Saab & snow. First Saab pictures!

Our wintry Saab photo contest runs until the end of the month. The first photos have landed in my mailbox and I am thrilled! Because so subliminal stood with me the question in the background, how cool the Saab driver actually are? Do they guard the rolling Nordic cultural heritage such as garage gold? Or is it allowed to get out into the snow?

Strawberry in the snow
Strawberry in the snow. The grandfather of all upper class Saabs. Picture of Florian.

The answer: The readers are cool. Very cool even, because the first pictures show - from the classic to the last icons from Trollhättan - a life in the great outdoors. An example is the superclass of Saab. Florian plows through the snow with his 9000, the grandfather of all the big Saabs. Followed by the 9000 CSE of Matthias, the 9-5 of Ivan and the two 9-5 NG of Vojtech and Eduard. The big Saabs show that they can handle any weather.

A Saab wants to be moved. No matter what the weather, regardless of the season. The first submissions we show today. And we hope that the photos are an incentive for the readers and that even more great pictures find their way into my mailbox!

We want even more Saab pictures!

Our promotion runs until the 28. February, then is the deadline. As always, here are a few legal and technical references. With the submission, the sender declares to have all rights to the image. At the same time he agrees to a publication on the blog and possibly a reprint in the Saab Inside, the customer magazine of Orio Deutschland GmbH.

The images should be high-resolution and be at least 1280 x 850 pixels. Larger image formats are an advantage, smaller submissions are not considered. Please send the pictures to the following e-mail address: foto (ät) Please only one picture per sender!

An advantage, and to ensure the quality of the images, is a transmission with Wetransfer, The service is free, and up to 2 GB of free data should be more than enough for a great Saab photo. The pictures come, in contrast to email shipping, guaranteed in the original quality with us.

The preselection of the best photos meets the blog team. The final selection, and with it the award, will be done by our readers as always. We wish you lots of fun and look forward to saabige winter pictures!

6 thoughts too "Saab & snow. First Saab pictures!"

  • And again: cool pictures on the blog!

    My favorite so far are the silver NG (good perspective on the [nice] car and a gorgeous monochrome winter picture) and the strawberry in the snow ...

    In terms of winter pictures, unfortunately, I have to fit. Here (Berlin) there is nothing ...

    There is already frost at night. In the morning you have to scratch (of course) and think of the Calix plug. But with light you just have a dirty SAAB - without winter and at plus degrees ...

    I had even considered watering the SAAB at night so I could shoot a cool picture with a beard of icicles in the morning. But you also have to think about his sleep ...

  • ... here with us in the "lowlands" is unfortunately no snow ... ;-(

  • I also want to make such beautiful snow pictures! Does anyone happen to have a snow machine on offer? Otherwise it will not work!

    • The snow will be the challenge. There were a few days, there was a chance

  • Come all in the Harz here is still plenty.

  • That's gonna be pretty nasty torment!
    I can not even decide on my pictures, which is the best.
    And if I see the pictures above, it goes on!
    The 9000?
    The 900 in the forest?
    The 9.5 NG?

    How should one decide?
    They are great!

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