • Maybe the original grille from SAAB and the steering wheel and bonnet match the SAAB emblem :) :) :)
    Otherwise looks quite passable!

    • Perhaps the components will also fit and allow an e-conversion for one or the other original Saab. I would definitely be interested in such a set.

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