My life so far with three 96 oldies

Shortly before the closing date, I would like to describe a few rather unusual stories that have happened to me during the last 37 years with my previous three Saab 96.

The day of my second birthday, April 2017
The day of my second birthday, April 2017

First Saab 96, built in 1977:

The first own Saab, bought at the age of three. Unfortunately, a nasty roster, which was processed after 8 years the first time with the welding torch. The antilop brown of the body graciously covered some rust ...

1990, when once again welding was necessary in the front floor area, happened the first unforgettable story: A new employee from the ex-GDR, who started her career in our company two weeks earlier, wanted to partout with this sheet metal to make a short jaunt. I'll never forget the face when getting in. Take a seat - slipping with your feet - disbelieving expression - nose up for the smell of burnt paint - and then laughing loudly with the commentary in the enchanting Saxon dialect: "I thought that such crazy people only over there was ... "A western car as a moving construction site in the supposedly rich west was probably very surprising ...

This first Saab 96 was also the first with an 8 cylinder V engine that sparked a lot of attention. Ok, one of the engines worked normally and invisibly under the front hood. But the second one was all the more noticeable. It was the original engine, which was replaced by the reconditioned engine in the car and which somehow had to be brought back to the engine supplier.

The trunk was a few numbers too small for the V4, so grabbed the roof rack and lashed this engine firmly on the roof. 100 kg roof load were allowed and on the few kilograms more that the engine weighed, it did not matter anymore. My buddy had a funny idea for this transport: A propeller was quickly attached to this engine, somehow the history of Saab as an aircraft manufacturer had to be demonstrated to the ignorant fellow human beings. Unfortunately there were no digital cameras at that time, not only the V8 would have been interesting, but also the faces of the oncoming drivers. Thankfully, no police patrol was on the way.

The day of my second birthday, April 2017
The day of my second birthday, April 2017
Second Saab 96, built in 1978:

Already much better paint quality, he came from Finland, where at that time more emphasis was placed on quality than in Sweden.

Unfortunately, this 96 was abruptly eradicated in the year 2007, when a eingepennter SUV driver chose me as a victim. At that time my guardian angel protected me, the lightning-like evasion of the oncoming lane and the stability of the body from serious injuries, maybe even before the accidental death. Since then I hate all SUVs ...

The third 96, when buying in Sweden, May 2017
The third 96, when buying in Sweden, May 2017
Third Saab 96, year of construction end 1979:

Tom 2012 has already released one here Driving and photo report in the blog. During the then test drive with Tom, I embarrassed myself to the bone. Everything went well on a level track, but on the first Spessart slope the engine stopped in the middle of a confusing bend.

After 10 seconds stay on the roadside, everything went back to normal, as it went downhill. I did not find the solution to the problem until weeks later: Apparently, I did not pay attention in the physics class at the time, when the "secrets" of the communicating tubes were treated. The mini-skirts of the classmates in the 70er years were just more interesting. Anyway, I laid a gasoline hose between the tank and engine so stupid that a U-tube was made just before the carburetor. This obstacle could overcome the newly assembled electric fuel pump with normal power requirements, but not when more power was needed, so on a steep mountain route.

The second, more or less funny, event then last year, during the Drupa trade fair in Dusseldorf. Of course I had to take the 96 280 km from Langenselbold to the wheel with the 96, the trunk full of tools of all kinds, which ultimately proved to be a wise decision. One day during this fair I wanted to visit a Saab-Spezi in Castrop-Rauxel (the XNUMX scene knows this nice person for sure).

But I did not make the calculation with the later installed by the previous owner electronic ignition. In the middle of a busy feeder road to the fairground was nothing more. Horns, threateningly flashing - and cursing - Audi drivers, shaking their heads, no pity. So with locked freewheel and pickled first gear on the sidewalk and hopping in the fair outfit, so in the white shirt and other, unfit for handicrafts to look for the cause.

Two Saab 96 at Wettenberg, Golden Oldies., 2017
Two Saab 96 at Wettenberg, Golden Oldies., 2017

The cable break was quickly found on the distributor housing, but in the trunk was only a carburetor, an alternator and other useless stuff, no substitute distributor.

Unfortunately, at that time all the buses drove past my accident site, including many of my work colleagues. When I arrived at the booth by taxi, the laughter and the ridicule of the company car driver was great, "we knew that you would lie down with your old cart". Also, the combination of suit and relatively dark-colored, oil-smeared hands was quite unusual and incomprehensible. So here too compassionate shaking of the head.

But there was a nice colleague who gave me his car. So the same evening on to Castrop-Rauxel. Not only the reunion with Dirk was as always cordial, he also gave me a distributor with normal break contact for the night installation on the way. Another proof that Saab freaks help each other.

In Dusseldorf against 23 clock arrived then started in the pale light of a street lamp and a flashlight, the change to the replacement distributor, which also aroused the interest of two police patrols. Especially the handling of the flashing light of the stroboscope in the middle of the night was a bit unusual. But against 2 clock at night, the 96 ran again. Bring the rented car back to the hotel, walk back to the 96 and then finally to bed after a long shower at 5. The result amusing for my fellow human beings on this new day of the fair: clean hands, but a tired, but satisfied face expression.

These were little stories about some problems with the 96s, but with some knowledge and suitable tools or spare parts, compared to today's electronic bombers, they can be solved easily by yourself. Otherwise, every trip with this last 96 is a source of joy that always puts a smile on your face.

Thanks to Uli for his Saab Story! This is one of our exclusive Saab boarding files on the journey. Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday trip, a restoration or another event in life with the cult brand from Trollhättan?

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    While reading, I thought of one of the enjoyable fantasy stories ... which also caused a lot of joy and a smile ... but it seems to have been "bitter serious"!
    The article was "healing": I don't get an oldie !!!
    I will never (!) Screw / change etc.!
    Nevertheless, I find the service rendered extremely noteworthy and shows more than clearly the heartbeat to SAAB!
    Thanks for the article. Have a good trip ...

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      There are also very good arguments FOR a classic car ...

      In fact, the article already contains all the sources of error that are likely to be the cause of 90% of all classic car breakdowns. Often it is the fuel supply that was misplaced or not renewed in time (brittle hoses). All of this (connectors, hose clamps and yard goods) are penny items. Errors in the ignition system are even more common. This can also be easily restored to new condition for little money and already consists of half of inexpensive wear parts (candles, breaker contacts, runner and cap) that should be changed regularly ...

      The rest (ignition coil and cable, maybe the distributor itself) doesn't cost the world either. If you consider a few sticking points, then you have a fairly reliable daily driver for little money - without any loss of value and with an incredibly cheap insurance ...

      Let's not forget that the article 37 Jahre (!) Deals with the SAAB 96.
      I've broken down just as often with my 9-5 chrome glasses ...

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    I read both with pleasure.
    This reader report as well as the linked toms of the 3. March 2012.

    Thank you!

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