Saab - a brand that electrifies!

The small brand from Trollhättan electrifies, without question. It will be really electric in the next few days. Of the 1. German Saab Club shows from 21. to 25. March flag at the Techno Classica. And in Essen there is a purely electric Saab ...

Saab 95 Duo in Essen 2018. Photo Credit: 1. German Saab Club

What Saab could no longer bring to serial production, never realized NEVS, has been on our roads for a long time. Purely electrically powered Saabs, individually rebuilt to battery drive. Shown is a Saab 95 station wagon - a classic, which is no longer moved by 2-Takter, but with electric motors.

A topic for the future, because also some readers on the blog think about a conversion. Not only for classic Saabs, but also for youngtimers like the 900 II and the 9-3 I. Crazy? Maybe. Maybe the right answer, if you live in a metropolitan area and do not feel like a different brand. Very individual, and certainly not cheap in any case. Because the conversion costs a nice 5-digit sum.

The Saab stand with the exciting Saab 95 Duo will be in hall 13, booth 13 / 110. The Techno Classica opens its doors tomorrow. The first day is a traditional press day, I plan to travel to Essen on Friday.

The members of 1. German Saab Club keep with a lot of commitment in this year the Saab flag in the wind. For that you deserve thanks and recognition! Over a visit to hall 13 and a nice word for so much passion for years, they would certainly be happy.

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  • 22. March 2018 at 8: 17 PM

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    And what must say? An electric vehicle with chrome bumpers and round headlights is damn cool.
    It does not matter how you feel about e-mobility, this mobile definitely arouses desires.
    Nice thing! Very nice.

    Of course, the green is also cool. Whether round or square headlights, I can not remember anyway and when and where I last saw an 95 in the streetscape.
    I still remember about when and where for the first time. It was the early 1970ers in southern Sweden. And I found him fascinating.
    I was only a toddler and had little idea, so far as one could see, that at that time I thought the originally Swedish Bil was a Frenchman (until my father enlightened me ...).

    PS II
    What does "look" here mean? When I look at the back of an 95 and think about it, my early childhood self deserves a big round of applause. Yes, I was wrong in the end, but I guess I was for a four-year-old
    amazingly sensitive in terms of design and national characteristics in automotive engineering ...

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