New service for our international readers

Standstill has never been an option for the blog. We have changed and improved a lot in the technical field in recent weeks. Some readers have noticed. Some features have been restricted for a longer period, which we apologize for.

Service for international readers
Saab Blog Service for international readers

In addition to many internal changes that simplify my administration, there is also a real improvement for our international readers. Their number is growing continuously, and German is rarely the mother tongue. Having to read through Google Translator is uncomfortable, a better solution was needed.

After a longer beta phase and a somewhat longer adaptation, we would like to present today our new service for international readers. The translation of now takes place in the cloud, there are fixed addresses for different languages. in several languages

The advantage is obvious. Instead of translating every article, readers will find the entire blog in their preferred language in the future. The blog can be accessed via the following links. Deutsch Dutch Swedish French Spanish Russian Portuguese Italian Arabic

For the respective selection, the abbreviation of the desired language is simply placed in front of the blog address. For example, for the English version, the address changes from “” to “”.

We realize that it is just a “machine translation” in the cloud. It is associated with minor restrictions, but improves reading comfort and surfing the blog pages considerably.

Mark and I are working on other new ideas that will make the blog more convenient and, above all, keep it up to date. So that the joy and pride of owning a Saab is also supported by the right reading experience!

12 thoughts on "New service for our international readers"

  • You are top! Thank you for your engagement. This will keep the Saab brand alive and, thanks to you, evolve even further. And it's great that the lavishly researched articles are accessible to a much wider readership.

  • Top! So even more international readers are reached. Thanks to you for this effort. Great!

  • A step into the future. class

  • Absolutely great. Thanks to your commitment, something is growing together that will further consolidate the community, including the Saab brand, without new vehicles. Hats off and thank you. Greetings from Saxony

  • One oops. The article says “” for English but it should be “”. Good job, many thanks.

  • A great coup, just before Christmas!
    THAT is service,
    THAT is service,
    THAT is Spirit,
    THIS is engagement beyond the usual (!)
    THAT is worth something too! 😉 so that this dedicated blog gets its secure future!
    Thousand thanks to the entire blog team!

  • A real contribution to our diversified rally of readers. A thousand thanks for so much admirable effort!

  • What a great engagement! ! !

    Also for German readers. The more indispensable and international the blog becomes, the closer and at the same time larger the community stands together or there ...

    Globalization in its most beautiful form.

    We and SAAB - or what's left of us - can do that well. The global community can not grow naturally due to the lack of new vehicles. But she can grow together. And with her maybe this blog on broader shoulders?

    For many Germans - especially North Germans with a short journey - a regular summer holiday in Sweden will probably have been influential. The car market was dominated by the national manufacturers for several decades.
    From the 1970s at the latest, many fans of Sweden in Germany often opted for one or the other brand, for rear-end solidity or innovative strength made in Sweden ...

    But how does that look elsewhere? ? ?

    Reader's contributions and perspectives on SAAB from Russia, the Arab world or other nations (how I came to SAAB) would interest me burning.

    A Hipp Hipp Hipp Hooray to Tom and his latest step.

  • "You guys are great!"

  • Hi Tom,

    So I had looked at and read the Swedish translation a few times in the last week - it was consistently very good - many thanks for this service - I am sure many readers will like it very much.

    Thanks so much

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