Short message. Dongfeng and Trollhättan fantasies.

One of the positive things about the Saab era is that Trollhättan was able to maintain its importance as an automotive location. Although there are no more vehicles on the Göta Älv off the line, but the city has become more international and interesting. Contributed to the many Saab spin-offs that make a startup as a career.

Saab signpost

One of the most interesting and likable is T-Engineering. The startup with Saab roots became 2012 to 70% of Dongfeng taken overIn the meantime, the Asians have also bought the remaining shares. The small, fine developer troupe is growing year after year, but has not forgotten its origins. On the website There is still a Saab pictured, and a lot of emphasis is placed on the Swedish heritage and legacy of the traditional brand. Today, 100 employees are involved in development, and more are to come in the future. Dongfeng has announced 2018 wants to invest another 7 million € in Trollhättan, 20 further jobs are to emerge.

Dongfeng is serious and calm.

The announcement would almost have gone down if Dongfeng Motor Corporation did not have its international plans for the next few years in China at the same time vorgestellt, The export initiative is rolling and China's largest manufacturer wants to become active in Europe and North America. 3 new assembly plants are planned, and 3 new sales organizations are to emerge to 2020. 2018 will be sold to 4.5 million vehicles, including 80.000 electric cars.

There are no details yet, but the route is clear. 150.000 vehicles are expected to go to Europe and North America every year until 2020, and maybe Trollhattan plays a role in that. In contrast to NEVS, Dongfeng has been reputable and calm in Sweden for many years. There were 3 years ago Rumorsthat Dongfeng could join NEVS. The denial came quickly, and Dongfeng made it clear at that time not to be interested in the production in the Stallbacka. But in the long term to Trollhättan as a location.

The times have changed. 2018 is not 2015. Europe and North America are now ripe for the attack of Chinese manufacturers. Geely has delivered a masterpiece with Volvo, London Taxi, the possible entry into Daimler and the acquisition of Lotus. NEVS, on the other hand, show how it does not work. And NEVS, so is the current state of affairs, 2018 will dance the final final dance. Liquidity is missing, Didi's entry is more fiction than reality. A business model can not be recognized, one's own name has been ruined with relish, the white knight with the plump checkbook is not in sight.

Speculation. But also perspective.

My thoughts on Dongfeng are speculative, Trollhättan fantasies. More on idea, hope and perspectives than based on facts. One thing is certain: Trollhättan and T-Engineering play a role in Dongfeng's long-term perspective. Because the developers with Saab roots work in the only investment outside of China that is not a joint venture. It is 100% owned by Dongfeng.

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  • Very insightful, thank you Tom! That was the status almost 2 years ago ...

  • When design Hyundai has risen strong, no question. But it still lacks this long-term gene that distinguished Saab Design. The i30 is fashionable, but the design has a short half-life. For me, despite Fastback, no alternative.

  • Since we're in Asia, what do you think about the new Hyundai i30 Fastback?
    I think he also got some Saab genes.

  • With luck we will experience it, Tom.
    And I sincerely hope that you are right and I only give phrases or pessimistic estimates here of me.

  • Maybe someday there will be one here?

    At least I had sworn to that after the demonstration car. After all, a 9000er and a 9-3 I (both sucker) and last a chrome goggles (finally a turbo) then actually become reality.

    The 9000 Aero still doesn't get out of my mind. That thing was good, really good! Almost a curse ...

  • Of course, thank you! ! !

  • There is an informative one PDF from Switzerland with the current parameters that a BMW collects during the day so. Should read if the topic interests.

  • The bar is higher today. The best example is the new Volvo XC 40. A Geely platform under Saab influence. An interior, again with ex-Saab Influenz, which is the smartest in its class. This is the current level, with which one would also have to expect Dongfeng.

  • The 9000 Aero would probably be the better therapy. Above all, he does not ruin the purse, the SM already. An 9000 Aero, or a CSE with a corresponding control unit, is still addictive today. And above all, the rarer and the more stylish, the older he gets. I can only advise.

  • Nice that I'm not completely wrong ...

    But it's a pity that it's the way it is. Fortunately, this is also always topic. Especially the last article (7 years and what it does to us) has strengthened me in this point of view. By itself I would not have come up with it.

  • Hello Mr. Hürsch,
    that is definitely the case with data collection. I can only confirm it completely. A friend works in development for a German car manufacturer and can tell you a lot about it. We “normal consumers” have no idea what is already possible today or what happens. is already done ?? !!
    But that's not the only reason why I will only drive Saab vintage cars in a few years' time.

  • Okay, then I said (almost) nothing.

    Who here would not like to dream that something like an SAAB could come from Sweden again?
    Between a new SAAB and us, however, there are not only economic realities, but increasingly also national legislators or the EU ...

    My modest information comes from the ÖR and not least of this blog itself. Before this dream is fulfilled, it is more likely that of a Citroen with Maserati engine. Or the one of a 9000 Aero younger model year. Also one of my (so far) unfulfilled dreams.

    At that time I only had the pleasure of a test drive. And it was lastingly impressive. Otherwise it wouldn't come to my mind a quarter of a century later. But if she comes ...

  • Hopefully not your own!
    I saw DongFeng trucks at the IAA. The quality was worse than the Russians! That's why they buy from the Chinese competition.
    I think that it will remain a development location for the time being.
    For Trollhattan it would of course be great to revive the auto industry. I just don't really believe in it. The markets in the USA and Europe are already highly competitive. And other Chinese manufacturers haven't really got their feet in the door either. See BAIC or SangYang.

    We would all be disappointed if suddenly cheap poorly processed plastic bowls with sheet metal casing would come from Trollhattan without any style and cutting!
    That could harm the obituary of Saab.

  • @Herbert Hürsch

  • Your assessment of the data octopus, I fully share!

  • Not yet known. The plans, which are curious in the Chinese media, do not give any concrete information.

  • Of course, the Trollhättan fantasy is about the hope that Dongfeng will continue to invest and Trollhättan could become the European hub for Dongfeng in the medium term. Gothenburg is European Geely HQ, in the case of Trollhättan I am a local patriot and full of hope.

    For the work it looks bleak at the moment. But hope is always. In North America, Chinese electric car startups are buying old, decommissioned GM factories and modernizing them. Why should not there ever be a miracle in the Stallbacka?

  • Short message - good news!
    Sounds good, what can be read on the WWW page of T-Engineering!
    And welcoming a visitor to the SAAB 9-3 is wonderful. They still stand for SAAB DNA. May the further personnel recruitment contribute to the further prosperity of the company in Trollhättan!

  • Which DONGFENG car brands should be sold in Europe & North America in the future?

  • I can't see from the article that cars from Trollhättan can be expected there ...

    Much more likely to be jobs in Trollhättan and former SAAB employees. That would already achieve a lot! Alone from old attachment to the trolls.

    It should also not be forgotten that the legislature is placing itself more and more vehemently between us and the cars we are used to and like. SIM card and cloud are mandatory. The state, manufacturers and insurance companies want full access to personal data and driving style ...

    That's exactly what sounded here on the occasion of the 7. Blog birthday already on. The used cars, young and old timers have probably never had such a rosy future as today. Likewise, the workshops that take care of such treasures.

    In any case, any new car can be stolen from me if it has to subordinate itself to the zeitgeist and legislator (s).

    And unfortunately they all have to, no matter what their name is ...

  • There are so wonderful design studies. such a face of the 9.3 he would be sensational

  • Impressive, there is the whole Saab Timeline with Trionic development etc. to find. No China chatter and eternal sustainability fantasists like NEVS, but just hard facts. Sympathetic company, with clear SAAB DNA!

  • This company has more saab in it than NEVS ever had. Maybe someday there will be another production in Trollhättan. The name on the car would not matter to me then.

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