Saab and Bielefeld - two things that do not exist?

I am a passionate Saab driver from Bielefeld. These are already two properties that are of existential importance. On the one hand, I drive a car that de facto no longer exists, at least not brand new, and I come from a city in the middle of the Teutoburg Forest, which according to a myth that only a few years ago did not exist.

Saab 9-5 NG
Saab 9-5 NG

It follows that me and my Saabs do not exist. And it should get worse. But more on that later.

Since my earliest childhood I am fascinated by Swedish cars. It was first the Volvo, and especially the Volvo 244 / 5, which I liked in my childhood days. The excitement of this brand increased even more when I was allowed to take a ride with a friend of my father a ride in the passenger seat of his newly purchased Volvo 245 with overdrive technology and amazed during the rapid ride on the highway did not come out.

Saab 95
First contact: Saab 95

At that time I went to the ninth grade. The enthusiasm should swing in one of the upcoming Sweden holidays. My parents once again went to Sweden for the summer holidays with a trip to the island of Öland. On the way to the beach I saw an ugly green car, which looked like a station wagon, not wanted and not able. I found it so ugly as a child - this ugliness was underlined by the ugly green - that I liked the car because it was so ugly. I simply had to snap this Saab 95 station wagon with my pocket camera.

Since that day sometime at the end of the 80er / beginning of the 90er years I could not forget the mark Saab. On a later student exchange in England I had to buy on the ferry necessarily a key ring with a Saab emblem, whose badge I still own and its font and design moves are hard to guess.

The problem then: I had spent all my pocket money on other unimportant things and had to come up with something, how I could come to this Saab key fob to express at home with this pendant my affinity for the brand. I made a bet with my classmates. If I manage to swallow a cocktail of oil, vinegar, and other spicy spices with a puff, the key chain should be mine.

Saab Keychain
Legendary: Saab key chain

Bravely, I drank the trunk mixed together by my classmates. The disappointment of my classmates grew, because I had not surrendered contrary to expectations and you grudging partly appreciative, sometimes reluctantly the last pounds and pennies to buy me my deserved keychain. Since then, I have not let go of the brand. Unfortunately, after completing my studies, I did not have the cash to pay for a Saab, so I started with a claret Ford Mondeo GLX hatchback - not exactly my dream car.

At some point I had so much money together that I could afford a Saab. It should be an 93 convertible. And I still drive it. Meanwhile, he has the 188000 km under his belt and has let me down once, when shortly before the motorway exit Bielefeld center of the catalyst gave up the ghost and forced me to a forced break on the edge strip. And since the catalyst in Bielefeld gave up its spirit, in the city that does not exist, the catalyst was never broken, and that's nothing compared to what colleagues and friends who own other vehicles experience, if they have to bring their newly acquired vehicles into the workshop after only a few days.

The Saab broke hit me like many other Saabfahrer like the blow. Until today I could not imagine driving another brand. But the Saab bankruptcy had something good for me too - at least for me. By chance, I learned that a local car dealer had bought a truckload of brand new Saab 93 sports cars in Trollhättan and offered for sale in Bielefeld at very acceptable prices. Since they were all offered as a day pass you could now buy a brand new Saab considerably cheaper compared to the usual new car price.

That should be my opportunity.

For hours I crept around the rows of sports cars lined up next to each other on the forecourt of the car dealership and decided the following day for a 93 Vector sports suit with silver metallic livery and leather seats. I treated this vehicle, which in normal circumstances I could not afford, like a raw egg. He rarely drove, so he had only a measly 11000 km on the clock in the three years I've owned. I used the car like Ove did his Saabs. But then came the day that was to tarnish my Saab Passion.

At I discovered a used 9-5 NG Aero Turbo 6 XWD with 300 PS and full equipment. The price seemed fair and I agreed to go for a test drive. A great car. It was even better than my sports car, with so much additional technology, such as HUD and a navigation system and traffic sign recognition was also there. I bought it and gave my still almost brand new Saab in payment. Since my new achievement was not so well maintained by the previous owner and unfortunately I am fussy with my Saabs like Ove, I went to the painter of my confidence to expertly remove some stone chips and traces of use of the car, so the turbo perfect, just in Ove's sense could shine in the garage and also on the street.

But the painter did not have good news. Unfortunately I had to learn that I had acquired a repaired accident car, of whose damage I knew nothing. Probably someone had driven into the driver's side and the car had been repaired dilettantisch. The whole sill under the paint was almost rusted. There followed a lot of legal effort, nerves and costs to return the car to the seller. Someone thought that he could sell a repaired accident car to a city that does not exist; so nobody would notice. But then the seller had made the bill without the host.

Even today I am annoyed about having given my beautiful sports suit for a poorly restored 9-5NG in payment. I hope that never happens again. Since then I have become more cautious about acquiring a Saab. In addition to the 93 convertible, which is still in my possession, I now drive a 25 year-old Saab 900i. With 167000 km he has just retracted and is in a state that can be seen. He is doing well and he gives me an unlikely good driving experience. Sure, he is very different from a 95NG, but he also has charm.

I am anxiously waiting for the tepid years that lie ahead of me.

In this sense, Saabige Christmas.

Thanks to Björn for his Saab Story! This is one of our exclusive Saab boarding files on the journey. Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday trip, a restoration or another event in life with the cult brand from Trollhättan?

Whatever it is, write us. We are looking forward to it!

14 thoughts on "Saab and Bielefeld - two things that do not exist?"

  • Hi, I'm a Saab fan and driver of a convertible 9.3 V6 Bj.2007 from Detmold Is there a Saab club in Bielefeld?

    Lg Andreas Wedderwille (contact

  • Yes, then I was once before your SC. They were priced really interesting. In the side window also glued a sticker for the Swedish market, I mean it was Assistans on it or something in the direction, is already too long ago ...

  • The Saab 9-3 SC actually faced many stars and made them look very pale. He was produced for the Swedish market and had a board manual in Swedish. I mourn the car very much later ... .but you learn a lot from mistakes ;-)

  • Very emotional story. Even if my experiences last only four years ... What is one not doing all for his SAAB passion? Despite cloudy experiences, each of the four copies was / is an eye-catcher! 99er Greetings from the neighboring Steinhagen!

  • How annoying. The 9-5NG should probably not only be known to me for a long time. Meanwhile, the car is again advertised, a lot cheaper, a holder more and especially with the addition of "repaired accident damage". Somehow I had a premonition that the car went back to the dealer because of a lack. There must have been someone criminal among the previous owners. what a pity, because the car has really great features. Did you buy your 9-3SC from the star dealer back then? The whole meadow was then full of Saabs, which quickly found a new owner. At that time, the background was unclear to me, I suppose the speedos were on Swedish miles, right? So no 1.000 KM, but 10.000 Km .... But looked impressive ... a few hundred meters further the SZ was in its last legs.

  • Mixed feelings leaves your story Björn. Nice that you can continue to hold on to Saab, although you have since made a very bad experience. Saab can not really help it.
    Continue to enjoy Saab driving and happy holidays!

  • I can rule that out. No Saab dealer.

  • I'm sorry that the 9-5NG is likely to be particularly difficult on such a car
    Was probably not a Saab dealer when he was bought or?

  • What a story ...

    In particular, the botched repair of the NGs can hardly believe. Sacrilege!

    That can not be real. Or is it?

  • He is from the steering gear

  • You have to see that positively. This leaves you two vehicles that are not at all affected by the GM "saving mania". That leaves hope to be able to drive both vehicles for a long time. It almost hit me worse ... I exchanged an 9-3I CV for a 9-3III SC

  • Great and sad story at the same time. But head up. Something like that can happen.
    Christmas greetings to all Saabfahrer

  • Hallo,
    is your new 900i about from the steering wheel? If so, I know him!
    Greetings from MS to BI!

  • very nice .. Greetings from the most beautiful city in OWL at the 30km distant empty spot on the map ..

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