GSR Capital - new major investor in NEVS

GSR wants to invest 14 MUSD (about 500 BSEK) in NEVS on Wednesday, March 4, in presence of Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

NEVS Trollhattan
NEVS Trollhattan

At the same time, GSR unveiled plans to start production of EV batteries on NEVS premises in Trollhättan.

NEVS and GSR have been in cooperation for a long time. On Wednesday, these common plans were confirmed by a formal signing ceremony at NEVS in Trollhättan.

GSR Capital has recently invested money in NEVS. Now GSR confirm the interest by investing heavily in NEVS. GSR wants to invest 500 MUSD.

The investments will be made as a convertible loan that will be converted to shares in NEVS AB.

"This means a lot for our company. Stefan Tilk, President and CEO of NEVS, said: "We have been looking for a long term partner for GSR Capital.

"GSR does not want to give it a financial injection, which makes it very much involved in electric vehicles and business EVs, which makes this match even better," he adds.

GSR Capital has plans, via Nissan Batteries, to establish production of batteries for electric vehicles in Trollhättan.

The EV batteries produced in Trollhättan wants to be aimed at NEVS vehicles but also for other actors in Sweden.

"NEVS fulfills all the requirements; Perfect location, good supply of electrical power, close to the river, roads and trains, and are located in the industrial heart of Sweden, with NEVS, Volvo and many other companies in the automotive industry. Within NEVS premises there is also access to land to build the factory ", Stefan Tilk states.

October 2017, NEVS signed an agreement on cooperation with DiDi Chuxing, China's ride hailing giant.

Already in December 2012, GSR decided to invest in DiDi Chuxing GSR became DiDi's first institutional investor.

Kai Johan Jiang, main owner of NEVS, said, "Our relations with DiDi Chuxing have been important in the discussions with GSR and in finalizing this deal."

GSR Capital focuses on electric vehicles, clean energy, modern agriculture, biotechnology, wireless solutions and internet finance.

Kai Johan Jiang concludes: "With GSR's investments, NEVS wants to take further steps to the green goal with sustainable mobility solutions of the future".

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  • I only believe what I see!
    It's not the first "ceremony at NEVS in Trollhättan", so far all hot air ...

  • So ... the former Swedish Saab becomes a Chinese Nissan battery factory? That sounds so exciting! Still waiting for those 4 new models and 100s of thousands of cars they were going to build in Trollhattan for the European market .. I guess there are still Saab fans who are hanging on to that buy a reincarnated Saab again in the future. 🙂

  • "Close to the river"

    Why is this perfect? Perfect for transportation or pollution?
    Does the production of batteries involve water? Maybe even a lot of it?

    I do not know, just asking ...

  • the river maybe for hydroelectric power production

  • Well then NEVS can finally disappear to China and then maybe something new can arise in the old SAAB factory ...

  • Quote:

    "(...) if the electric car should necessarily have a range of 400 instead of 150 to 200 kilometers. Then it needs a battery twice as big and would have to travel unrealistic 300 000 kilometers to get rid of its ecological backpack. "

    And before the car reaches it, the batteries are long since long, new ones have to come and the break even with a conventional car shifts on and on ...

    The ecological zero tariff is nasty. This also applies to heavier Tesla and the energy-intensive but supposedly CO2-neutral Giga Factory with its solar panels. In its overall balance, a KWh solar electricity emitted 55g CO2. Even the raw materials and semi-finished products for battery production are not CO2-neutral ...

    I have nothing against e-mobility. But the facts have to be on the table. All! Without ideological delusion of one kind or another ...

  • Whether they still believe what they write?

    • Do you mean me?
      Did you read the article on

      I do not believe anything. And I do not remember who I should believe something ...

      That's the problem: the debate about mobility is determined by different beliefs (rather than knowledge). And that's what both sides think is similar to the facts and the truth. The CO2 neutrality of a Tesla is just as big mumpitz as the clean diesel from VW. Both are or were advertising promises ...

      I do not know what and if you believe something? If there are (political or economic) advertising promises, then you should at least question your faith thoroughly.

      There is nothing in the world to the ecological zero tariff. Not even wind power (by factors better than solar power) and certainly no e-mobility. At least I do not believe so much, I know it!

      • No, the press release from NEVS was meant!

  • I think that's great news for Trollhättan. In my opinion, this message means that the former production halls come to life again. If only for battery and ni (e) cht more for vehicle production. (although somehow it makes no sense to manufacture batteries in Trollhättan and then shipping them to China, but surely you are hoping for orders from Europe, so Sweden would have 2 battery factories in Skelleftea, and southern ones in the trolls). I hope Tom can enlighten us soon 🙂

    In summary: new jobs for the region. And that should be happy, right?

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