Pilots wanted 2018 list of participants online!

If you wonder how much fun Saab is in the community, here is his answer. Pilots wanted 2018, the third edition of the international Saab 9-5 NG meeting, has more participants than ever before. And there are real rarities here!

Pilots wanted 2018
Pilots wanted 2018. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive: saabblog.net

We count more than 60 vehicles, and in addition to four Saab 9-5 pre-production sports combinations, the unique Saab 9-5x "by Oskar Persson" is also coming to Kiel. Of course, there was never an 9-5x in the short production time of the last big Saab. The idea for this variant came much later, when the factory gates were already closed. But he is so well-made that he could have run off the line at Saab. The history of Saab 9-5x you can read on the blog.

As special guests we can welcome the 9-4x this year. The Saab SUV is even rarer than the 9-5. For the second day of the meeting there will be seven 9-4x. Maybe it is the largest collection of these vehicles in Germany in one place?

More updates on Pilots wanted 2018 will be available on the blog in the next few weeks. Markus and Katrin Lafrentz are still working on the route guidance for Saturday, but the restaurant for the Saab Dinner on Friday is already set. We are guests at Gosch in Kiel, a restaurant overlooking the fjord and the marinas. In addition to local delicacies and fish dishes, there will also be a choice for other culinary preferences. More information will be published before the event.

The list of participants can be found here. The team of Saab Kiel and the blog crew continue to work on the preparation. As with recent events, Saab Rallye Plates and other niceties are top of the list again this year. Even more information and design designs of the Plates follow. We are already looking forward to the meeting in Kiel!

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  • Uii ... also a few rare station wagons ...... very nice !!!! 🙂

  • Matthijs de Haan Joris de Haan NL De Bilt 2 9-5 Linear ... Must be a 9-5 Aero Hirch

  • Hi Tom,
    I think it's a pity that there is such an event only for the 9-5 NG ....... just in a car dealership where the Saab Spirit is so present.

    Saabige greetings,

    • So …

      ... I also have no NG and I also look with a certain envy on participants of the event and NG owners ...

      But what would I have if the event did not exist?

      Yes, yes, I understand. It is meant exactly the other way round. But it's not like there are no events open to other SAAB drivers. The exclusive club of the owners of the last Saabs was simply allowed to meet once a year exclusively ...

    • Events are not an easy thing. You need a good location, a team with a lot of spirit and a budget. With the 9-5 NG we have that in Kiel. Eventually, and these have been thought-games for some time now, there will also be a classic event in the future in the future. The info ... 😉

      • That's good news. I wish the participants of this year's 9-5II / 9-4X event a safe and pleasant start. Departure, combined with beautiful experiences, conversations and impressions during the event. And I'm pleased, as 9-5I driver, already on 2019 ... 😉

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