Saab 96 bought unseen in Poland

She looked a little incredulous, my partner, when I showed her the announcement of a Saab 96 year 1980. "The car is still in Poland and you want to buy"? And anyway, we already had such an 96er ". Yes, true, will have 96er, built 1975 for several years.

Saab 96 rarity
Saab 96 rarity

"And may I remind you that already 6 Saab are in our shoes"?

"Yes I know all that, but I would like to have the 96er anyway, it is a very rare model, only 300 pieces were built. Oh yes, I know that the car is in Poland, about 1000 km away from us "

Quite a long way to look at a car quickly ... .. The woman is once again right. Why do women just have to be so sensible when it comes to cars? Do you know that too?

The announcement sounded so very tempting that I could not give rest:

SAAB 96 V4 Year 1980 Finale Edition for sale

In the pictures of the display, the car looked quite appealing, but just photos can be quite manipulated today. And then from Poland? The song by Insterburg and Co. came to mind: I loved a girl in Poland, it stole my innocence

And already I had stolen the politically totally incorrect idea in my head, Poland, oh oh, can one still have this stereotype, this prejudice today? So I threw everything I've already heard (but never experienced myself) overboard and reported to the seller via email. With that I started a smaller mail avalanche.

On my first request, if he can imagine delivering the vehicle to the deepest south of the Republic of Germany, came the answer promptly, yes, for a contribution of Euro thousand. OK, not a little bit, but for a calculated journey of almost 1200 km also not outraged.

Now of course I wanted to know all kinds of things about the vehicle and have even better, more photos. So I got a very good photo doc from the owner who showed me that the vehicle is in good condition. The documents, Polish Veterans report, Polish approval as H-vehicle showed me that this was a really serious offer.

The seller also runs his own homepage, I put it here in the report. Maybe someone knows you. He turned out to be a Saab and classic car fan and also organizes oldie events in Poland:

Anyway, after some back and forth, I decided to buy this car and pay the requested 1000 Euro for transport in advance. I had the right to refuse the vehicle if it did not correspond to the condition as in the photos. The thousand euros for the transport would of course have been lost.

But it came as I had hoped. The vehicle was delivered very punctually, exactly to the hour (!), And looked good to very good. So down from the trailer and up to our yard. The engine boomed loudly, yes, the big, front pot had a hole, the salesman told me in advance of the negotiations. He has also mentioned that it probably needs 4 new shock absorbers and that the rear brakes are new to occupy.

OK, the Saab 96 made a good impression and I paid the driver the actual purchase price in cash. (not without me making a copy of his ID card

The car was not registered in Germany yet. There was a lot to be done first. All required parts were included Skandix found and ordered. Great service and that all parts were in stock is just great! That then unfortunately a wheel bearing did not fit, well, was probably wrong times in the camp. That was a little annoying, but there too, Skandix delivered the right wheel bearing within 48 hours. (Not only did I rearrange the back cover, no, I also make new wheel bearings and new brake drums, as well as new wheel brake cylinders). Four new shock absorbers and a complete new exhaust completed the work.

At 20.2.2018 it was time. TÜV single approval and H-certificate. Yes, I was nervous and yes, I imagined everything possible that might not fit. I did not have a type certificate for the car. But actually I had one, in Polish

15 watch who's beating the hour .... The examiner asked, do you want to put the vehicle in the hall, I'm not there with the return course right .... Oh, that begins well!

And so he stood on the test bench, the blue Poland 96er. At first it was just an examiner, soon they were two and then came a third to. What are they doing? I was warm and I saw myself with the trailer in front of the TÜV ancestor and bring the 96er by hitchhiker home.

Hours later the big relief !!

TÜV single acceptance and H-report were the coveted documents which I have now been handed. Certificate without defects and H-report without objection! I like to pay the Euro 250,00 fees!

Then also equal to the registration office and the new Saab member was with the beautiful sign
WT-HL 96H 04-10 approved. 04-10, which means the 96er will not be on the runway until April. So I can look forward to the first exit. And in my stable there are still a few Saab who want to be driven. I'm fine, I have it very well, I know and I'm grateful for that, but I do not think I'm going that fast.

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  • Congratulations on the great purchase!

    As you can see again that not everything is bad, what drives in the East!

    Saab must be human! XD

  • blank

    I have to add again how jealous I am.

    Sooooooooooo jealous at least. Cool part. But hey, who gets it doesn't matter again. The seller must have thought that too? The main thing is that it is in good hands. By the 7th SAAB at the latest, no other SAABist has to worry anymore ...

    May he give the new owner a lot of pleasure and always a good trip.

    Anyone who takes on the remaining treasures with so much commitment and willingness to take risks has definitely earned an applause. But that applies to both: seller & buyer. Two right people have found each other. Hats off!

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      Herbert, it's like an addiction. And we have the space. Without the space in the barn, 7 Saab and 2 Lancia would not be possible. But the financial outlay is also considerable. You can still buy it, but the maintenance costs a lot of money. I am now retired and have to be careful not to overtax myself. The best of all women has simply banned me from another vehicle! She is right! Although there would still be space ......
      Good time!

      • blank

        7 SAAB ...

        You could be christened Monday, Tuesday, etc. For every day another car. Gorgeous! 2 Lancia too?
        The week should have 9 days ...

        The vehicle fleet would also make a great reader contribution. With as many photos as possible. A love letter to woman and vehicles. Or was this one ever here?

        Greetings to "the best of all women"
        Herbert Hürsch

  • Hans, I don't know if I bought “the”….
    Mine comes from Josef Zabel (saab-friends) and is just fantastic.
    We wish all of us a perfect start into the season !!!

  • blank

    Thanks for the great comments. It is of course happy when other “Saab spinners” find such an action good. Now there are seven of them in the stable, yes, and the woman said; but now it's done! How right she is again 😉

    I have to say that the rear lights are still from the older model. I found the newer, large taillights in reasonable condition on ebay and also bought them. They will be installed soon! And then the 96 Finale Edition actually looks very good! Anyway, I'm already looking forward to April 1st ... no joke 🙂

  • Well, I call it luck. Congratulations to the treasure !!!

  • Yes, congratulations to the beautiful car !!!
    I'm pretty sure I had seen the ad within the last 6 months, however, my prejudices made me distance myself .......
    So I came shortly after to the 72iger in Verona green.
    I wish the proud owner a good trip in the “wagon”.

    • blank

      Robert, the Verona green I had on the radar! Did you buy that? Certainly a great car! Have a good trip and have fun with it.
      Greeting Hans S.

  • Great! Congratulation! Know such craziness - I bought a 9-5 Aero in scarab green and beige leather on ebay without being seen ... luckily without any problems ...

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    Thanks for the saabische story. The courage / trust was rewarded. OK then.
    Enjoy the 96-ger and accident-free exits!

  • blank

    For me, the final MY des 96 is the most bizarre of all SAABs ever built in series ...
    Of course you want to have that too. And apparently in very good condition. Congratulations!

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    I'm jealous now !!!

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