SAAB dates April 2018

It is time. The season starts in April. Single pieces and lovers Saabs may finally on the street. The garages, carports and halls open and many a piece of jewelry enriches the streetscape. And to be honest, every Saab has a double place in the tiring SUV monoculture and is a statement of style and taste.

Saab Aero X. Can he take the road? Absolutely, if we had something to decide.
Saab Aero X. Can he take the road? Absolutely, if we had something to decide. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

There are many round tables in April, and thus an excuse to take a few extra kilometers under the wheels. Have fun!


Stammtisch Münster

We always meet on the first Monday of each month at 19.30 p.m., in the Pizzeria Lido, An der Germania Brauerei 4 in 48159 Münster


60. Stammtisch Cologne-Bonn

We hereby invite all interested Saab drivers to the regulars' table meeting! We always meet on the first Thursday of each month from 19.00 p.m. in the ASADO Restaurant & Bar, Baumschulenweg in 51107 Cologne-Königsforst

The steak restaurant is conveniently located on the A3, exit Königsforst.


SAAB friends Erftkreis

Club evening every first Friday of the month from 19 p.m. in the Landgasthaus Schlösser, Parrig 1 in 50171 Kerpen


Stammtisch Stuttgart

SAAB classic car meeting & Saab regulars' table is on Friday, May 13.4.2018th, 19 from 30 p.m. in the Motorworld im Wichtel in Böblingen. We Saab drivers around Stuttgart meet again:
On Friday 13. April 2018 from 19: 30 clock

In the Böblinger house brewery Wichtel, Graf-Zeppelin-Platz in 71034 Böblingen

If you feel like it, just drop by. My handi / Whatsapp: 0172 8502696, just ask the operator for “Saab”.


Stammtisch Ostwestfalen Lippe

We meet every second Saturday of the month 15: 00 clock in the restaurant Bartholdskrug, Hellweg 6 in 33813 Oerlinghausen

10.Treffen at SAAB Service Höbold

the legendary meeting in Bitterfeld / Holzweiss goes into the tenth round. From 10: 00 clock it starts at the SAAB Autoservice Höbold, main street 60 in 06808 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

SAAB Club North

The next Saab get-together in 2018 is scheduled: We will meet on Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 19.00:53,6 p.m. at LUSTIS 10 GMBH & CO. KG, INDUSTRIESTRASSE 22869 in XNUMX SCHENEFELD, Homepage:  Parking is available on site; should it nevertheless be tight I assume that we can park again on Dirks in the immediate vicinity located company premises (Industriestraße 4).



Stammtisch Osnabrück

Our regulars' table is as usual on the 3rd Monday of the month from 19.00 p.m. Gasthaus “Busch” in Atter, Eikesberg 51 in 49076 Osnabrück


Stammtisch Rhein - Ruhr

We meet every 3rd Tuesday from 19:30 p.m. of the month in the Hotel & Restaurant “Am Kreuz”, Ernestinenstraße 116 in 45141 Essen


Stammtisch Koblenz

We always meet for the regulars' table on the last Wednesday of the month in 56191 Weitersburg in the Wüstenhof from 19:30 p.m.

Stammtisch Giessen / Marburg / Wetzlar

we meet every last wednesday of the month ca.19: 30 in Fernwald-Steinbach in the restaurant Edelweiss (in the townhouse)


Stammtisch Karlsruhe

We meet every last Thursday in "even" months at 19pm. This time not in Carl's tavern, but in the Purino, Am Schloss Gottesaue 4 in Karlsruhe


Stammtisch SAAB Friends Lippe / Niederrhein

we meet every last Friday of the month from 19:00 p.m. in 46487 Wesel - Brüderich, Rheinallee 30 in the hotel - restaurant "Wacht am Rhein"

27.04. - 01.05.2018

Spring departure Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg
on the extended long weekend of the 27. April to 1. May we want to go through the resin heights with our little darling. Steep little roads, dark forests and interesting places are on the program.
further information and registration with Sabine and Wolfgang Pritsching (0170 / 599 14 96)
SAAB meeting BI / OWL

Hello dear Saab friends, April is here and it is now time to announce the date for the meeting this month .... We will meet - on recommendation from our circle - on Friday, 27.04.2018 from 19:00 a.m. in the “Alten Krug” in Helpup, Bahnhofstrasse 1A, 33813 Oerlinghausen - Helpup, Tel .: 05202 4034



Stammtisch Hannover - Braunschweig

Because after Easter is yes Confirmation season, the next table order is only on 29.04.2018. As always at 15.00 clock for coffee in the Kreuzkrug. The Kreuzkrug is conveniently located at the junction B214 / B188.


Stammtisch Rostock

meets mostly on the last Monday of the month in the brewery house "Zum alten Fritz", Warnowufer 65 in 18057 Rostock


Do you have a regular meeting, a club night, a meeting or a Saab event planned?

We like to publish! Please send your Saab appointment to: appointment (sa)

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    What a fantastic photograph!
    When will the Saab Aero X become reality ???
    Possibly. also “only” as AERO x ??? 😉

    Would definitely be worth a sleepless night!

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    The Aero X is a dream! Can't nobody put a small series of this designer piece on the road? It would be nice if it could also be called SAAB. Oh - it will probably remain a dream ...

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    What a picture ! ! ! Again ...

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