Short message. Investments, Fake News, Actions.

Welcome to the last Saab short news 2017. The year ends with positive news, at least almost. Because a company falls out of the ordinary, and a suspicion has been confirmed. There is talk of a repeat offender.

Saab AB branch in the United Arab Emirates

NEVS has done it again

In December 2013 NEVS staged a production start in the Stallbacka. 4 years later you try it in Tianjin. What just an initial one suspicion was confirmed. The big celebration of the production start for the new plant may be described as fake news. The pre-series NEVS 9-3 electric cars were not made in China; They come from the Frickeboa in the old Saab factory.

Shipped in containers, they were only finalized in Tianjin. Say, they have added the China VIN. Published the facts of the journalist Jonas Fröbergwho is critically watching the development of NEVS. Like 4 years ago, the electric car startup is desperately hunting for investors. The decision as to whether NEVS may become a hardware supplier for DiDi falls in spring 2018.

Saab AB invests

Saab AB was the home of automobile construction in Trollhättan from 1947. More than 50 years later, in 2000, GM took full control. In less than a decade, the Americans drove the brand into one reconstruction, then a second, and then sold it to Spyker. The true home of the ingenious automobiles from the Stallbacka, however, has always been Saab AB, which is now a successful high-tech company.

Saab AB is internationalizing. A research, development and production facility was inaugurated in the United Arab Emirates in December. Automobile construction may be history, but the proud Saab logo can be found in more and more countries.

Orio Germany invests

Further good news about investing in the future comes from Germany. On the 19.12. reported the Orio Germany GmbH her entry as ad-CARGO limited partner on January 1, 2018 and as a cooperation partner at CARAT.

Cooperation Orio Carat
Cooperation sealed. Orio Managing Director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher and Carat Managing Director Thomas Vollmar

The CARAT Group with 140 cooperation partners and 1.5 billion € turnover is one of the major suppliers on the part for automotive parts. From January, Orio will have access to additional 120.000 items from the CARAT range, to ad-Cargo Logistik, and to the warehouse in Castrop-Rauxel. In addition to the Orio warehouse near Frankfurt, customers will then be supplied faster and more extensively than before via two German centers.

In addition to parts for other brands are also Saab accessories and spare parts from third-party suppliers to find in the range that did not exist in Eschborn so far. Germany is one of the main focuses of Orio AB, which can start stronger in the next year.

Lafrentz invests

The year 2017 had it all. Some companies were able to expand their position in the Saab segment, others did not meet the requirements. The winners include the car dealership Lafrentz in Kiel. From Hirsch Performance, the North Germans have acquired the tools for the 9-3 grille and started the new production.

Saab Hirsch Performance Grill
Hirsch Performance Grill reissued. Delivery arrived in Kiel.

The first delivery arrived shortly before Christmas in Kiel. The quality of the accessories is convincing. Much of the production is already pre-ordered. Interested parties can use the deer grille inserts directly in Kiel or at Stephan Individual purchase.

Saab Parts Calendar

Just before the editorial deadline, the annual planners 2018 of Orio on my desk. They are intended for customers and business partners and always very popular. Because in principle they are the only official Saab calendar for the coming year.

Saab Parts Calendar 2018
Saab Parts Calendar 2018

Since Eschborn always leaves us a few extra copies, we are starting a small photo campaign in January. There will be a competition for the best Saab winter photo under the motto “Saab, Ice & Snow”. The most beautiful pictures will be awarded with a Saab-Parts annual calendar. A reason to take advantage of the possible snow conditions during the holidays and pull out your smartphone or SLR camera!

Saab readership ends

The countdown is running! On the 31.12. Our action ends with the exclusive Saab boarding files. The edition was limited and there was a blog post for every article published. Anyone who has something to say could use the holidays to resolutely reach for the keys. The closing date for entries is December 31.12st. Midnight. And of course we have prepared another huge surprise for our readers.

Saab boarding folders of our readership.

From the most read Saab stories you can choose the most beautiful in 2018. The author receives a huge Saab gift from us in recognition, which is definitely not suitable for smaller properties.

Curious; excited? Mark and I leave the suspense still something. The unveiling of our very exclusive surprise will follow next year.

We say goodbye to Christmas today and wish all readers, friends and blog supporters a good and peaceful time!

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  • blank

    It's very interesting to read what's going on around our brand, especially in the blog.
    I already suspect what the huge gift is. I've thought about ordering it several times, but have always rejected it. Definitely a great idea.
    All only the best for 2018!

  • blank

    ... it is much more annoying that the window currently installed in me after a rockfall has really bad small-area distortions. Unfortunately, this is the accepted state of the art - which you can see consistently with all premium manufacturers. Up until the window was replaced, I still thought: it was good that Saab (except for the 9000) did not have such windows when I was traveling in a third-party make and had a headache after a short drive. There are less and less tangible arguments to explain the constant grin when driving Saab.

    • blank

      Oh how I would like to be able to contradict the last sentence out of deep conviction ...

      But there would have to be corresponding SAAB new cars (plus complete spare parts and service). And all this continues in the above-average quality at the level of better times.

      No, it's true, the permanent grin is becoming more and more irrational ...

      But at least there are always new reasons. Other than before, that is (unfortunately) clear. We will never again have the feeling of driving a special, high quality and advanced new car with SAAB.

      But, after all, scarcity value and status as the exotic of our SAABs are (by necessity) growing day by day.
      The proportion of old and new timers in the actively moving SAAB fleet is growing year by year. The seats are sometimes superior to others and the kick on the accelerator of a turbo-SAABs still provides amazed for many astonished and in the rear-view mirror of the SAAB driver faces shrinking.

      Many SAABs are still everyday vehicles. This will hardly be sustainable in the long run and more and more SAABs will become second, third and fourth cars. Ergo to lover vehicles. That does not have to be bad per se.

      The reasons may change, but the grin stays! ! !

      Happy Christmas again.

      • blank

        The grin remains in any case, you have beautifully described why

        All Merry Christmas, all the best and good ride 2018!

  • blank

    Subject spare parts: my first 9-3 II combi windscreen was broken through a stone with a diameter of 12 cm from the truck and hit at 80 km / h - the following windows were all botch and a pebble was enough for the known cracks. Where else can you buy the original SG discs?

    • blank

      Your article clearly shows the quality of the windshields !!! Even towards the end of SAAB ...
      As always, it is the small parts that can have a big effect ... How nice that this incident turned out well !!!
      Continue good u. Safe journey in the SAAB!

  • blank

    That's really a lot of good news! ! !

    So many positive things about SAAB in the broader sense (the AB, Orio, Lafrentz. Actions of the blog etc.) ...

    Who would spoil the mood of FAKE NEVS? Certainly not anymore. A successful article at the end of the year.

    Many thanks for 2017 to the creators of the blog and all active readers, because the reader contributions and many a comment to read was always fun.

    All a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  • blank

    As the saying goes, lies have short legs. Nevs has even shorter ones.

  • blank

    I will no longer write and pronounce the specific name ... enough is enough.
    Thanks for the other positive year-end article. I was very impressed by the Kiel company! Hats off! This is SAAB loyalty and esprit! May the commitment be accompanied by loyal customers. The way to Kiel is worthwhile, not just because of the Baltic Sea ... 😉
    To all SAAB's Merry Christmas and a blissfully peaceful new year 2018!
    Here in the north, probably without snow ...

    • blank

      Hello mountain goat!
      I can only agree with that. You can not get it any better.
      I wish all Saabfans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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