Saab Video Channel: Sweden Road Trip

From a blogger's point of view, the week did not go as planned. Articles were not finished on time, and the little free time was, for once, fully used by the cars. Topics such as the diesel problem, Pilots Wanted 2018, and the choice of the best Saab photo had to wait. But everything should get better in the coming week. That's the plan.

On the way in winter. Saab of Justus.
On the way in winter. Saab of Justus.

Readers know the Saab 9-3 in the photo from our campaign “Saab & Snow! The 9-3 is Justus' everyday Saab, it is also restoring a classic 900. Currently, and for the coming months, the 9-3 is back in the land of snow and ice. A reason for Justus to establish a video channel on YouTube. The first clip with the trip from Germany to Sweden is already online. More films about Saab, Sweden and everyday experiences will follow.

We will write about Justus again and again, the Saab fans can subscribe to his new channel on Youtube and be so close to the Sweden trip.

Pilots wanted 2018

The registrations for Pilots wanted 2018 in Kiel got us a little in trouble. Within a short time, more than 60 vehicles and more than 100 Saab fans had booked for the event. A new, sensational record for the 3rd edition of the international 9-5 NG meeting. And not easy for us! Especially because we don't want to cancel anyone.

The space available in Kiel is limited, but with the help of neighboring companies it will be possible to realize the required space. In the coming days, the list of participants goes online on the blog. The meeting will be bigger than ever, and we'll reveal first details. Because meanwhile the restaurant is booked for our Saab dinner on Friday. It is located in a prime location right on the water, infos follow.

Saab Stammtisch Mainz-Bingen

A short supplement will come to ours Saab appointment calendar, The Saab Stammtisch Mainz-Bingen was pleased with the last meeting over 14 Saab driver. The next meeting for the region will take place on:

24.3.2018 to 18.00 Clock

instead. Location: Bachushof Outside 8, 55270 Schwabenheim. All Saab drivers are welcome!

11 thoughts on "Saab Video Channel: Sweden Road Trip"

  • Great car!
    Great videos!
    That makes my Saab heart beat faster!

    And I'm a little jealous too! Because that would be just right for me. In a rock solid soft turbo 9.3 l to Sweden.

    Well, maybe it will work again someday.

    Thank you Justus

  • Thank you ..

  • Of course, Justus! I apologize! Great second video!

  • Today I cracked the 272.000km.
    2.0Turbo 150ps would have to be?!
    Greetings Justus

  • Hello Jonas, thank you! Do you have some information about your car? Engine, mileage etc?

  • Hello Stefan.
    Saab Trip is called the channel.
    Greetings Justus

  • What's your name on YouTube?
    Looking forward to more material!

  • There someone looks very carefully 😉 Sunroof is there but unfortunately the roof box is in the way to keep out the flag up. New video is already online.
    Best Regards

  • And in winter!
    In summer, the SAAB flag may be kept even higher?
    At least I think I saw a sunroof in Justus' video ...
    A nice car. Good conditions, that he continues the flag high, in the coming
    Season maybe even higher? !

    In any case, I like watching his videos in the future as well. @Justus please stay tuned!

  • It's great that even today young people are interested in the brand and holding up the flag! I get through this wonderful blog everytime again desire to expand my fleet or swap! Chapeau!

  • Great that pilots Wanted this meal so many Saab driver motivated to make.
    Too bad that I can not join this meal through work. But now have fun and joy and please; we want to see many beautiful pictures !!

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