A missed opportunity and dates to write down

As a kid I collected Jaguar brochures, and my first own car came from England. Sympathies, which I cherish for the vehicles of the island, are never so completely extinguished. Even if the islanders do not find us Europeans so exciting at the moment.

Jaguar I-Pace, a missed opportunity for Trollhättan
Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla X. Image: JLR

A missed opportunity

The Geneva Motor Show features an innovative, new Jaguar. The I-Pace is the brand's first electric crossover. A departure to new shores. Design Director Ian Callum has drawn him. The body kit of the Saab Viggen comes from his pen.

The I-Pace is being built at Magna in Graz. What hardly anyone suspects: Originally, the old Saab factory was under the selection of production locations. Of the I-Pace could have come from Sweden, but JLR decided against it. How far the negotiations had progressed and why NEVS did not win at the end is not known.

Perhaps it was because of a doubt about the production skills of a stagnant factory. Or that Jaguar does not want to seriously mount its most innovative vehicle in a Chinese-owned factory.

Matching the electric Jaguar is the slogan of the Saab exhibition at the Techno Classica 2018:

Saab - a brand that electrifies!

I have, frankly, no idea what's behind it. Of the 1. German Saab Club will be flying the flag at Techno Classica from March 21st to 25th. This time the stand is in Hall 13, Stand 13/110. An exciting Saab duo should be seen there, and we will see how much it electrifies us.

The topic sounds interesting, and my visit is already planned. Because an entry in the calendar is always worth the big show in Essen.

3. Hamburger Saab meeting 2018

3. Saab meeting Hamburg

Meeting number 1 and 2 were a great success. On the 5. May takes place on the grounds of historic gas station the third edition takes place in the Brandshof. There is no reason why it should not build on the success of previous events. An appointment that Saab lovers should make a note of!

The meeting starts from 11: 00 clock and ends against 17: 00 clock. Nice fans, an informal atmosphere, all that speaks in favor of heading for Hamburg. The furthest journey is worth it, and in my diary is the 5. 5. already highlighted in red. As in previous years, 2018 will focus on the Trollhättan classics. From Saab 92 to the 9000, access to the filling station area is free, subject to availability. More modern Saabs should park around the grounds, which is not drama. Because they are all welcome!

As in previous years, the organization takes over the Saab Stammtisch Schleswig Holstein / Hamburg. We provide updates on the preparations and the ideas of the organizers on the blog.

3 thoughts on "A missed opportunity and dates to write down"

  • Yes, as hype that has been called. In particular, any crazy fantasy that goes beyond e-bikes and cars - to aircraft and ships.

    If electricity is cheap, clean and CO2 neutral, why do not we just heat it all up?
    The house does not need an (expensive and environmentally harmful) battery. The complete infrastructure from the wind turbine to the socket is in place. E-radiators are available for an apple and an egg. And you could really save on new buildings. No heating pipes, no thermal baths, no burner, no more oil and no gas. No annual maintenance, no chimney and no more sweepers ...

    A new car would come together quickly. Nevertheless, we chase gas or even oil through the chimneys. Some households have more than the family can fill up. The denser the settlement, the more exhaust gases through heating and for hot water. But saving the world and urban air depends on the car? And exclusively? It's all very strange ...

  • Ui, interesting….
    I am still torn and somehow not very convinced of the current hype of e-mobility.
    Too bad, have such an amount as mentioned by you have not heard or seen.

    And whether Indians (keyword Jaguar) are so much better than “the Chinese”, the future will only tell. 😉

    … May my “North American” Swedish Beziner last a long time… 😉 😉

  • Most recently, ÖR Radio has interviewed astonishingly critical and competent voices on e-mobility.

    The fact that new lobbyists and new global political interests are behind e-mobility became abundantly clear. Also, who would be the winner of e-mobility due to the distribution of technical skills (deficient in current technology) and of raw materials (excellent, almost a monopoly): China!

    What was said was almost like a conspiracy theory. It just stupid that everything sounded very plausible. Gas instead of oil (and instead of e-mobility) was a big topic. Above all, the ignorance of the opportunities that would be associated with it.

    Of course, there were also indications of the rather negative energy balance of the Stromer.

    Good thing the E-Jag is not built by Chinese. You do not have to support it all with a free technology transfer.

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