Saab & snow. More pictures!

Are Saab drivers snow savvy? After all, the cars come from the land of snow and ice. And a Saab was designed to work reliably where other brands give up. An enthusiasm for snow seems to be anchored in our readers too. Otherwise we wouldn't have such great pictures, some of which are quite extreme.

Saab 9 3 X
Saab 9-3 X by Simon on the Gubel in the canton of Zug

There Marco is traveling with his Saab in Lapland. The fact that there is a Saab under the snow can only be seen at the second or third glance. And Saab collector Josef Zabel has done it again. He was in Sweden and bought an 2014 Saab Aero. His second, this time with manual gearshift. And because the child is still very present in the man, he raged through the snow with the Saab.

That the front-wheel drive from Trollhättan got stuck at some point ... for free. A Valmet tractor makes Josef and his Saab mobile again. The fun was huge! Just like the pleasure we have with the many pictures of our readers. There are more in my mailbox that we will be presenting in the next few days.

And it is not over yet, there is still the chance of a publication on the blog and on the win of saabigen prices.

We want even more Saab pictures!

Our campaign runs until February 28th, then the deadline for submissions. As always, here are a few legal and technical pointers. With the submission, the sender declares that he owns all rights to the image. At the same time he agrees to a publication on the blog and possibly an imprint in the Saab Inside, the customer magazine of Orio Deutschland GmbH.

The images should be high-resolution and be at least 1280 x 850 pixels. Larger image formats are an advantage, smaller submissions are not considered. Please send the pictures to the following e-mail address: foto (ät) Please only one picture per sender!

An advantage, and to ensure the quality of the images, is a transmission with Wetransfer, The service is free, and up to 2 GB of free data should be more than enough for a great Saab photo. The pictures come, in contrast to email shipping, guaranteed in the original quality with us.

The preselection of the best photos meets the blog team. The final selection, and with it the award, will be done by our readers as always. We wish you lots of fun and look forward to saabige winter pictures!

3 thoughts on "Saab & snow. More pictures!"

  • Thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

  • The cover picture (9-3 X) is hit-suspicious.
    Also nice: Hakans NG in a Swedish winter idyll. Or simply but good, Jan-Erik's grill ...

    SAABs and snow, just beautiful!

    Despite sub-zero temperatures, the snow in Berlin is unfortunately a long time coming. Until the 28th this will unfortunately be nothing on my part ...
    But anyway, I prefer to watch the SAABs that I want more than the one I currently have

  • Really great pictures, big compliment from my side! That makes you want SAAB!

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