Saab & snow. Photo Competition Final (1 / 2)

Behind the wheel of a Saab often sit very special people. They live their enthusiasm for the brand from Trollhättan. Saab is part of everyday life. An unagitated passion and personal pleasure. No matter how old the Saab is. A classic 900 may venture out into the snow, just like a 9-5 NG. The main thing is, it's fun!

Winter camping? No problem with a Saab. Photo by Thorsten.
Winter camping? No problem with a Saab. Photo by Thorsten.

Readers Thorsten would have had a lot of pleasure in the last few days. With his 900 with Toppola Aufbau he was visiting the 8. Swiss Saab Fondue Meeting. The Toppola camper remained comfortably warm even at an outside temperature of bitterly cold -14 ° C inside and served as a sleeping quarters. This is Saab's passion! The picture was taken on the way home from the Swiss friends in the Black Forest.

The photo contest brought over 50 submissions with very beautiful pictures in my mailbox. The number of Saab classics moving in the winter exceeded my expectations. Today and tomorrow we show on the blog the last submissions. And as promised, there is something to win! Here are the official annual calendars of Orio Deutschland GmbH, the supplier of Saab original spare parts. And there is a little surprise from the blog.

The choice of the best pictures, and also the preselection, is a grassroots democratization. How, I explain tomorrow when publishing the last pictures from our photo contest "Saab & Schnee"

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  • 4. March 2018 at 8: 46 PM

    SAAB is special per se. An 900 with Toppola (in winter!) Is really cool!

    Cool are also the other winter pictures. The monochrome blue-white-gray of Daniel has particularly impressed me. Every cliché is really served in a very aesthetic image. House and car (color) could have also chosen an art director for 9 3 brochure image ...

    Very big (SAAB) cinema, this photo contest!

    • 5. March 2018 at 9: 36 AM

      Can not get enough of the (Daniels) picture. It's damn close to a professional. Only the swing would probably have dismantled an art director or retouched later. A cool picture of a beautiful Saab.

      I would like the car color also for my chrome glasses SC. Unfortunately, the black. Always goes, but is boring too ...

      @ Tom,
      a really great action, the photo contest.

  • 5. March 2018 at 9: 48 AM

    Great pictures! I'm looking forward to the next release!

  • 5. March 2018 at 1: 16 PM

    Really great pictures! Just in time the photo-cinema! Also the north has snow u. Getting cold ...
    Falko or Leo are my hits.

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