7 years Saabblog.net. And what it does to us.

Anniversaries run according to a well-established scheme. You celebrate, knock on your shoulder and confirm yourself how great everything went. The inevitable look back must not be missed ... .and then you go on.

7 years Saabblog.net

It's not that trivial in the case of the Saabblog.net project. 7 years are behind us, and the blog has seen a lot - and the readers with him. Maybe he did a lot, and maybe he also influenced and changed the automobile life and everyday life of one or the other reader.

I have to admit that it has had a lasting effect on my understanding of mobility. Not as it was expected at the beginning. But, influenced by the not happy development in Sweden, in a different way and a new direction. I admit, I changed the cars quite fast some years ago. 2 or 3 years maximum, then a new model was due. Was there a facelift at Saab, which was rarely the case, then I wanted it. For that, the share deposit was looted and the money was joyfully carried to the Saab partner.

And today? A therapist would say patient healed. With the withdrawal of Saab new cars, which are no longer exist and give, the purchase request is extinguished. Not complete, but in consequence. It's not that I would not like one or the other new car. But when you look at the price tag or the leasing rate, the interest goes out. A Mercedes is not a Saab, a BMW either. An Audi would never come into my house, and a Porsche is at most highly enticing. But no Saab.

The shares remain in the custody account, the money in the account. The cars in the hall remain the same, and the holding time increases and rises. 6 or 7 years are average, and the trend is upwards. You could call this lived sustainability what Saab and the blog do with me. Maybe that's how it is, and at a certain moment you realize that Saab driving is slowing down life.

The topic of new investment is off the table. The challenge of "conservation and substance maintenance" is, if you plan it sensibly, budget-friendly. One starts to smile inwardly when neighbors pant from one lease to another. And you suddenly find yourself outside, beyond the consumer circus.

Is it good? Safe for the environment, for me it is at least relaxing. I have to admit that happy, external circumstances come to that. The mega-topic of digitization spontaneously rediscovered by our political parties in the past week has been changing my professional life for several years. More and more is being done on the web, the classic on-site events are being reduced at breathtaking speeds. A business car that I've been thinking aloud about on the blog before 2 years ago is no longer on the plan. Instead, it will be rented on time if needed. About a large car rental, which has the advantage of having access from anywhere and being able to drop the car anywhere.

The result? You drive with different makes and is still happy when you sit back in a Saab at the end of the day. A soothing analog car, without Lane Keeping Assistant, without collision warning, without admonition to keep the speed and so on. But just a place without influence by the cloud. One of the places that is getting rarer.

I find myself liking the old Saabs more than the newer ones. I prefer a 9000 to a 9-5, an 9-3 I to a 9-3 II. Back to the roots? Remember? Maybe ... Accepted is what makes you happy.

What's next? The blog project goes into the 8. Year. With that, Saabblog.net is online much longer than I ever expected. It is, and I have to say, no life project for me. That I will eventually pull the plug, is considered for me as agreed. The only question is when. The project, and that's the fascination of it, lives and does what it wants. It controls itself, through external influences. By listening to what people tell me about Saab, about Trollhättan and the history of the brand. How they live with Saab in the present and what Saab does to them. That Saab is part of her life for many, and more than just a car, is a fact.

Maybe the blog makes the life of some readers a bit more colorful, sustainable, relaxed. Then a lot would have been achieved and I would be happy!

In this sense. Happy birthday, crazy Saab project!

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  • 9. February 2018 at 11: 01 AM

    Congratulations to the entire Blogger team!
    The previous articles were amusing, informative, curiosity awakening and critical. Wonderful!
    My aero is history ..., unfortunately. The mind was the decisive factor. But with that, I also had a new unknown "problem", as Tom describes it so aptly. Which make is then in the carport?
    Well, the solution is found, but I'm not satisfied. It is like it is. I'm coming dry from A to B.
    Is not SAAB.
    I can understand many things in the current article very well: Consumption reduction :-), relaxed life, sustainable thinking, annoyed by peepers of all kinds etc.
    Yes, the blog has done something to me, even that I write (!), Because otherwise there is virtually nothing on the net ...
    The blog has clearly emotionalized for SAAB, which makes me happy. Fun and good mood, the (all) day nice. I enjoy it!
    Thanks for these 7 years!

  • 9. February 2018 at 11: 06 AM

    Hello Tom, congratulations to 7 years of passionate and profound reporting and once again a big thank you to the whole team for that. The block and the great community are the lifeblood of our saabige passion and for me indispensable. I hope the thought of quitting is still far in the future.

  • 9. February 2018 at 11: 26 AM

    Hey Tom! For the thought of once stopping to write your great comments, you should start to scourge yourself! It is unheard of and outrageous that you want to pull the "plug" at some point.
    From where else should we increase our goat on SAAB, without indulging your informative and great reports? So - stop by guys and keep us happy with the blog! With kind regards from Bamberg.

  • 9. February 2018 at 11: 33 AM

    Continue writing as long as it's fun! I have enjoyed almost every article so far, a day without a blog is a day where something is missing. 7 years would be a goal again. Thank you!

  • 9. February 2018 at 11: 47 AM

    Best wishes for your birthday! And pull the thing with the plug? Well, everybody knows he will die someday. Nevertheless, one tries to live as long as possible in the best of health. I wish that both the blog and its "makers" !!!

  • 9. February 2018 at 11: 51 AM

    Saab connects.
    Empathy, culture, driving life-joy has always promoted the brand and that is what it needs to get!

  • 9. February 2018 at 11: 59 AM

    So Saab is always fun. Thanks to the whole team! We are all infected by Saab, and I have already infected people with the Saab virus. Driving sustainability Saab is simply unbeatable and makes you even more in a jolly mood. I repeat myself, but I will drive Saabs until no more mobile cars can be found. I hope so many people are like this.

    • 9. February 2018 at 4: 12 PM

      Fully agree!
      I am also one who will drive Saab all his life.
      Especially those from the 90ers are just awesome!
      And as long as it is somehow I chauffeured a 90er years Saab!

  • 9. February 2018 at 12: 32 PM

    Congratulations to the 7 years. And thank you, that the blog still exists. Unfortunately, I discovered him only last year and I am very sorry that he has not enriched me for some time. It's great to see that Saab is still moving so many people. I really hope that the plug just can not be pulled ... ..

  • 9. February 2018 at 12: 49 PM

    Hi Tom,
    Now I like to read the blog again and again, from time to time I see parallel to me and my Saab.
    Mine is in the garage has about 45.000 km on the clock, is only moved in good weather. Model year 2006. It's an 9-3 convertible, which I exchanged 6 years ago for my old post-yellow 9-3 Saab convertible where 200.000km had already been sold. But miss my old Saabine, the new is no longer a Saab, but just. Well, I also have the feeling that when I'm driving on my "Saabine", it's just the right car in the world. That's why I only drive you to Saab meetings.

    The reason why I drove a Saab is the 1984 drove a Saab in a Mercedes S-class in the trunk, at a red light in Munich, I would not have seen this collision accident myself, I could not have said whether the Saab drove into the Mercedes At the Mercedes, the bumper could be found behind the row of seats. At the Saab the bumper was a bit dented, As my father said the best in Germany is a Mercedes, then nothing will come for a long time and then this brand Saab comes at most a Volvo, these are the most stable cars in the world. So I knew at some point I'll buy a Saab, in Germany that was out of the question, because you drive a German car, now I'm almost 20 years in Switzerland and drive since then Saab. Here with change numbers with a German car. That's the way it is.

    So many greetings Thorsten

  • 9. February 2018 at 2: 15 PM

    Hi Tom,

    Congratulations to the blog anniversary!
    I read the articles for almost as long - and I am happy about each one: lived SAAB spirit :).

    And I can only agree with everything else: The maintenance of existing buildings is gaining more and more weight
    I'm looking forward to the coming article - and a goodbye.

    Warm, sweet greetings

  • 9. February 2018 at 3: 44 PM

    Hi Tom,

    a nice article about seven years blog - congratulations!
    That the SAAB story will take this run once, seven years ago, no one would like to think.

    I was never a fast car changer and when I bought the last 1998 CSE at the beginning of 9000, it quickly became clear to me that it would stay with us as long as possible. It's now 20 years. The 902 convertible came before 16 years ago.

    After the end of the slanting tail (9-3I), no modern SAAB has given me more real buying stimulus. Kaufreiz then emerged only at the end of SAAB, when I thought I had to equip myself for the future. But it was the OLD again. So came a second 9000 for everyday use five years ago and the Talladega coupe as a fun mobile in the December 16. In addition, there is now a large shelf in the basement - has better than need!

    All this would have but without the blog and the car dealership Lafrentz in Kiel certainly not accepted these proportions. The great events and the nice people we met there are always fun and that must be kept alive!

    Life with the old SAAB is completely relaxed! Somehow they do not age. They are still more suitable for everyday use than some new cars and you can appear everywhere with a well-kept old SAAB.

  • 9. February 2018 at 4: 18 PM

    Dear team, supporters of the blog and readers,

    What Blogger Tom describes here as "very much" and cause for enjoyment (if it had been achieved), the blog and its supporters have achieved quite loosely in EVERY CASE. Rather more. At least! ! ! At least that's my perception.

    A big thank you and a happy birthday.

    Blogger's own observations on the declining interest in new cars and the growing appreciation for older SAABs I certainly do not share here.
    The location of such self-observations as a whole, that is, within global technical, economic and social developments, is something to which I am unreservedly attached. Also this probably no exception, but rather zeitgeist. At least here!
    In this respect, the blog, supporters and readers are far more than interested in one or this brand. Very, very far. May the larger (and exciting) context help to move the train (also mentioned today) on the plug to the St. Nimmerleinstag ...

    In addition to thanks and congratulations, that is at least my urgent wish.

    High he should live and long he should live! ! ! Three times high.

  • 9. February 2018 at 6: 31 PM

    Dear Tom,
    Dear Blogger Team,

    I can not believe that 7 years have passed!
    You have given me, and certainly the Saab community, so many insights, awakened the joy of driving our cars, and the will in us to keep our Saabs running and keeping alive.

    For that you deserve praise, thanks and appreciation!

    Please keep going and you should not even think about plugging!

    All the best and love from Vienna and to many more exciting and interesting 7 years!


  • 9. February 2018 at 10: 51 PM

    Dear Tom,

    Thanks for the great 7 (seven) !!! Years and the great work you and your team have done to maintain our love for the old Swedes!
    I also nurture and care for my 4 Sweden and can not imagine driving another car ...
    Think about this with the plug - it would be a pity about the Saab Spirit, who lives not least through this blog!
    Keep on Saabin '

  • 10. February 2018 at 12: 51 PM

    Dear Tom, Thank you very much for the blog and the very profound article on the anniversary, which has dealt with me several times in his consideration of sustainability in discussions with my father and friends in the past. I drove my last Saab 9-3 I Convertible for 9 years and then sold it to a Saab fan, whose 900 II Convertible had already run 490t km and now wanted to buy a "new" 187t 9t km 3t. My replacement: an 2001 9-3 I convertible with 83t km, which I intend to drive for the next 10 years. Nice side effect: friends recognize one in the unusual car over such a long time always and greet ;-). With all contacts to other Saab drivers (mostly because of spare parts, but also with the friendly regards) I am always positively surprised how much a spleen can weld together and that with a always very friendly handling.
    I'm looking forward to more years in the Saab and hopefully many more years here in the blog.

  • 11. February 2018 at 12: 18 AM

    Happy Birthday Saabblog.net
    I was a convinced BMW driver until the 2011 descend from Saab. I followed what happened to Saab and came across the blog. My urge to drive a car of this small sympathetic brand got bigger and bigger. At the beginning of 2013 I bought my first one. Tom gave me good advice as a career changer. 2013 added a pair of chrome glasses for my wife. My dream has always been a 9-5 NG, which I then fulfilled last year. Well, I can say it all seriously without the blog I would not have come to Saab. I think it's a pity that there is no production anymore (we all followed it here) but I never regretted choosing Saab.

    • 11. February 2018 at 12: 22 PM

      A nice SAAB story and biography. And so closely connected with Tom.
      Hopefully the plug stays in the blog for many years to come.

      Again, high and long he should live!

  • 11. February 2018 at 12: 04 PM

    Hello Blogteam,

    Congratulations and a big thank you for the time and effort. But it was worth it! This blog has done a lot for the brand SAAB has given a voice where others have long since fallen silent.

    As much as I can understand a certain typing fatigue, this forum should still be a focal point for all "Saabists" in the future - in whatever form.

  • 14. February 2018 at 9: 01 AM

    Congratulations on the day of honor!
    My "car consumption" has also changed over the last few years. In the meantime, I could even imagine - if the infrastructure is suitable - that I no longer own a car and use sharing offers. It is sometimes exciting in which directions things can develop that previously seemed unimaginable. But now I'm looking forward to the start of the season ...

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