Blog donation 2018. The Saab Spirit is alive!

Much has been done around the blog and the Saab brand in recent days, which is positive. But not only because there is less good news. However, we are opening the start to the new week with positive news.

Blog donation 2018
Blog donation 2018. We need support.

On the 3. December, I had delivered an intermediate to the blog donation. He was, you have to admit, a bit sobering. But, Mark and I realized, we believe in our readers. And our trust was not disappointed. We have a new donation status today, and it looks really good.

146 readers have donated what is a record at this time!

The donation amount is 5.105.00 €, so we are approaching the minimum budget in big steps. The remaining amount, maybe a bit more, we can do it. I am convinced!

Interesting is the positive "background noise" that accompanies our action this year. 12 months ago I was almost certain that 2017 would probably be the last year for the blog. Much in the background was negative, and I expected to have written the last article soon. The total opposite has occurred, and the omens are good. That sounds crazy, because before 6 years the factory gates in Trollhättan were closed.

But things develop and they develop well. Several companies have come to us in recent days. Sometimes I had very intense phone calls, which were only positive for the future. It was primarily about blog support, closer cooperation, but very specific about things that affect us all. To the reproduction of spare parts, not insignificant investments, to keep the Saab stock long term on the road.

These are all topics that we want to work through and introduce 2018. And quite concretely, we have already been able to win a new blog supporter who will accompany us next year.

The Saab Spirit is alive!

If I write again that Saab is very much alive, maybe one or the other may not hear it anymore. It is fact. And if you read an e-mail like this, you might understand in the beginning what I write about.

"Unfortunately I have no Saab myself. My dream is to own one. Therefore, you can not start early enough with the support. :-) "

The donor is 19 years old and he is not alone. We've never had so many young readers on the blog, and most of all, as many students as today. They like Saab, they dream Saab. A brand that no longer exists, and they are deliberate, thoughtful decisions.

One wishes a Saab, because the brand fascinates. And maybe because we always wish for something that is hard to come by. And sometimes you need patience and have to search, this note shows.

"Perhaps, thanks to your work, I will finally be able to find the right Saab for me. But until now I have a lot of fun reading, browsing, finding. , . "

She comes from Austria, and Saab anticipation also has its charm. The brand is and remains a phenomenon. She always surprises me, even though I've been writing Saab for years. There have been many small and large donations so far. We appreciate every amount, because we know it comes from the heart. Also, the many, very personal Saab stories touched me. It is unfortunately, and that annoys me a little, not possible to answer to any. That does not give my time.

Therefore, also on behalf of Mark, at this point a big thank you to all previous supporters.

That was great, and with your help we have achieved a great score!

The campaign runs until the beginning of January and there is an opportunity to replenish the remaining budget.

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  • 11. December 2017 at 1: 31 PM

    I am pleased and surprised that the brand is also interesting for younger people. That too is part of a living future.

    • 11. December 2017 at 2: 16 PM

      To be honest, even though I do not have a Saab and have always dreamed of it, we are considering whether we can not pair the project with our youngest driver's license. If an older car is already purchased - why not one that is safer than other comparable or younger years of construction. And when the young gentleman then happily switches to a newer, faster, "to-age-matching" - then Mr. Papa has his toy already at the door

      • 11. December 2017 at 11: 55 PM

        I rather believe that your son will stay with Saab. Once Saab always Saab, you'll probably have to look for your own.

  • 11. December 2017 at 1: 32 PM

    Hi Tom,

    you need the account details again, thanks


  • 11. December 2017 at 2: 23 PM

    Also hello Tom,

    would like to have the account information. Thank you for the effort.

    • 11. December 2017 at 2: 39 PM

      @ all: account data are on the way. Thanks for the support!

      • 11. December 2017 at 6: 40 PM

        I have not received it yet

        • 12. December 2017 at 10: 06 AM

          Come .. thanks!

  • 11. December 2017 at 2: 28 PM

    Saabisticii, my eldest son bought the day before yesterday .... his first Saab. Deshalve I spend 1 before the end of the year, even my small € addition. Pieter (name son = Pascal) 9.3 kmt originally from SaabZentrum Bonn!

  • 11. December 2017 at 2: 43 PM

    I just want to say thank you for this blog.
    For Saabfahrer and interested ones there are unfortunately not so many information possibilities. An official Saabseite does not exist anymore and even in car magazines Saab is practically no longer present. This blog provides this information. No matter what, whether accessories and spare parts, events with Saab participation, fan and driver reports, the museum and the factory in Trollhättan, the people behind Saab and not least also information about NEVS and and and. Without this blog it would be hard to learn anything. We just enjoy reading the reports and there are always great pictures.
    Many thanks to Tom and Mark for your tireless dedication to this blog (and to your families for their understanding that so much time is devoted to this blog). I think you are making a big contribution to keeping the Saab brand alive. I am already looking forward to the daily (or maybe only weekly) dose of Saab next year. This is definitely worth a donation.

    • 11. December 2017 at 4: 52 PM

      You can not summarize it better ... ..

  • 11. December 2017 at 5: 30 PM

    I agree with my previous speakers.
    Without the blog, I would not be happy Saab driver until now.
    So far, my 4 / 5ten are Saab's and sometimes you only realize after months or years that you should never have sold your car.

    Thanks to the blog comes again and again the will to get the two Saab's.
    Despite high mileage.
    Unfortunately, there are ugly contemporaries,
    The apparently do not begrudge the one.

    Today my wife had to realize - aware right side with key scratched by the 95er.
    That's when I realized how much the car has grown in our hearts.
    And he will be judged again.
    Despite over 240.000 km!

    I had to think of the project - Saab of you- Paul.

    Thank you for your tireless work!

  • 11. December 2017 at 6: 10 PM

    Hello, dear Saab community,
    I actively and consciously ended my Saab story, which lasted almost thirty years.
    Sold my stolen 93 SC XWD Aero Aut. 2009 to Mr. Taubenberger in Bad Tölz.
    It was my sixth Saab.
    Have you all gone to Saabi with much pleasure? The wagons were a refuge of security on our roads.
    Last year I was on the road for just 11000 km, this year it's the same. That's too bad for this beautiful car. The magnificent Turbosaab should be driven into good hands and diligent. Light melancholy AND joy and contentment accompany me, as I was able to experience many road km in the SAAB.
    best regards from Salzburg.
    Ask for Kto Nr for the blog donation.

    • 12. December 2017 at 10: 08 AM

      It is always sad when longtime Saab drivers say goodbye. But also understandable, because a car has to fit into life. At Taubenberger the 9-3 has landed at a good address and will soon find a new owner!

  • 11. December 2017 at 9: 32 PM

    Please also to send the account details.

  • 12. December 2017 at 9: 48 PM

    Read for a year with enthusiasm the blog. It would be a pity if he had to be hired. Therefore also for me please again the account data.

  • 13. December 2017 at 4: 15 PM

    I am urgently asking for account information so that I can finally transfer my blog donation and calm my conscience.

  • 14. December 2017 at 5: 51 PM

    Why do not you just use the "Donate" button on the top right?

  • 29. December 2017 at 1: 09 PM

    Is there a new intermediate state?

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