Pilots wanted 2018. Registration open!

Already to 3. Sometimes the car dealership Lafrentz invites, in cooperation with the Saabblog team, to the big Saab 9-5 NG meeting in Kiel. Saab 9-4x pilots are also invited this year, which will make the event even more exciting and exclusive.

Pilots wanted 2018
Pilots wanted 2018. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive: saabblog.net

As in previous years, the meeting spans 2 days and takes us through Kiel and the maritime surrounding area. The participation for friends of the last big Saab is free of charge, as always, and an exciting program with several special features awaits the guests. We say thank you to the family Lafrentzthat makes the meeting possible. Registration is open from today!

The Saab base in Kiel serves as the home airport and starting point. Since the locations are unfortunately limited, the number of possible participants is also limited. As in previous years, overbooking is possible; participation will only be confirmed by an email from the organizer.

The registration is up to the 6. March possible, confirmations of participation with instructions for arrival and overnight we ship from the 12. March.


Program (provisionally) Pilots wanted 2018 - Saab 9-5 NG meeting in Kiel.


Boarding Time

12: 00 Clock: Our check-in counter at the dealership Lafrentz has opened.

  • Coffee, snacks and a welcome package await the Saab pilots.

Saab dinner

18 p.m .: Departure for dinner together.

  • Enjoy the evening together with like-minded people.


Pilots Breakfast

10:00 am: Small, Swedish breakfast in the dealership.

  • For participants arriving on Saturday, we have opened the check-in desk.

Pilot's Flight

11: 00 clock: We start in the Kiel area.

  • Saab and sea and a new perspective on the Kiel area. We drive to Roadbook along the coast.

Pilots Coffee Break

Our Saab flight takes us to coffee and cake.

  • Where Saab Talk and regional treats await us.

17: 00 o'clock: Return flight to the base, farewell of the participants.