Saab Marketplace. Do we need Saab classifieds?

Not every project leads to success. The art of failure is to learn something from it. We close today, after just over a year, our Saab Marketplace. It started well at the beginning, but I was never completely satisfied with it. The reason is less due to the lack of interest of the readers, but more to technical inadequacies of the software.

Saab Marketplace

The Saab Marketplace closes

The usability and the administration were never enthusiastic. What meant work for Mark and me after every update was frustrating for the readers when creating an ad. A few weeks ago the decision was made to end the project with the current software. So we're closing today.

The fundamental question of whether Saab classifieds on the blog would be useful, I still answer unreservedly with yes. I see it as a future issue, with cars getting older and older and a small, fine community. Of course there are many ways to place advertisements in various portals. From Ebay and Facebook to various forums and car portals. The basic idea was to get something Saab exclusive off the ground. Visible to everyone, without restricted access, and most importantly, easy.

After the Marketplace is in front of the Marketplace

The usability was unfortunately not kept simple, which ultimately caused the project to fail. I learned from it. The test runs in the background with other software packages that are easier to use and more up-to-date. So I would like to try it again - with a restart in the coming days. The goal is to launch software that is easy to use and that enables readers to create ads without detours. And that should be a free offer for all Saab drivers.

This can only work if there is a certain interest behind it. How do the readers judge the topic? Are free, running on a German server Saab classifieds desirable? Or is the topic already sufficiently covered by Ebay, Facebook, Autoscout, Forums and Co? Opinions and contributions to the discussion are required. The opinion of the readers will decide whether we dare to reboot.

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  • If the new marketplace should be present and well to serve, then I am very much for something to offer here again.

  • Classifieds regarding Saab would be ok

  • Yes, there is the 1. German SAAB-Club eV!
    And admittedly, in the years before 2016 it often looked like not much was going on there. But: Since we (the new board member - Tobias, Jens, Alois and I) took over in July 2016, a lot has happened. After we got the IntSaab 2017 in Dinslaken behind us, which I think is very good, we go to work full of energy.
    Most notable is the club's newly launched 24.02.2018 website ( - by the way with "Marktplatz". When it comes to “reproducing” parts that are no longer available, something is happening at the European club level, but that still takes some time.
    Saabige greetings, Michael.

  • How about if everyone sets their Saab or parts where he wants and here only the link is published on a platform. A search feature on top of that and it would be perfect.

    • Difficult. I do not believe that there is a software that automatically supports this without much effort.

  • Certainly the importance of a SAAB-specific marketplace will increase in the future. I do not know the SAAB club scene well. But is it possible that there is no SAAB Germany club of importance?

    At least my impression is that the scene is more decentralized in the form of regulars' tables and regional mini-clubs. And that a lot (sometimes even beyond Germany) converges here on the blog?

    That seems to me expandable and above all future-promising. It would be nice if there was a central (and virtual) location that a SAAB driver could keep in all aspects

    In my opinion, a community with as few members as the SAAB community would be well advised to create a central platform. Ideally, this would be “all-encompassing” and, in addition to a car and parts market, would also include what the blog is already doing very intensively or at least marginally.

    Meaning, there is news but also technical support (similar to a forum). Such topics, such as the chassis of a 9K or better braking with the NG, are here indeed plenty broached.

    I myself pointed out in a reader's comment ("Better coupling") to the NG brakes that the AERO clutch of the 9-5 I 2.3T is compatible with the two weaker 4-cylinder turbos and can also be installed there.

    It would be just too good (to be true?) For SAAB drivers to have a one stop shop for searched cars, parts and technical tips online.

    And if Orio is attentive, maybe we would all benefit? Orio could save one or the other part, production and storage costs also. In the future, the SAAB drivers would simply get all the optimum, no matter which suspension, which brake, which engine and which clutch they originally had.
    A shrunken but optimized parts catalog could help both.

    • There is a large (?) German Saab Club. Its website is already very antique (or analogous

      • Sounds a bit like I don't have to feel too bad about being neither a member nor having any knowledge of the club ...

        In fact, I feel a little better with this info. Thank you ! ! !

        On the other hand, any commitment to SAAB or the SAAB drivers among themselves is welcome. Personally, I cannot compete with anyone who has made more than a few comments in this regard ...

        I did not want to be disrespectful of anyone either. It was just such a thought that a central page for the community could be beneficial to the bottom line.

    • I think the thought games above are very tempting:
      Quote: That seems to me expandable and, above all, promising. It would be nice if there was a central (and virtual) location that a SAAB driver could keep in all aspects.

      When I see a blue jar of cream, I think of ..., yes, NIVEA! 🙂
      When I see a green beer bottle with a green label, I think of… Beck's beer.
      The above examples are certainly more.
      When I think of SAAB ... I think of my friendly dealer, if he doesn't know what to do next ... 🙂 🙂 THERE are tips that will help me! 🙂
      Therefore, it is essential to continue operating the shop! The shop can develop potential! Can also be a good address from a qualitative point of view ...

    • Dear Herbert!
      Thanks, I can only underline that!

  • The forums are 80er years style. They make for people beyond the hardcore fans no desire. The blog has more reach and more readers. So for that.

  • There are 2 German-language forums (in which classified ads can be placed), as well as ebay, ebay classified ads, Facebook ... I think there are enough platforms for advertisements, it is confusing enough as it is.

  • I am absolutely pro marketplace because as a spare parts searcher I have to rely on the sources or providers. I am always happy to receive tips from experts. I find them here more than on Ebay & Co. Dubious providers or prices would probably be exposed much faster.

  • I think the market is a good idea, but it must also say that this was hitherto very hidden and too cumbersome.
    If the Saabblog wants to raise something: must be very simple, without a big registration, very present on the homepage, different well-articulated categories are a must.
    On the other hand speaks: saab cars forum which also one has (only starting from 50 amounts post possible).

    • The lack of presence was probably a problem. But that could change in the future.

  • Marketplace specific to our heart brand is certainly worthwhile!

  • Hi Tom,
    yes, I find classifieds necessary so that even useful spare parts do not bum or even weggeschmissen, but our Saabs come to good.
    I only have whole cars to sell. I prefer to keep it myself.
    Grüßle Coopereins

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