New year, new project. NEVS works on the D1.

Under the project code D1, work on a new project has begun at Stallbacka. It could become the crucial project for NEVS, which is at an early stage. In a paid article of the local newspaper, CEO Tilk shared initial details.

NEVS 9-3 EV presentation in Tianjiin
NEVS 9-3 EV presentation in Tianjiin. Picture: NEVS

Project D1. Autonomous driving for DiDi.

The D1 project is being driven forward for NEVS cooperation partner DiDi. 30 employees in Trollhättan are involved in the development of an autonomous electric car, which is not a complete new development and based on the 9-3 EV. As of 2020, D1 could be produced in China as a hire and taxi solution for mobility provider Didi.

The new electric car is still in the starting phase. In the next step 70, then maybe 600 to 700 developers will work on it. If the first drafts client DiDi liked, and the project goes into another phase, then this could consolidate the relationship between NEVS and Didi. Because the partnership, and the possible entry as a shareholder, are still not secured. DiDi has commissioned several companies with the development of autonomous vehicles and has the choice between various hardware manufacturers. DiDi Chuxing has the last one financing round over a billion reserve and could solve the problems of NEVS with a sovereign grip in the petty cash.

NEVS 9-3 pre-series in Tianjin. Image: NEVS via Linkedin
New Year. Old problems.

2018 the startup in the stablebacka still plague the old problems. Liquidity is limited, bloodletting continues, and employees leave the company. The development and production preparation of the NEVS 9-3 EV project has since been completely outsourced to China. Swedish employees commute between both locations. They are working hard on connectivity and cyber-security solutions for the new vehicles.

The past year has gone better than expected, CEO Stefan Tilk stated to the TTELA. What could be a question of perspective. It could also be said that it was less catastrophic than it could have been. Because still the factory in Tianjin is not complete. The paint shop is missing, as is the bodywork. From summer 2018 the production of the 9-3 EV should start. NEVS expects 10.000 units in the current year, but without sufficient funding and without completion of the Tianjin factory, this is hardly realistic.

A possible solution would be a change in the shareholder structure, which indicates at the moment. Old shareholders could give their shares, new shareholders and bring in liquidity. DiDi Chuxing would be an option, but except one big performance in Trollhättan so far nothing concrete has emerged. DiDi has the choice, unlike NEVS. The global giant has the future on its side and can wait. But in Stallbacka the clock is running and everything could be connected to this partnership.

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  • So the drama goes into the next round. My wish would be that peace finally comes, stable conditions are established, and that cars are finally being built in Trollhättan.

    • So, it is, Potitive messages follow, but they never become reality. Again and again, something is not right.
      Franc troll; What you are saying here is a drama that hopefully will end soon and calm will return there in Trollhattan. But "rest" the workers can come to the good.

  • I interpret that as clearly negative.

    What does Didi have assigned to NEVS? And what does Didi have commissioned several companies?

    It is difficult to imagine that Didi, together with several companies - who can be assumed to have a self-interest if they want to play a role in this market - should completely pay for the development costs for autonomous driving.

    "Commissioned" probably means that Didi beckons with the option of cooperation, or with that, to order a significant contingent?
    That would mean that NEVS is clinging to the straw with a high risk to get the contract for a few taxis despite the competition.

    Didi can sit back and watch whether NEVS can do anything and what they may do, or whether you can let NEVS sit on development costs because the competition is more pleasant.

    And who, please, would like to put a Didi taxi in the underground car park under the loft or in the entrance to the villa?
    Then rather a strange hybrid or a burned, a more or less old SAAB or just a brand new Tesla,

    Should the bill for NEVS rise (the desired ideal case), one would have burned for the rest of the vehicle market. A few taxis. Great ideal. Great strategy.

    May the name NEVS be associated with SAAB as little as possible. More is not to be hoped for anymore ...

    • Hello Mr. Hürsch.
      That is how I see it too. NEVS has nothing to do with Saab, except that they took over the factory in Trollhättan and the contaminated sites. I do not associate NEVS with Saab. Saab is history. Unfortunately.

    • I would interpret it as a competition of hardware suppliers. DiDi say the concepts are there money, possibly a stake, and orders. It is of concern alone is the fact that NEVS is descended from unrsprünglichen goal of global mobility provider for pure producers of hardware. The chances of NEVS are, by Western standards, rather low. But China is China ... and who knows the political relationships of KJJ?
      The vehicles will never go to private customers. They are designed only for mobility providers. Something we have to get used to.

  • NEVS will probably never get out of project status.
    The last one turns off the light….

  • ... let's put it this way: without NEVS it would be quiet but then cars would not necessarily be built in TH. The question is whether the product idea of ​​NEVS is good, ... then there is money. Currently there are many interesting studies and product announcements (Byton, Honda, ...) consistently implemented so far only Tesla the e-car. Apart from the fact that I am skeptical about the services like UBER or DIDI UBER has annoyed Apple and they then joined with a few Milliönchen at DIDI. In short I still dream of the iSAAB!

    • ... I also something ("iSaab").

      It would be enough for me if my oller 2011'er could someday use Carplay again.
      Android is now possible since a short time, but the carplay is possible, I can also imagine in the future (unfortunately) hard.

    • Well. Maybe the Turks can do it with the e-saab!
      Even if one hears from the direction of nothing, I believe more of an Elekto Saab from Turkey, as to NEVS.

  • Hi Tom,

    The 10.000 units planned for 2018 are probably not all intended for taxi use only - or is this planned?

    NEVS should not focus exclusively on this taxi business in the longer term - e-mobility will also be more and more in the spotlight for the "normal" car driver in the coming years and there will continue to be a large number of cars in the world Private property. In metropolitan areas, the bill for DiDi + Co. could work out - in rural areas, I would prefer to continue my own SAAB / NEVS in the garage and therefore immediately available for any trips.

    • Yes. The vehicles, if they are ever built, should all go to mobility service providers. In addition one must know that in China there is a state-wanted movement away from the private possession of a car. First companies, including BAIC, have already made a self-commitment (!) From 2020 no more burners to sell to private individuals. The political will clearly goes to the mobility service provider. Whether this will be enforceable is unclear. But in the case of one case, the Beijing administration has always been quite pragmatic in the past and has corrected itself.

      • These are interesting background information.

        National "Internet" with national search engines and national payment services.
        And in future national mobility service providers with exclusively Chinese cars?

        Would fit into the picture (mine from China, I mean it) ...

        And it would explain NEVS strategy to work towards a single customer. In politically free
        Countries with a free economy would be a suicidal strategy par excellence ...

        NEVS has just become even more unsympathetic and indifferent to me.

  • The next technology recycler in the market, a little BMW, a little Tesla, ...

  • But what would be great in this whole NEVS misery, if ORIO would offer the front of the vehicle pictured here as a facelift possibility. I think that's quite successful (certainly from Trollhättan) AND she is finished. What I like most is the daytime running lights and the grille. Instead of closed course with grid and SAAB in the middle. That would be something! And not so out of place with some engagement and positive feedback from the community.

    • I would not like the much too long clip in the radiator. That should only be in the middle part.

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