Saab & snow. Photo competition final (2/2)

It is remarkable how many Saab rarities are traveling in winter. When was the last time we saw a Saab on the street apart from our own? My last Saab sighting is days ago. To have a special taste sometimes makes you very lonely.

Saab 9-3x in the forest
Saab 9-3x in the forest. Picture of Thomas

In the last part of the photo contest come true rarities. Christoph shows his 2 clock Saab, Ralph a 9000 CC in the southern Black Forest. Thomas drives with his very rare 9-3x, and two 9-5 NG are included. The last, big Saabs are the eternal dream cars of the community. They still give a timelessly beautiful figure, even in the snow.

What's next? The readers make the preselection for the 10 best Saab & Schnee pictures. Not by voting, but by clicking the mouse. On the next weekend we will evaluate which pictures most visitors found interesting. The 10 most viewed pictures will be in the final selection, which will then be voted on.

To the promised calendars of Orio Germany we enclose a few Saab little things as a thank you for the submission and the lively participation. The photo campaign shows the liveliness of the community. Life without a factory and without production seems possible - as long as we find our vehicles fascinating and worth preserving. The next campaign with lots of Saab pictures could start in summer. Holiday pictures with Saab, we've had that before. A new edition, we think, would be an appealing idea?

10 thoughts on "Saab & snow. Photo competition final (2/2)"

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    Nice pictures (in both posts). In that case the selection is difficult!

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    Ah. Annoying. It just occurred to me that I have a great picture that I could have submitted. Well, what a shame. Maybe there will be a similar campaign next winter, then I'll be there ...

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    And of course great pictures! I completely forgot that in my first comment!

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    And again …

    Great pictures! I can not make a favorite anymore.
    Now I'm just happy not to be on any committee ...

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    Moin, thank you very much for the release of the Saab 93 in wintry Willingen, my neighboring town. On March 15.3th 61 years ago, this wonderfully reliable Saab, which is still suitable for everyday use, was first registered ... oh yes ... sometimes I don't see a Saab for days, even when driving 300 km on the motorway. Today here with us in Brilon / Hochsauerland four (!) Within 5 hours ... a 9-3II Combi, (not mine), a 9-3I Cabrio, a 900-II and a 9-3I. I didn't know two of them yet ... Saabige and sunny greetings Christoph

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    What a wonderful photo finale!
    Thanks to all senders (!) For the wintry visual enjoyment!
    Ralph et al. I really like to look at Christoph's pictures ...

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    My Saab sighting is also very limited. Now and then an 93 II or III. Even the 93 I have become rare.
    But a look into my Saab stable and my (Saab) world is alright again

    My almost new 95 TiD worries me though. Can I still drive it in the future or will he be a retiree with just 42000km?
    Who else knows about it?!?

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      Hi Hans,
      yes, who else knows?!?! I feel the same way with my 9³ Aero TTID, which I just "broke in". VIIIIEL too good to perhaps not be allowed to drive it much longer. To be honest, I've already carefully asked whether it would make sense to swap the diesel engine for something else if necessary. But the cost factor would be extremely unreasonable from an economic point of view, especially since it is currently looking economically very gloomy here in East Saxony and I don't know how long I will have the change for my Saabine 🙁

      Oh yes, really nice pictures. I could not really decide which one I like best from the large selection.

      Greetings from Lusatia

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        The topic is quite complex because it is not even guaranteed that Euro 6 diesel are excluded from the driving ban. Euro 5 drivers could complain and probably would be right. The topic comes out in detail in the next week on the blog.

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        Hello Marco.

        If it really should come so far, you can at most grow a Saab with LPG!
        I also drive long distance to work every day and have the same costs as others with their diesel.

        Greetings from DD.

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