2018. Start of a new Saab year.

The year 2018 was still fresh, but his start was not good. The check-engine light on the 9-5 of a good friend answered. Again and actually a constant since he owns the Saab. It started with a cable break, which was tracked down with much detective work in Frankfurt.

Saab calendar 2018
High quality pictures, high quality print.

Then, after weeks of rest, again the lamp and a defective ignition cartridge. And what is now? Well, the Saab is now 16 years old, but still an understatement car with a high level of fun. Especially since he got a stag performance cure a few months ago, he has become a kind of wolf in sheep's clothing.

It is the 2. January 2018, and because I still have holidays from work and blog, I'm going to Frankfurt. Some sense of responsibility is probably included. Because without me, my friend probably would not have been infected with the Saab virus. He might drive new cars instead of dealing with old Swedish metal.

Frankfurt is not really awake this morning. The access roads are free, the year is just beginning. Today Seat Germany is at home in the former Saab showroom on Carl-Benz-Strasse. The Swedes have retreated to the back of the area. At Seat, no one is traveling to buy new cars, at Saab Service Frankfurt are workshop and yard full.

The Saab emergency road. Service at a high level.

Because of a quiet start to the year. Welcome to the Frankfurt Saab emergency road! A Turbo X with reduced power, a 9-3 with a broken ignition lock, then our 9-5 with the check-engine message and a few more vehicles populate the emergency room. And that in the year 7 after the demise of the brand. Exciting is the level of performance. Our 9-5 limousine is diagnosed with a defective cat. That is, of course, in stock. After an hour and with a fair price, the Saab rolls back from the yard. Likewise the Turbo X. The wastegate is replaced, 300 Turbo PS can be used again.

That is service at a high level. For a brand that really does not exist anymore. Their cars are not serviced in palaces of glass, marble and steel. But of people who offer with heart and mind a service that is appropriate for a traditional Swedish brand. There is also something for the Saab soul in Frankfurt.

What heart? The Saab calendar 2018.

I discover the best Saab calendar in a long time. High quality printed, with great pictures of customer vehicles and cars from the collection Ratzmann. Saab pure, from the classic to the last models from Trollhättan. The pictures were shot in the Taunus, in the classic city and in the surrounding area. A spontaneous project, I am told. I mean understatement, because here too the level is high. The Frankfurt Saab calendar makes you want to buy the brand, it is available in limited edition for incredibly fair 25,00 € (Tel: 069-941 952 0). Some copies are still available.

With so much passion for the brand, combined with professionalism, you do not need to be afraid of the future.

And otherwise? During the off days there were some Saab handicrafts. The 9-3 Aero with the Viggen Body Kit finally got its cup holder, on Anna project Some improvements have been made. And then came a small package from the US with Saab parts. The content will interest mainly 9-3 II drivers. Details and reports follow.

In addition, our reports Fundraiser a pleasingly high participation. Our small base budget for 2018 is secured, the action runs until the 15.01. A report that also reveals something about the future of the blog project follows. In addition, we will be commissioning the reissue of the Saab license plate holder in January. Since we are planning minor modifications in the design, there will be a third variant. That can determine our readers, the January and everything around Saab becomes so interesting.

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  • Seeeeer cool calendar! All Saabists also a good start into the 2018er year!

  • All Saab drivers a happy new year.
    only for the topic; a defective cat has been diagnosed on my 9-5 also more often by OBDII, wars ultimately in profound investigation but never, it is still the originals in it. So far, the lambda probes, the turbocharger and bad-fitting valves were to blame. But not the cat. So care!

    • The lambda probe is new, so you can exclude. I think the diagnosis fits.

  • Great calendars. We have a birthday calendar with our Saab Club in Belgium. Also with great pictures of Saabs whose owners are with us in the club. A calendar that you can eternally etch, like the Saab itself

  • The Frankfurters are definitely a recommendation. Always my pleasure.

  • The calendar looks really good! ! !

  • I called Mr. Ratzmann in Frankfurt and picked up my calendar this morning. He is very successful. The blog post has triggered an "order wave". But a few copies are still available.

  • Hello.

    First of all, a healthy New Year to all Saabists.

    Congratulations to all 9.3 I owners and everyone else who has an 98 model for the Youngtimer status!

    My 9.3 has done it now, and is now considered a young age.

    And as with all old cars is always
    what broke. I still quarrel too, whether I let the worn out steering gear change, or continue to drive so long until it gets too bad. Luckily, I did not have any worries about the ignition box, even though you always read about it.

    In any case, the boy remains old on the street.
    Now all the more!
    After all, he compensates somehow for every visit to the workshop.
    And what gives more water to the mills, even if the Polish temporary help interested, curious and fascinating envious look at the gem of Swedish engineering, which stands in Cosmic blue in the parking lot.

    In this sense.

  • I'm reading from a deer cure at a 9-5 MY01? Is there again official line thrust for the first 9-5I models? Also for the LPT 2,3t with 170PS? On the HP of Hirsch yes nothing is offered for eternal days more ...

    • Hi Saab owl

      Yes, there is.
      For the 2.0 t, there are even two stages for engine tuning.
      Go to the nearest Saab partner, who will advise you the best way.

    • With a short call to Hirsch, it was not a problem. Asking helps!

      • Did not think that there are opportunities again. Had recently asked about 2-3 years ago, because you wanted or could not deceive the 2,3t (more) ... Thanks for the info!

      • update Hirsch upgrade:

        I've just received the message from Hirsch that there's NO way for the 9-5I 2,3t LPT 170 PS to increase performance. That was also my knowledge. So nothing has changed here. It may be that the 2.0t looks different, but with the 2,3t (B235E) nothing is possible anymore from Hirsch.

        The reason is that it is not done with a pure software update, but the hardware would have to be replaced. I think that Hirsch replaced the ECU at that time? Anyway, so good news for the B235E LPT driver ...

    • Just looked, for the 2.0t petrol Hirsch offers from MY '01 210 PS.

      And with discount. Fits so, or not? I can recommend it too!

      Have the BioPower MY '08. In the absence of E85, the performance data are identical
      with the 2.0t petrol.

      I can only say that in hindsight it does not seem like my SAAB
      at that time get an increase in performance, but rather as if he had been artificially ex works before
      been throttled ...

      Same hardware. Same consumption. A completely different car!

      The 2.0t of the 9-5 I is probably the SAAB engine at all, that of all SAAB engines with Hirsch software
      makes the biggest leap ...

      Could it be that GM artificially strangled the 2.0t, so that the Nordic Turbo the 2.0er suckers
      Opel (in the Omega) not too far away? ? ?

      It's a bit weird that SAAB out of 2.0 liters (900 Turbo) already got more out of it
      had and just in the big and heavy 9-5 a completely newly developed engine
      should have slowed down again ...

      Where is the progress? Where the Swedish thinking? Where the innovation?

      Anyway, be sure to stalk, adjust the rearview mirror well and ...

      ... grin, grin, grin! ! !

      • It would not be the first and only time that performance is throttled.
        Other companies have done that in the 2000 years too.
        And even at Scania, the 14 liter V8 was throttled from 500 to 460 PS to close the gap between 420 PS R6 and 530 PS V8.
        Everything is mostly software only and can be easily canceled with the right system.

      • Whether this really is to be understood as throttling, I do not know, but it served the cost savings. The B205 was delivered as standard by 150-205PS, with the appropriate software up to 250PS possible without major hardware modifications. The maximum is changed to the Aero charger for more reserves. So you just have to develop a motor for different stages of development. My former 2.0LPT only had 225PS / 350Nm with custom software.

        • But the 2.0t was in the 9-5 I but only in a single stage: namely as an entry and only with 150 PS.

          Above that came 2.3t and 2.3T. For a while, there was also a 3.0t V6 (then the so-called top-engine), but in terms of both power and torque even lagged behind the strangled / stalked entry-level engine or at best just reached it ...

          In consumption, he surpassed but easy. Where is or was the cost savings and with whom? ? ?

          To my knowledge, the V6 was a GM decision and purely political. The different versions of the real SAAB engines, depending on the SAAB model, possibly also?

          The Swedes would probably have coped well with their 4 cylinders and would have shown every Opel with V6 the taillights, if they had only what they could before GM?
          Or any MB or BMW with a Reihensechser ...

          • In 9-5 yes, but the engine was also known to be used in 9-3. Saab was able to cover quite a large performance spectrum with two engine variants: 150PS-260PS series and 310PS at the TrollR. That's a cost advantage if you do not have to develop different engines completely new and the power almost exclusively regulated by the software.
            It's easy to assume that in 9-5 simply more used to 2.3 or was believed by Saab. In the 9k there were both displacements and the strongest models had the 2.3er.

          • Saab also used 1992 on a 2.4 (sucker!) With 170 PS as the largest 4 cylinder and as a replacement for the 2.3i. The project was abandoned in favor of the 2.3 LPT but.

  • Unfortunately, I am only now to make a contribution to this topic, because in the last few days my PC caused problems.

    I can only confirm the previous comments about Gerard Ratzmann and his staff. In my previous 37 years of Saab experience, I have rarely seen such a competent and customer-oriented workshop as in Carl-Benz-Straße.
    In addition, a visit is always an experience due to the many interesting Saab models.
    The calendar mentioned by Tom alone is worth a visit.


  • The 2.4 vacuum cleaner that never existed in series supports the thesis. That would have been an expensive new development. Turning an 2.3i into an LPT does not cost much. Because the hardware fits. An acquaintance bought two xnumxi engine blocks for little money from Saab two years ago at the motor sales campaign in Switzerland and built at least one turbo. The block is identical. I had to change my cylinder head and piston or camshaft (from the turbo).

    • All right.

      To contradict the thesis that it would be better to generate different motors from the same block by means of soft and / or smaller hardware adaptations was also completely remote from the beginning ...

      But on the contrary!

      Just the fact that SAAB could get up to 310 PS from its 4 cylinders and still from the beginning and to last again and again V6 engines from GM with 3.0 or 2.8 liters (the factory only 200 ridiculous, 280 already a little better and last max 300 generated PS) with GM and in various bodies as so-called Toppmotorisierung (9000, 9 3, 9 5 I and NG, 9 4X) had to offer, I find very suspicious ...

      Where is the cost savings, if only with the gasoline 4 engine designs find use of which SAAB 2 (forced) had to buy? The diesel are still added.

      Here GM may have dictated a model policy that was due to a politically desired flow of funds into the US?
      For example, a mother of a raven can count a daughter brand into bankruptcy. Has worked well ...

      Only then did I want to go out.

  • I remember an article (I think that was even from Per Gillbrand), where the enormous development effort to achieve the exhaust levels of the vacuum cleaner was described. It was much easier with the software-controlled turbo.
    The measurements with London air or the exhaust gases of a Saab two-stroke engine led by an 9000 Turbo, confirmed the performance of the Trionic of that time impressively.
    That was way ahead of the times ...

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