Techno Classica 2018. The second Life.

Techno Classica 2018. Shiny, old sheet metal that presents itself from its most beautiful side. The wave of digitization is breaking out outside, but everything seems to be fine in the halls. An impression that is deceptive. The years of unchecked growth are over for now. It is unclear whether it will just be a setback or a turnaround.

Saab 900 Monte Carlo

The Porsche 911, the mainstream car of speculation, continues to dominate the fair. The brand practices itself in a kind of overpresence. A large stand of the Porsche AG, a discreet from the Porsche Center Gelderland, countless dealers with a focus on Swabian sports cars. The official Porsche Club probably has the largest number of clubs, probably paid by Porsche AG. And for an ordinary 911er is now an average of 70.000,00 € on the price tag, instead of 50.000,00 as before 2 years ago.

But something is different. Hardly anyone seems to be interested, the stalls of the dealers remain empty and there are no “sold” stickers on the windshields. Is a bubble bursting or is it just a market adjustment?

The mainstream crisis has its advantages. For the visitors who are unnerved after 3 halls in which every 2nd car feels like a Porsche. And for retailers who can rediscover other, neglected brands. So you could see more French vehicles this year. A neat R16, an R5 Turbo, a DS in the high-price segment, luxury from Facel Vega.

A beautiful, original Saab 92B

Saab is finally an issue. Both in the high-price halls, as well as on the outdoor area. A very nice, very original Saab 92B was for sale in hall 9. A classic with a visibly lived life that has not been restored to death. The paint dull and probably original, the interior undamaged and recognizable 65 years filled with life. One can only wish that the potential buyer carefully preserves and preserves the Saab. Perfectly over-restored classics are already enough.

The price of 25,000.00 € shows where the trend for classics from Trollhättan is going. The Saab 900 Monte Carlo Cabriolet from the same provider was on offer for € 35,000.00. A few halls further a 95 V4 for 16,900.00 € and, right next to it, a 900 convertible. A strange vehicle, with a pubescent painted radiator grille and missing extensions on the fenders. More rolling restoration than a serious offer.

Saab 9000i with 66.000 kilometers

Two interesting cars were on display in the open air. Really tasty: a Saab 9000i from the year 1988 with 66.000 kilometers. An extremely authentic car that was 27 years at its Swedish owner. He must have loved and cared for his Saab, as the stickers on the car prove. The condition is reminiscent of the first and second look at a year-old car, hardly capable of a H-class classic. The ingenious bokhara red (!) Interior is pure 80er years, and the Saab would be the safe ticket for any vintage car ride.

The two cheerful, nice Swedish salesmen can prove kilometers and history. After almost 30 years of first-time ownership, the Saab 2015 came to a collector, from whose estate the 9000i is now being sold. The price: 9.000,00 €. Sure, what else .. Reasonable? I guess so. He may be the only 9000i with manual gearshift with this condition, mileage and history. The best Swedish car of the 80 years is not expensive. But priced in appropriately. Fancy a good 9000 CC? The address of the seller is available to us.

Saab 9-3 with 29.600 kilometers

One row further, the next Swede. A Saab 9-3 from 1999. The first 9-3 generation has now officially arrived in the youngtimer age. An exceptional car with 29.600 kilometers on the clock. Believable? A look into the interior and the paint removes any doubt. This is only what almost untouched seats look like, so there are only cars that have seen little sun.

The price 9.800,00 €. Again, you can save the discussion about the price. The 9-3 may be the only one in this condition and with this mileage. A case for collectors. But mood does not come up. I would have liked to buy the 9000i for the two Swedes. Because the car fits, because good mood and a story behind it. After a few beers, the price and the feeling would have been in harmony and everything would be perfect.

Not so with the 9-3. The impression shows that a used car professional wants to make a checkout here. The thick applied paint reminiscent of sinister gravel, the flaked emblems on the back and front spoil the car character of an otherwise very clean car.

Is the classic scene coming back to its roots? Will she become more diverse and interesting again? This year's Techno Classica gives reason for a small hope. The Saab density has doubled, at a very low level. Maybe a start.

Large classic fairs are also trend barometers. Another traditional brand is a trendsetter and demonstrates where the journey could go. More about this week in the column "Tom`s rearview mirror".

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  • Thank you, Tom! I will send you a copy. Please PM via FB or mail with address, thank you!
    Greetings, Erich

  • Hello Tom!
    Have read with great interest your two articles from the Techno Classica, our favorite brand shows again and still presence! Therefore, a very big request: may I print your two articles in excerpts in the issue 1 / 2018 the Trollpost (Club newspaper of the Austrian Saab Club) and use the Saab images (both, of course, with reference to the source)?
    Greetings, Erich

  • Was excited about the Saab 92B but for the price the man has demanded goes down with me the interest.
    But in general glad that our Saab Old timers are appreciated more and more.

  • That's the point. As long as it's fun everything is in the green area!

  • The sentence (nothing is forever) is so general that any contradiction is of course meaningless ...

    He will apply to everything. Be it on the remaining SAABs, a SAAB blog, the community or Bredlow. But for the moment, I think it's good when everyone looks together, how they have fun together for as long as possible and still for as long as possible mutually beneficial and mutual benefit.

    That's what it meant. And there are quite a few permanent supporters of the blog, who apparently see it as similar? Where else could you place your range of parts and / or services closer to the target audience than here?

  • Bredlow has a lot of history to offer ... you can see from the great, old Saab CI on the building. In 2011, in the house to the left of the workshop and showroom, the walls in the hallway were full of pictures of the company's history. Worth seeing, maybe that's still the case today.

    The hope for more permanent blog supporters is, with all Saab Spirit, just as utopian as to hope for a new start in Sweden. Fewer cars, a shrinking community, with increasing effort. Nothing is forever dear to Herbert!

  • Bredlow is the oldest in Germany? I did not know that …

    But it explains a lot. On the positive side is in any case that the community of owners and the employees all drive and live SAAB ...

    Of course, Bredlow was also the point of contact for the SAAB dealer tour. There I saw in Natura the only 9-5 II SC and 9-4X that I ever got to see beyond photos.

    On the negative side, maybe it says that more and more generations want to live from the SAAB business? The (grand) father and founder (singular) became sons (plural) decades ago. And grandchildren too, for a long time. In other words, the founder's grown-up grandchildren ...

    Now, SAAB might ideally have been able to follow this exponential (family) development, but sadly SAAB does not.

    And even the capital is not paved with (former) SAAB dealers. The choice is limited and I have experience with both. Neither is cheap. I would like more choice. But as it is, it seems to me that the cheaper one is also the older SAAB dealer ...

    My personal advice to him would be to perhaps support the blog more continuously in the future. The community is shrinking, but its cohesion is growing. Being there is everything ...

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Hello Tom

    I was there on the last day (Sunday) and on some cars hung signs as sold, but also -10% or new price 1000 € -5000 € less etc .. So slow go the partly astronomical prices so down again (the R5 Turbo was By the way, the Saabs are still unsold)

    Nevertheless, many still seem to be hoping for the “DEAL”, because in addition to the usual suspects who have been seen at the fair for years (some with the same vehicles), there were also a number of new dealers on site (from near and far-> Sweden e.g.). How much their cars had to take back with them despite the above discounts is unclear.

    The huge brand halls (except for Volvo, Land Rover & Jaguar) have been annoying me for a number of years. In the meantime I've been there for the 15th time and at the beginning you didn't really see a manufacturer, now you are downright struck by them (BMW, Mercedes and the VW Group). This was particularly noticeable in the club area, which this time thanks to the renovation was complete. was occupied by VW brand clubs (the others had been pushed into a tent). At Mercedes and BMW, the whole thing is integrated into the brand show.

    Greetings Cetak

  • I guess it's this one Article from the WORLD, which is also available online. Well written and also Bredlow, Germany's oldest Saab dealer (and sporadic blog supporter = thanks to Berlin!), Comes in it.

  • Did you read the full-page article “Swedish steel with turbocharger” in the daily newspaper “Die Welt” last Saturday? “Saab should be dead by now, the manufacturer went bankrupt in 2011. But thanks to committed fans and a good stock of spare parts, the brand lives on ... ”So even without factory support.

  • I think the atmosphere at Techniclassica is well captured ……. In addition, after my visit yesterday, I would like to add that it is sometimes really embarrassing, as the marketing departments of large car companies that have for years …… .. the support of Oldie drivers have now taken care of themselves as great traditionalists ...... so the VW group really did tam-tam at the fair with its brands ... ..not just that the Seat Trekka (in the sixties with basic parts of the Octavia for the huge Car market in New Zealand, four-wheel-drive cars made there) now to the father of four-wheel-drive. Philosophy is made, no, also the Fiat licensed buildings from Spain, which resemble the Fiat 600 and similar except for the company sign called SEAT, have to serve to show how international VW with tradition and bypasses classic cars.
    I hope that the slump in the “professional” classic car dealers described by Tom will result in the whole thing settling back in the enthusiast's area, even if it may remain a dream. Perhaps it will be easier to finance an appearance at the Techniclassia for brave brand clubs and the exhibition stands of these committed club members will again become highlights of this event ……… this year I found the stand of the DKW Munga freaks, where a Red Cross Stadium with everything Snap and snap, including the blood pumping out of the open fracture of the tibia, of an attractive mannequin is the most exciting.

  • Nice that collectors objects emerge from nowhere again and again! An old SAAB is more individual than any 1000 911x! The brand has a lot of potential!

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