Saab license plate holder. 2018er Edition.

Some things mature a bit longer. The blanks for the Saab license plate holder we had already ordered in August. Production should start in September, but everything turned out differently. Vocational projects and family had priority, the ever-short spare time shrank to a minimum together. The number plate holder remained once in the waiting loop.

Saab license plate holder
Saab license plate holder

In December they at least changed their location and have been stored in our print shop ever since. This is progress, and in principle we could give the go-ahead now. Two designs are being launched, with minor modifications.

There will be our “” version again. And the cult slogan “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls” is also coming back. What we are still looking for would be a third variant for our Saab license plate holders. Readers are asked here!

Saab has had quite a few catchy slogans in the course of the unfortunately too short history. “Find your own road”, “The most intelligent car ever built” and “Born from Jets” are just a few examples. We are open to all suggestions. What should be on our Saabs? We will accept suitable ideas by January 21. So the schedule is tight. In the coming week we would like to put the proposals to a vote, and production will then start at the end of the month.

The Saab license plate holders can be easily ordered by email. There will be no new shop system, we have finally said goodbye to it. We are flexible for that. Different labels can be mixed. The “” lettering can be on the front and “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls” on the rear. Everything will be feasible, as it suits personal taste.

But first we need ideas! It is from now on with our readers. We look forward to good, saabige suggestions, please by comment.

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    It's actually a bit chubby, but I still like the saying: "TURBO - everything else sucks!"

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    How about SAAB Lieber individually than conventional
    PS is still from the Saab 99er Werbng

  • Fully agree with Mr. Hürsch!

    Protected by trolls would be the very best.

    And if the front and back of the lettering would be a troll, it would be PERFECT!

    Others have
    a guardian angel.
    We have the troll protecting us and our vehicles.

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    Hello in the round!
    I think it's great how seasoned men go to great lengths for the slogan of a license plate holder. That must actually be “love” for our planes. At this point I would like to add a Swedish saying that I couldn't get out of my head after reading a report (probably even on Saab-Blog-Net). At that time, an American woman (or living in America) had the license plate holder of her convertible printed with the slogan “Jag älskar min Saab” (translated: I love my Saab) in order to express the bond with her aircraft.
    Since hardly any of us can speak Swedish, these prints are of course insider knowledge. Perhaps the above saying only made an impression on me. The commercial slogans such as “Born from Jets” or “Move your mind” are of course more memorable. Right next to: On YouTube, using these slogans as a search term, there are small advertising videos from the past few years that are really nicely done and entertaining.
    Long story short: My suggestion is:! Jag älskar min Saab!

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      Although I can not speak Swedish, I find all suggestions in this direction very likable.

      Be it “unbroken and free”, “I love my SAAB” or “SAAB - my real car” (each in Swedish, of course) ...

      SAAB has always been more of an insider tip than it would have been economically good and healthy. This is true today more than ever. One or the other Swedish slogan, the meaning of which I can just remember as an insider, is definitely a viable and adequate path ...

      The commercial and English slogans of yesteryear definitely no longer come to my mind today. Doesn't fit (unfortunately) anymore ...

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      I like it very much. A Swedish slogan would be very authentic!

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      If you don't have a husband / wife or children that you love, you can stick it on your car. Otherwise the saying is rather embarrassing - or you add “I am an objectophile” to it.

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        This criticism can also be expressed nicer and more factual ...

        How about a constructive suggestion for improvement?

        It is true that “love” spills over from the US in an undifferentiated manner and everything and everyone is loved, while at the same time the simple “liking” - a meaningful option to differentiate - is being pushed out of thought and vocabulary.

        One could have suggested it (liking) for improvement. But “objectophile” as a supplement? ? ?
        The love for your own children does not mean that you are XY-phil, right?

        In that respect, I find your comment more embarrassing than the suggestion of SAAB driver Higgens, on the
        You refer or the Canadian license plate holder, which in turn Mr Higgens
        relates ...

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    @ All: Thanks for the many exciting suggestions. We'll be putting the best ideas to vote next week! Other suggestions are of course until 21. welcome!

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    Saab (1947-2011) - unforgettable

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    ... would be fun too.

    Everything that was an official claim or sounds like it no longer fits the situation, I think.
    SAAB unfortunately no longer competes. But our SAABs are old, young or baby timepieces, depending on the MY.
    They are all irreplaceable treasures.

    • On my grounds, I can only agree with that, even if I omit "Hands Off": sounds too much to me after the tapped "..all others will be towed".


      .. somehow shows why our cars are still there, although "they have been broke for a long time", picks up on the "Made In Trollhättan By Trolls", and may encourage those who drive behind to think. Even thieves could be irritated ...

      (If it does not come to Saabblog, I'll probably have it produced.) Thanks for this suggestion, Mr. Hürsch!)

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        You are absolutely right, quite simply ...


        ... I like it better too. Less is often more.

        Without “HANDS OFF” the saying becomes finally ambiguous. Is the troll now anti-theft protection, even the driver's guardian angel, or does he busily keep the technology running? Or does he do it all together?

        Very good suggestion, well justified. I also thank you.

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    I have an idea too
    SAAB - more than ever

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    one of the last

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    SAAB - a little piece of Sweden


    Born from Jets

  • What do you think about:
    SAAB - the most swedish way to drive

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    How about: Design & Development made in Trollhättan.
    Also in Swedish ... ..

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    For me, once a SAAB for ever SAAB ”I have been driving SAAB since 1971 and I hope to be able to drive my trusty 9.5 for many years to come.

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    Okay, I still dare to suggest
    although I had embarrassingly galloped myself with my 1st comment before ...

    I think “Min riktiga bil” is cool.

    Or also: "SAAB - min riktiga bil"

    Perhaps the left and right the old logo with the twin-engine?

    No Anglicism and more of an insider. But who do you want to say anything about SAAB and what do you want to say? SAAB has become something for insiders. Whether others recognize value and quality, we did not care.

    Others now have 5 stars in the crash test and up to 3 turbocharger. But are they the right cars? ? ?

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    My favorite is "Born from Jets".
    "Move your mind" works too.
    The slogan "More than a Car" I find a bit tapped.

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      Gaaanz exactly! My opinion!

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    Good morning, I really like the suggestions. How about "Saab ... made to last"?

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    which I still would not like, in the past in Austria there was the frame move your mind on the left side and on the right side, since it does not exist anymore, would be instead right a new variant or?

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    I also find the slogan “Saab- Move your mind” very appropriate.

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    - Fucking GM… it's a SAAB
    - Move Your Mind - Saab

    - SpecialCar of Saab
    - Yes, its a Saab
    - Saab is not driven but enjoyed
    - Born from Jet - Saab
    - Saab - RIP
    - Saab - For ever
    - Saab for Life

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    The license plate amplifier in black we already have, the new amplifier, in stainless steel would not be bad either.

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    I would tend to Move Your Mind - Saab, the slogan fits more than ever

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      ... me too, although home is also good on long journeys, even non-Saab drivers know that!

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    are somehow all great ...:
    "Saab Move your Mind"
    "Saab - at home on long journeys"

    Greetings Thomas

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    “SAAB - Born from Jets” and the beautiful propeller plane in front of and behind it (wink of the eye) that's my favorite, front and back

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      Definitely my favorite too! Am a great friend of Airplane Heritage's! Second best: Move your Mind.

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    Saab - More of the same doesn't help

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    I think (even if it has to be legally requested) "more than a car" and, my personal fav
    "Move your mind". Everything without SAAB, that's it, is recognized or it makes you think.

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    from the late 80s:

    SAAB. At home on long journeys. SAAB

  • Hi
    If my memory does not deceive me, then when the great crisis began there was a slogan that was special for me. “Obruten och fri”. Unbroken and free. The brochures were sent by post with this slogan. Shortly before the final end. I find this slogan very apt. It also says something about the Saab drivers, who still proudly drive their Saab free of any mainstream. I even wanted to stick the saying big on the rear window. In Swedish. That arouses double interest.
    Saabige greetings

    • "Obruten och fri" is next to Herbert Hürsch's "Protected By Trolls" my absolute favorite, also and especially because he comes from the final decline in "freedom".

      Really great, actually an affront every SUV Mainstreamer and in the spirit of the unadapted Saab 99 / 901 CC!

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    SAAB - the better snack
    This is my suggestion but more important would be a shorter holder variant than 52cm

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    I join rob bruist: "Saab, made in Trollhattan- Sweden"

    I got original ANA from Trollhatten years ago .. maybe the sentence made in Trollhattan Sweden still in Swedish .. then it would be perfect!

    • But then it would be stupid if your SAAB was built in Nystad, Finland.

      You could make an extra variant for the Valmet Saab.

      • blank

        You're right.
        My current Saab, for example, does not have Trollhättan as its “place of birth”, but I still like to use the holder (and laypeople will not “notice it). 😉

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    So I think it's just good and sympathetic,
    that the blog (ger) takes the initiative and what offers ...

    I find alternative sayings and “improvement” suggestions rather out of place.

    Speaking of improvement, "Save - saver - SAAB" would mean "save - saver - SAAB" ...

    What would you want to say and whom? ? ?

    • Since someone has probably used the Google translator.

      The good translation is not good for!

      Because as in German, there are also words in English that have several meanings.

      Google shows you just any of them and mostly the wrong ones!

      • blank

        Unfortunately not,

        someone probably studied in England and also wrote his dissertation ...
        “Safety” means safety. The word “Savety” doesn't even exist on Google (at least I hope ...).

        But my main point remains another ...

        ... and I have to apologize and row back! ! !

        The reader call I had simply (cross) over. A third spell is explicitly requested. Sorry, for that.
        So your suggestion is certainly better than mine (no matter if it needs a correction or not).

        From here on I prefer to stay out of the discussion.

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    My suggestion would be:
    SAAB ... old Swede
    Best regards,

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      hehehe… has a joke - especially in 2018 ff…. 🙂

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    Can not we find a variant that depicts SAAB?
    SAAB - Simply All Automotives Best

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    "Saab Still Modern"
    "Saab always drives"
    "This Saab can always be seen from the back" "
    "Saab, wow he's fast"
    "Saab is still alive, in the heart"

    • blank

      ... I also like an idea with NOT English sayings.

  • Hello
    Years ago, I had a license plate holder printed on the internet at a Chemnitz company.
    On the 9.5 stands since:
    Saab The Swedish Passion.

    Also good would be:
    Save saver SAAB



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    Would be synonymous for the proposal of rob bruist. Simple, but anyone who looks, even connoisseurs of our brand are made aware of the origin. Fine.

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    I join Daniel, for me the most beautiful saying to Made by Trolls

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    Super new edition! I remember a few slogans:
    SAAB - simply the best
    SAAB - drive, drive, drive
    I have a dream - SAAB
    and my best: Fucking GM… it's a SAAB
    (I laugh because I'm tired of crying)

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    Or just SAAB turbo

  • blank

    "Saab, made in Trollhattan- Sweden"
    A variant stop without “Trolls, because the residents of Trollhattan (unfortunately) no longer build the car either :-(

    • blank

      Has something. I like it very much.

      • ... but all the cars that are still being driven were built by “trolls” 😉

        • I agree 100%, even if half of my Saab comes from Finnish trolls ...

    • .. it is true that "the residents of Trollhättan (unfortunately) no longer build the car", that is, the "Trolls", but unfortunately Trollhättan no longer builds Saab either, any more than Sweden does, so after this justification it would only be "Saab , made "left over ...

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    Hello everybody…

    I think, as suggested above:

    "SAAB - Move Your Mind"


    "Ready for TakeOff"

    very nice.

    Greetings from Oberhausen,

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    Moin Tom.

    Very nice idea !!!

    ... I also like the slogan of the well-known stickers:
    “SAAB… more tha a car” (also in the appropriate font).

    On the other hand, I unfortunately find “the most intelligent car ever built” a bit out of date. 😉

    I still have the old, beautiful “Troll sign holder” on my 2011 (and earlier also on the old 9-5 SC arc).
    I think they are even better than the current ones!
    (because I'm not really a big fan of the “planes” in the holder; and “strangers” can still do something with Saab as a car, but they will certainly not make the connection to airplanes).

    • blank

      “Saab… more than a car” belongs to the Orio. You would have to ask if we could use it ...

      • blank

        Oh, too bad ... didn't even know that it was “protected” (but of course makes sense).

        Is the “happy driver” somehow (still) protected by anyone!?!?!
        I find him very sympathetic (and also slightly “quirky” - just really SAAB)! 🙂

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    "Saab ... move your mind"
    Would be my favorite

    • blank

      ... that's good too! 🙂

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