Briefly noted. Saab & Bremen Classic Motorshow and more ...

Today the Classic Motorshow starts in Bremen - not without the brand from Trollhättan. Because at least one 2 tact Saab has landed in Bremen and holds the flag high. Yesterday, the classic from Trollhättan was stylistically transported with a 9-5 NG on the trailer to Bremen.

Saab 9 5 NG and Saab 96
Stylishly transported. Saab 9 5 NG and Saab 96.

At the Classic Analytics stand, the Swedish cultural heritage will be in until Sunday Bremen to see in the hall 6. For Saab classics, there is a stock of vehicles that should not be underestimated that serve as a "cold reserve" in garages and warehouses. In the Greater Frankfurt there are some of them, but the most exciting collection is likely Josef Zabel have.

A Saab 96 from the Zabel Collection

From time to time he separates himself from vehicles, and they enrich our roads. A beautiful Saab 96 in "Verona Green" now has Robert from Team Wagenheimer acquired. With their Saab 99, the brothers were sporting on the Histo Monte and the Hamburg Berlin Klassik last year. The 96 is Saab number two and may soon be admired at historic motor racing events.

The 96 from the Zabel collection is very original, in a great condition and completely unused. He now has his new home in the south of the republic. Congratulations from the blog team!

Two Saab meetings in Switzerland on 24. February

From the central Switzerland comes the reference to a Saab meeting in ACE Cafe Lucerne, The cafe is described as small, comfortable and recommendable. In any case, this day is all about the Saab brand.

Saab Meet Lucerne

But at the same time, Switzerland is the traditional one Swiss Fondue Meeting instead of. Already to 8. Time, and the appointment overlap is certainly unhappy. For the Swiss Saab scene the challenge now arises to show presence in both places. At least if you look at it sportily, which will certainly be the case. The organizers of both meetings have definitely earned many Saab visitors, and Saab riders in Switzerland are spoiled for choice this Saturday.

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  • 2. February 2018 at 8: 06 PM

    Hello Saab friends, yes I've seen. Like it a lot. Built with great attention to detail.

  • 2. February 2018 at 9: 32 PM

    What a great picture - 9-5 NG with 96 on trailer!
    That could be used smoothly for a poster.

  • 2. February 2018 at 11: 08 PM

    The 96 is incredibly pretty. The NG too. And of course the 99 has its own qualities ...

    Again an article / an announcement on the blog, which is also noted with pleasure, if you do not feel personally addressed (because neither Swiss, nor time for Bremen).

    But there are the great pictures for everyone. Also very good. That's fun.

  • 3. February 2018 at 11: 27 AM

    According to AutoBild, there is another 900er Turbo in Bremen for about 13 000.- €.

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