Saab & snow. Choosing the best pictures!

Winter came back to Germany at the weekend. In line with this, the “Saab & Snow” photo competition is entering the final round. We have received many great Saab pictures and published them on the blog. But which ones do our readers like best?

Is that art, or just a Saab? Picture of Claus
Is that art, or just a Saab? Picture of Claus

The preselection has hit the readers. We've posted the 10 pictures that received the most clicks to vote. Mark and I were spared the agony of choice. Which is good, because we would have really hard to select among the submissions.

The 5 best pictures will be awarded. The winners will receive a package with the 2018 Saab calendar from Orio Germany, our supplier of Saab original spare parts. We add a few other little Saab things, and so 5 nice surprise packages are waiting for the winners.

Today we present again the 10 pictures, which were called the most. Two of them with a very big lead over the rest of the 8, and I wonder if the election will show a comparable result. Each reader has one vote and voting ends on 25. March.

The selection should be difficult, there are just too many good Saab pictures. The order of the final selection is arbitrary and is not related to the received clicks. Mark and I are looking forward to the result. Have fun choosing!

Saab & snow. Choose the best Saab photo!

  • Image 5: Saab 900 and Toppola in the snow by Thorsten (28% 112 Votes)
  • Image 1: Saab two-stroke by Christoph (24% 93 Votes)
  • Image 6: Saab 9-5 NG by Claus (15% 58 Votes)
  • Image 2: Saab 9-3 and Ludmilla in the snow (8% 33 Votes)
  • Picture 9: Saab 9-3 by Justus (8% 30 Votes)
  • Image 3: Saab 9-3x by Simon in the snow (6% 23 Votes)
  • Image 7: Saab 9-5 NG by Eduard (5% 20 Votes)
  • Image 10: Saab 9-3x by Thomas (3% 12 Votes)
  • Image 8: Saab 9-3 by Daniel in winter (2% 9 Votes)
  • Picture 4: Saab 9-5 NG by Hakan (1% 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 393

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6 thoughts on "Saab & snow. Choosing the best pictures!"

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    Hello Tom, somehow it is not possible to vote at the moment ...
    Could you let me send you postal ballot papers ?!


    • blank

      There are no more absentee ballots, voting ends on 25.03 😉 Online is still possible, unless your IP has already been voted.

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    Tried again. Somehow it's “cowardice in front of the friend” to just stay out of it ...

    But I really can not manage to choose ONE. When I arrived at three, which I find all highly and absolutely equal, I have finally given up. Great pictures!

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    How should one look here? I can not give a judgment here, which is the best picture!
    Sorry Tom, but I hold it like Mr. Hürsch and hold out for the same reasons.

  • blank

    So I see there 8 winner. But where did the others go?

    I have already commented in the run on more than one picture enthusiastically. And although not all of them made it to the final selection, I'm still relieved not to have to settle for the present one.
    And that's how I'll keep it ...

    Too many are too good. Because of different reasons. Thanks to all! But that's why I prefer to stay out of the vote ...

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    Hello Tom, to round off the SAAB history, the “red two-stroke” AND the “95 NG” from Claus as SAAB snow winner on a tablau and the third in the group should be “winter camping”. … Pictures tell a story.
    Saabige greetings

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