Saab license plate holder. Poll!

The enormous response to our Saab license plate campaign surprised me. Many good and original suggestions came from among the readers. That doesn't make the selection easy. What is certain is that Saab is still a very special brand. And that Saab drivers identify with their vehicles and it doesn't matter what is written on the license plate holder.

Saab license plate holder
Saab license plate holder

In addition to the classic, well-known slogans, there were also some real surprises. New, innovative-humorous combinations, or even sayings in Swedish. They would make license plate labeling a real insider matter. Which of course would have a very special charm, because Saab owners are a small, quite sworn community.

Of course I have my own personal favorite. He will not be betrayed (yet), because the readers should decide without any influence. Before we put the top 10 suggestions to choose from, here are a few answers to questions that have been asked about license plate remake.

We have more and more international visitors on the blog, who also got a taste for a saabiges license plate. Unfortunately, we get from the manufacturer at the moment only frame suitable for German EU plates. In addition, a short version for small license plates was asked. It comes, but not immediately. We clarify with the printer still the minimum circulation.

Even with the new edition, we will remain true to the previous system. The advantage: The strips are interchangeable with the previous license plate holders. If you enjoy it, you can change to a new slogan without having to unscrew the entire carrier. And unfortunately, there are the printed strips not individually, but always only as a kit.

But now to choose from. The following suggestions were shortlisted, and it was really, really difficult to make the selection.

Our top 10 suggestions:
  1. Saab ... move your mind
  2. Saab ... more than a car
  3. Saab made in Trollhattan- Sweden
  4. Saab ... Old Swede
  5. Obruten och fri
  6. Protected By Trolls
  7. Saab - at home on long journeys ...
  8. Saab - Born from Jets
  9. Saab - min riktiga bil
  10. Saab - the most swedish way to drive

The last day of voting will be next Sunday. Then there is fine-tuning for the final design, and the license plate holders go into production. Have fun!

Which Saab license plate holder should be produced?

  • Saab ... move your mind (21% 76 Votes)
  • Saab - Born from Jets (21% 76 Votes)
  • Saab ... more than a car (18% 65 Votes)
  • Protected By Trolls (8% 30 Votes)
  • Saab ... Old Swede (7% 27 Votes)
  • Saab made in Trollhattan- Sweden (7% 25 Votes)
  • Obruten och fri (6% 23 Votes)
  • Saab - min riktiga bil (4% 16 Votes)
  • Saab - At home on long journeys ... (4% 14 Votes)
  • Saab - the most swedish way to drive (2% 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 361

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16 thoughts on "Saab license plate holder. Poll!"

  • Very nice, too …

    “Knulla dig GM” would have been a good suggestion (and my favorite) in time ...

  • I once read a saying: “knulla dig, jag kör en Volvo”

  • Ditto with me!

  • The same is true for me on the rear window: En bil fran SAAB-ANA Malmo-Lund-Trelleborg-Eslöv

  • Everything does not work, but the requirements are too small. But: There is still a small remaining stock with turbo bars there!

  • No “turbo” version from the action at that time? 🙁

  • Is this really so?

    Most Volvos of the same vintages look old earlier than a SAAB.
    You could often justifiably speak of an “old Swede” when it came to a new car ...

    For example, the 1990, which has been produced far into the 240, was still on the small modifications
    actually much too small chassis (narrow gauge and short wheelbase) of the already featured in the 1950ern Amazon.

    SAAB had the 2 at the same time. Generation of SAAB 9000 on the market. An aircraft-inspired, state-of-the-art driving machine with a modern look and modern interior that still looks amazingly contemporary.

    Who has a really old SAAB that also looks old or old-fashioned? Let's leave this saying to the Volvo drivers ...

    For SAAB is more "timeless" than "old" ...

  • Really exciting here. Looks like a close decision, equal to 3 favorites

  • Two ideas about this: aren't 'real' license plate borders the best? There was once from ANA, the Swedish quasi-Saabwerk branches, labels such as 'ANA Trollhättan'. Unfortunately it doesn't exist anymore, but when I visited two years ago I got (free, 'it's commercial' !!) borders with the inscription 'ANA Motorcentrum', which now adorn my 2004 9-5. Maybe something could be done there in the next edition. Or, for example, 'SAAB Stockholm' is not bad either.

  • Old Swede is old Swede ... no matter which ...

  • But isn't “Old Swede” the favorite slogan of Volvo drivers?

    I had a decal on my 9.5 with Old Swede until two years ago and had to hear several times that this is a slogan of the Volvo driver and not at all to Saab fit.

    Now he even comes in the shortlist.
    The world is funny!

  • @ AS and Saabansbraten,

    I think you should postpone the fine-tuning behind the vote. Otherwise you could maybe improve other sayings?

    Where is there a meaningful start, where is a meaningful end? ? ?

  • Unfortunately, I'm too late for the proposals, just come back from the US.

    A slogan back then for the 9-5 (II): “Everything except ordinary”, interestingly now also adopted from the classic city of Frankfurt.

    Doesn't have to be Saab - Slow ans always Broken - seen in the USA

  • I would add three dots to the “long distances at home” after the “home” - because it symbolizes continuing, continuing, “we continue”.
    And: I think with a 'SAAB' before the saying itself there would be more interested parties.

  • “Old Swede - SAAB” might be better

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