How I became a Saab fan ...

Shortly to my person, my name is Ken-Daniel Sikuta, I'm 21 years old, I live in Vienna and I'm a fan of rare car brands, including of course Saab. My passion for autos began with 3 years when I received a large collection of matchbox cars, but unfortunately there was no Saab among the many cars.

Faithful travel companion. Saab 9-3 Diesel Year 2006
Faithful travel companion. Saab 9-3 Diesel Year 2006

When I walked past garage doors with my parents and wanted to drive in a car, I always had to stop and wait until the car went in and disappeared into the depths. I also studied the pictures in the car magazines eagerly and on letter days in the first grade in elementary school I always took a matchbox car of the relevant letter of that mark. So for example letter day S = Saab, or Subaru. As a result, my interest in cars continued to grow and I was constantly striving to acquire more car knowledge.

I then came to Saab with my parents nearly 9 years ago. I've never looked specifically for a Saab, I was then 12 and looked back then time and again in the Internet in configurators or in the well-known car portals Hobbymäßig for cars. Maybe a bit animated by my dad, I had a tendency to search for Japanese cars. Since my mother is originally from Japan, my parents used to drive Japanese cars until then

But then one day during the semester / energy holidays I discovered a little ad in the newspaper. A Saab 9 5 2,3 170PS 1999PS year XNUMX was advertised. Price was not there. I showed the ad to my parents and it took some time before we could arrange a viewing. It then turned out that the clutch of the vehicle was at the end and the owners would soon retire to Japan and so we could take the vehicle for a very reasonable bargain price. So the car was then towed to the workshop of our confidence and made the necessary repairs.

Saab 9-5
Unfortunately I had 2009 still a weak mobile phone camera

We then got a vehicle that received a lot of visual care from us and then gradually was pimped on. With this vehicle, we took many beautiful long trips and enjoyed the high long-distance comfort, the powerful performance, the moderate consumption and thus a high range for a petrol engine.

8 hours sitting inside, you did not feel thanks to the super seats. Unfortunately, I was not able to drive this car myself at the time, but the ride was also great fun
Unfortunately, however, it gradually turned out that the numerous previous owners of the car, 6, did not handle the car very carefully, and the car also responded accordingly to us. So then we had an old car that had some problems, the turbocharger, cylinder head and a lot more had to be renewed, also it occasionally when starting, no matter whether in summer or in winter, again and again to a strong smoke from the exhaust but not always, so that no workshop could get an accurate picture.

But sometimes the clouds of smoke were so strong that the neighbors wanted to call the fire department. After about 100m, however, the smoke was gone and the car drove, so whether it was nothing. The locked radio (Radio SIDED on the SID) could not decode or unlock in the 1 ½ years.

But then we thought about it and made the decision to change to a younger vehicle and then quickly decided on a newer Saab, because of the brand, we were convinced. So I went in search of newer Saabs and found a model that we agreed with a Styrian Saab dealer. Even though it was the year 2010, you could say bring your old car to the same manufacturer or brand dealer and you'll get more for your old car, which was another argument to stay with Saab. So it was then, we gave the 9-5 in payment and could buy a 4 year old red diesel 9-3 with 47000km. The equipment Linear, may sound rather boring in the first place, but on closer inspection of our vehicle, one believes to sit in higher equipment, if one of the missing leather seats and the seat heating, which one does not necessarily need in the fabric seats. The vehicle has a large infotainment system with navigation system, sunroof and automatically opening tailgate.

October 2015, I had my own driving license for only a month, before I drove with my parents, with the L Tafel Saab, so can say, as one of a few Saab fans, that I learned to drive on Saab, L Tafel is about as comparable as the accompanying driving with the parents in Germany, I experienced the first glitch. I drove up to the highway with my father - suddenly the SID shows "engine overrun. Stop safely. "Somewhat shocked for a new driver's license, I managed to roll it into a construction site exit and safely park the vehicle. So we had to call the ÖAMTC breakdown service that pulled us out of there and then had to wait at the motorway service area for the towing vehicle. The water pump went up, I would have driven only to the first exit, I would most likely have had an engine failure. During the repair we got as a replacement car a Saab 9-5 3,0 V6 automatic. With this magnificent car you could bridge the days well without our own Saab.

Last year, the legendary cup holder was retrofitted, the soft-touch keys completely renewed and a dimming rear mirror now include the equipment. Even before the upgrades came a red 9-3Sportcombi Biopower Xwd, which I discovered again on the Internet and was advertised by a nice Saab fan, but this car was no longer needed in our fleet and released our second car, a Japanese manufacturer, the in the Rally world made a name with four-wheel and boxer engines, from. Yes, right Subaru. With great luck, but also skill we were able to sell the Subaru Legacy on the same day, a few hours after the collection of the Allradsaab. Something does not succeed every day and would certainly not have been possible with a Golf and consorts.

With the Sportcombi we have now covered 1 20km in 000 ½ years, and are still thrilled with the car's benefits, nice engine sound, comfortable leather seats, great handling in every situation, top traction in the snow and a large and easily loaded boot us so many tasks. For a while, we only used the Saab sedan as the "transport car" because the Subaru Legacy could not handle the rear seat backrests, but thank God that is over now. Last year, we were particularly grateful for the Combi, when we had some renovation work in house and could easily transport the building material and Europaletten itself So we are now with two Red Saabs on the road, in the dark always with Nightpanel, this ingenious function, the pleasant green Light, triggers with riders again and again but astonishment also until they have experienced it live on a highway, highway, but also in city traffic, then they are excited about the function and would like to do the same in their cars.

Avoiding glare is becoming increasingly important. I do not want to miss the nightpanel and wonder how to endure the sometimes very bright instrument lighting with Virtual Cockpit, despite dimming in other cars. For other Saab drivers we are already known as "the 2 red 9-3s". I change with my parents depending on the driving requirements, the diesel is always used for the longer distances if possible, the ranges of 900km are just wonderful and to spare the diesel engine, which we had to experience before 3 years a bit painfully tolerate short distances and Diesel not special. So if I have to drive a longer distance, I drive with the diesel, if my parents only have to travel a short distance, they do it with the petrol engine or vice versa.

Of course, our two Saabs are being serviced by Saab specialists Saab Himberg, There the cars and the customers feel well. Of course the Saab Blog stickers and the Made in Trollhättan stickers are also stuck on both cars. So, this was my way to Saab, we would like to expand the Saab fleet if we had the space, an 9-5NG or for us as Austrians of the Saab from local production, would still be our dream cars, but it fails the missing parking spaces.

I would also like to mention that you get to know a lot of nice people through and with Saabs and then you meet away from Saabthemen. I hope you liked my Saab story.

Thanks to Daniel-Ken for his Saab Story! This is one of our exclusive Saab boarding files on the journey. Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday trip, a restoration or another event in life with the cult brand from Trollhättan?

Whatever it is, write us. We are looking forward to it!

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    Well written story! It's almost identical to my Saab “past” and present. The age, the year with the driver's license and even the (rather unusual) red color are correct.
    Only for the model, I would have to exchange the 9-3 for an 9000 CD. But otherwise the description would suit me too.

    I also appreciate each time happy that I was allowed to drive directly after passing the driving license Saab.
    There is nothing better.
    In any case, it's great that there are other “young people” who have something for Saab. That gives hope for the future.
    Best regards from Hamburg.

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    Thanks for the nice story! I think it's great to hear that the SAAB scene is made up of very different age groups.
    The weakness for SAAB and Subaru can be easily combined in one car. Namely with the SAAB 9-2x - the so-called Saabaru - a Subaru Impreza in SAAB garb. Unfortunately it was only sold in America - but every now and then one makes it to Europe.

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      Well, mating a car, that's not mine. Either Saab or Subaru, both are special in their own way, but I do not like both in one if the 9-2x were also an absolute rarity.

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    A nice Saab story.

    Reminds me somehow of my Saab beginning.
    For me it was 2012 with a 9.5 Linear 2003. He almost came to the Arc ran. Very rarely, I have eg all-electric fabric seats.
    Take care of your Saab, no matter what equipment. Unfortunately, there will never be such vehicles again.
    I wish you continued fun and little mishaps with the red S.
    Saabige greetings


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    Great story!
    That's what the blog lives from. I hope I come over the holidays also times to my Saabstory to complete today.
    Greetings to all Saabfahrer

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    I can only agree with the author regarding the night panel and the uselessness of modern vehicle cockpits from other brands. When I was “allowed” to drive a Q7 last fall, I wanted nothing more than a large piece of black cardboard, scissors and some duct tape ...

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    Oh yes, I like the story.

    And you recognize yourself in it. The (green) non-panel, seats and other benefits. Thanks a lot for this ! ! !

    Just stupid that at 21 you probably don't have any back problems? Also stupid that in 20 to 30 years there will probably be no more SAABs without sagging seats ...

    Because they are awesome. Are a real cure!

    The hotel was booked. I had the day before, a lumbago in the fall, could hardly move, came on the day of the planned trip despite morning bladder pressure in pain barely out of bed. My wife, who had booked and spent the trip surfed frustrated in the net and wildly phoned open doctors, worried salves and heat patches from the pharmacy.

    There, too, she was told that the husband should not torture himself any further, take him to one of the open practices and let himself be injected ...

    The husband decided against it. Wanted to go on vacation, wanted to regenerate in the superbly shaped SAAB seat during the journey. And what should I say …

    It actually worked! ! !

    I got out of the car better at the destination than I had tortured 3,5 to 4 hours ago under the worst pain. It was a successful long weekend. First, the shape of the driver's seat and the seat heater did their job and then the beach walks done the rest.

    No wonder then that SAAB drivers hold on to their vehicles and - in spite of all economic efficiency - maintain, maintain and preserve them and prefer them to the vehicles of other makes and new purchases.

    What else should one do? SAABs are unique!

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    Great story, thank you very much. And the red Saab are particularly popular! Unfortunately, they are very rare, for whatever reason. Everyone wants black and silver cars, it's actually pretty boring. (I have 2 Saab in silver myself, but you just have to take what the market still has ...)
    Always good drive and greetings from the CH

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    Thanks for the emotional SAAB story! Continue driving with the two red SÄÄBen!
    The photo with the unloading of the europallets is cool, it shows the possibilities! Perfect advertising info!
    Are the rear lights “blackened” on the sports suit, or is it because of the recording?

    • blank

      Yes, that with Euro pallets amazed me, the liter specification at Saab is low and too honest. Yes, I forgot to mention that, the rear lights on the Combi are “glazed”, but have already taken over that.

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