Prior notice. Pilots wanted 2018.

The year is drawing to a close and our plans are already busy with 2018. All 2 years take place in Kiel "Pilots wanted". The big, international meeting of all 9-5 NG owners. The last, big Saab is cult, the meeting is an institution.

Pilots wanted 2018
Pilots wanted 2018. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive:

Pilots wanted 2018 in Kiel

Pilots wanted 2018 takes place on 8. and 9. June 2018 held. As an innovation, we are also opening the event this time for the Saab 9-4x. Even more exclusive than the 9-5 NG series, it is part of Saab history and embodies what has never been mass-produced, but the future of the brand could have been.

Pilots wanted 2014 and 2016 have raised the bar and maybe even the expectations of the participants. The team in Kiel has been working hard on the planning for weeks and gives everything to be able to deliver an even better event. The ideas are more than promising, and also the tour planning will whet your appetite for the coming summer.

As always, there is a small but not unimportant problem. Due to the local conditions, the space is limited, and the number of participants is limited. The upper limit is around the 40 vehicles, and that will be quickly reached again.

The registration will start in mid-January and we will confirm the participants individually on expected overbooking. As in previous years, we want to guarantee a diverse, international mix of participants.

Registration from mid-January 2018

Interested parties should note the appointment! Pilots wanted 2018 starts early Friday afternoon with the pilots and their crew checking in Car dealership Lafrentz, A dinner is planned for the evening. It will be exciting to see if the exclusivity of the last event, with shared parking at Schwedenkai, can be surpassed. Saturday is part of a road book tour, and there are many things that we will gradually reveal.

The new edition of "Pilots wanted" is good news in the run-up to Christmas and probably makes readers feel like coming summer like me. On the 3. and 4. Advent weekend continues with good Saab-Vorweihnachts news. The team from the blog and other Saab-inspired people have come up with something. And the readers can be curious.

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  • 10. December 2017 at 12: 34 PM

    Have I noted these days already in the agenda.

  • 10. December 2017 at 6: 28 PM

    Bonjour, ever note la date. Et j'espère pouvoir en être en venant de France avec 9.5 NG Aero Biopower

  • 11. December 2017 at 7: 37 AM

    This time I try to be there ...

  • 11. December 2017 at 11: 56 AM

    Saab 9-5 NG team from Switzerland with us !!!

  • 13. December 2017 at 3: 42 PM

    What a nice butt ...

    Once again I look on the known trading platforms of the network for the market situation for the 9-5 NG ...

    And notice that the turbo petrol engine are becoming less and less expensive. But buy a TTiD to get into this genus? ? ?

    The performance could be enough (the torque anyway) and the equipment (XWD, manual switch and full leather) sound more attractive than some petrol engines ...

    And yet the 2.0T would be my first choice. A true SAAB engine! 2.0, 4 cylinder, petrol and turbo man already knows forever from SAAB. I'm happy for everyone who has one ...

    Congratulation and have fun ! ! !

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