Briefly noted. New Saab book. Meeting at the edge of the Alps.

There is a real big thing to buy in Sweden. A new Saab book is now on the market that tells the complete story of the brand from 1947 to 2011. The journalist Peter Haventon was allowed to use the archive of the Swedish Auto Motor Sport, to which he wrote new texts and shows previously unpublished images.

Saab book from Sweden
Saab book from Sweden. Image: Egmont Verlag

The result was 380 pages of stories about a unique car brand. Unfortunately, and you will have to live with that, there is no English version. A translation is not in sight, and I doubt whether it will ever come. A real reason to put your good intentions into practice and finally start the Swedish course.

The book is also available at the Saab Museum Shop, which you can help with your shopping. In addition to international shipping, pickup is also possible on site. A good opportunity to visit Trollhättan and the museum on the next visit to Sweden.

Tom`s Saab meeting on the edge of the Alps

Between Irschenberg and Mangfall takes place on 16. June a Saab meeting on the edge of the Alps. The organizer is Thomas (Tom) Hartmann. He has again prepared a strong program, with a mix of alpine hospitality and an exit through the beautiful Alpine region.

Registration is until 31. March 2018 possible, participation is free. The program of the exit is here for Download ready.

New task for Mattias Bergman

Mattias Bergman spent around 5 years at NEVS, most recently as CEO. At the 12 JULY 2017 he announced his departure, there is no successor until today. Since then it has become quiet around Bergman. Some appearances in Sweden as adviser to his former employer had to be reported, now he has found a new job.

Bergman continues to work on sustainability, now as a member of the Executive Board of Cleanergy AB. Cleanergy is headquartered in Gothenburg and has a branch in Beijing. The investors behind the company include the Wallenberg family. We wish Mattias Bergman every success in his new professional challenge.

Door handles from Trollhättan

Automotive innovations keep coming from Trollhättan. Inxide AB will supply NEVS with new door handles made of advanced composite fibers. The manufacturer speaks of a weight saving of 40% compared to conventional metal door handles.

Inxide AB is a small, innovative Trollhättan company that has been operating since 2012. Like some other startups, it benefits from the Saab environment and the wealth of experience of previous Saab employees. The new door handles will be manufactured by a partner in China and will be incorporated into the new NEVS electric cars that could be rolled off the line as of summer 2018 in Tianjin.

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    First and foremost, the publisher and the author must agree or grant licenses.

    Rather, a dissemination of the translate variant would be illegal!

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      Of course, that's the way it is. I know a journalist who does a lot of translations of Swedish publications. Maybe he is interested in such a project. I will ask him if he would like to contact Egmont. The hopes for a German edition should, as already written in the article, but please not be too big.

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        Would order a copy in advance if it helps. Maybe some Saab lovers will join in and also order 1 (or 2) copy. You can already print short runs at a reasonable cost today.

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          It all depends on how you define the printing costs ...

          A DU (printing document) must also be created. Usually a PDF. Presumably the layout of the original was created in Adobe's InDesign (ID). Then the DU was exported from ID.

          The way to a German edition (whichever edition), would first lead to a consent of the author and publisher, then a translation into German and finally about the sentence of the German text.

          You would also need the original ID file as well as all other originals (image files) included there. So also the consent of the photographer (s) involved ...

          If the text and image authors and the publisher did not want to give them out (which would be understandable), the only option would be to insert the German text in Sweden into the original ID (in the existing layout) and create the DU in Sweden ...

          In short:
          Yes, the printing costs are actually no problem. The advance but already.
          The is quite expensive, communication and cost-intensive, if not all parties immediately scream HURRA to work for Nix or to be generous with their rights to text and images.

          In other words:
          It certainly does not depend on the printing costs or the order of one, two Expl. (Copies). Unfortunately!

          (@ Tom) If - as if by a miracle - the above conditions would not be a hurdle, I would even create a German DU. A few voucher copies and the book in my personal SAAB library would be rewarding enough for me.

          PS II
          (@Kinglouis) The hopes for a German edition I would not hang too high. A book about a Swedish niche product is not predestined to be a bestseller in Germany. The highest hurdle (s) is - as I said - neither financially nor organizationally with the pure printing costs ...
          But I wish it was that easy. A great book that the Swedes got there!

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            Thank you Herbert. Follow updates on topic!

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    You have a sense of humor! Do you think Tom is going to collect donations again, I think he's glad to have got the blog funding for 18 together. If I'm already reading: ... the saabblog and Orio ... My bet against it, in all friendship.

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      How right you are !!

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      The bet would be won hereby.

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      Light up right away.

      And yet, maybe a bit infantile, but what a spirit, right?

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    @ all previous speakers,

    wow, you definitely have SAAB spirit in your blood ...

    I would have expected any comment (after reading the article). Something derogatory to NEVS or the (light) door handles or whatever ...

    But never with 3 financing commitments (in a row!!!) For the translation of a new SAAB book. Could I Swedish-German on the level required, I would herewith immediately offer a translation for half price.
    Unfortunately I can hardly speak Swedish ...

    Anyway, again hats off to all previous speakers. And also in front of the book. As far as you can measure it here, it looks incredibly attractive.
    Is it also the first new release since it is clear that the chapter SAAB Automobile is finally completed?
    Is this the first book on the complete, automotive SAAB saga? ? ?

    That would really scream for translation. And even very loud ...

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    Yep, would be there too! evt. Can the Saabblog with Orio something aufgleisen (fundraising, sponsorship ect.) For a translation!

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    A translator would have to be able to get on reasonable terms.

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    New, hopefully ultimate Saab book only in Swedish? That calls for a German translation project. What does this cost? I would take part - others here too ...

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