Saab license plate holder. The result.

The readers have chosen. And we have a problem. The vote was exciting as three Saab slogans went head to shoulders. Among them the advertising slogan of the Orio and 2 well-known advertising slogans from the time, when in Trollhättan still cars were built.

Saab license plate holder
Saab license plate holder

There are 2 winners in our election

There are two winners, because "move your mind" and "born from jets" are on the 1 with the same number of votes. Rank. That's something we had not experienced in 7 blog years in the polls. What to do? Loose, dice or add 2 variants in addition? The consequence was - after a brief reflection - clear: We print, quite grassroots and as requested by our readers, both slogans.

Timetable our timetable looks like this: Today we have the well-known license plate classics with "" and "Made in Trollhattan by Trolls" in order. The license plate holders will be available in the next few days and can be ordered with them. A separate order page with availability, prices and an extra email address, we set up on the weekend on the blog.

Saab license plate holder vote

Please do not order in advance! We have received several orders in the past few days to various mail addresses. That is certainly meant nice, but not purposeful and provides us with only more effort.

For "move your mind" and "born from jets", there will be design proposals from our in-house print shop in the coming days. The readers then have the final choice and can choose their desired design.

At the end, there would still be the question of which slogan I would have liked. To be honest, I would have preferred a saying in Swedish. That would probably have been too special and too insider. The license plate action but should make the readers fun. And it does, as the result shows. We're showing the flag with cool Saab slogans, and that's the way it should be!

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  • 30. January 2018 at 2: 01 PM

    Hi Tom,
    nice action to make our Saab vehicles more distinctive. Please all holders with Saab emblem and the two aircraft from the front similar to "Made in ...."
    Thanks and Regards
    Cooper One

  • 30. January 2018 at 3: 21 PM

    How little things can make you happy, thanks Tom.
    So wait for the order option .......

  • 30. January 2018 at 5: 54 PM

    That's what I call truly grassroots democratic.

    If it were a federal election, it would end up with SAAB - BORN FROM YOUR MIND or some other nonsense. Just the very clear will of the voters.

  • 31. January 2018 at 5: 45 AM

    Hey Tom, so the "born from jets" license plate holders are already available at eXXy, made in Poland. Since one enters fast, also priced, in competition. "Our" variant should in my opinion already something different, which raises questions again. Maybe as a splash of color on the right and on the left a small flag of Sweden would be nice (to compare the successful holder of the Gothenburg colleagues look - made by sweden). Would it perhaps be possible to print the text on the Formac strips, which really have many of us on the vehicle. Then you could switch easily depending on your mood and mood: Saab Car Museum, ANA Trollhättan, ... Just as an idea ...

  • 31. January 2018 at 8: 26 AM

    🙂 is a great result! But our cars need two holders, can be mixed then? So for those who have only one SAAB. For me it is rather ergal ordered two sentences and then mixed! 😉

    • 31. January 2018 at 9: 36 AM

      Sure, you can mix when ordering as you like. Finally, there is a selection of 4 different labels

  • 10. February 2018 at 8: 43 PM

    Hello people,

    human children I am happy !!! Just bought a second SAAB today.
    Since I do not have to decide between the slogan then between two ....



  • 13. February 2018 at 4: 21 PM

    * Freu * Even if my Saab does not drive at the moment, I'm really looking forward to fitting one of these Send license plate holders on my 95!
    I do not know if I'm just stupid instead, but I can not find the order page yet?

    • 13. February 2018 at 5: 53 PM

      We are waiting for the delivery of the printing house. Only then can you order.

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