Saab & snow. Choosing the 5 most popular photos.

Our readers had the choice, and they have decided! The most popular Saab winter photo comes from Thorsten. His Saab 900 with the Toppola Camper is by far the favorite. 2 is followed by another classic from Trollhättan with the 2-Tact by Christoph.

Winter camping? No problem with a Saab. Photo by Thorsten.
Winter camping? No problem with a Saab. Photo by Thorsten.

Two classics up front, that came as a surprise. For the most viewed photos was clearly a 9-5 NG. The photo of Claus went as a high favorite in the vote, but in the end it was enough for the 3. Place. Two Saab 9-3 generations share 4 and 5 rankings, and readers have made a well-balanced choice.

Saab & snow. Choose the best Saab photo!

  • Image 5: Saab 900 and Toppola in the snow by Thorsten (28% 112 Votes)
  • Image 1: Saab two-stroke by Christoph (24% 93 Votes)
  • Image 6: Saab 9-5 NG by Claus (15% 58 Votes)
  • Image 2: Saab 9-3 and Ludmilla in the snow (8% 33 Votes)
  • Picture 9: Saab 9-3 by Justus (8% 30 Votes)
  • Image 3: Saab 9-3x by Simon in the snow (6% 23 Votes)
  • Image 7: Saab 9-5 NG by Eduard (5% 20 Votes)
  • Image 10: Saab 9-3x by Thomas (3% 12 Votes)
  • Image 8: Saab 9-3 by Daniel in winter (2% 9 Votes)
  • Picture 4: Saab 9-5 NG by Hakan (1% 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 393

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As promised, we pack a small package for the top five finishers. The annual calendar of Orio Germany and some other funky little things will be on the trip in the next few days.


The blog team would like to thank all senders for the great Saab & Schnee pictures. The winter competition was a lot of fun for us, it once again proved the liveliness of the Saab community. The next action is sure to come. Maybe in summer or autumn, with a suitable motto. Let yourself be surprised!

3 thoughts on "Saab & snow. Choosing the 5 most popular photos."

  • Thank you very much for choosing my 61 year old Saab 93 for 2nd place. But there were also a lot of other beautiful motifs in the pre-selection and final selection. Carry out the action for all seasons and create a monthly calendar from the best pictures ... or probably better a calendar with weekly changing motifs. The organizer of the Oldtimer Sauerland Tour (in 2018 on May 5) also does it very cleverly with the annual calendar: one large picture per month, including five small ones. Maybe an idea

  • I'm glad! 🙂
    Many thanks to all who have given me or my Topponautischen Photo their vote.
    And congratulations to the four other winners, the additional five finalists and all the others who submitted photos. I am impressed by the quality of the motifs and the photographs, it was a Saabian pleasure to look at the pictures. Alone from this selection you could already print a great calendar o. Ä.

    • Oh well,

      An 900 facelift is cool. An 900 in winter is even cooler. An 900 with Toppola (in winter!) Is a superlative.
      Photographically, others were certainly and easily equal. But you had to be able to take on this motif ...

      No easy task! Car and Toppola are enviable. Even in the summer. Congratulations to the winner and thanks to all for many great pictures.

      I see it the same way as Thorsten: It calls for a calendar. Theoretically. The practical thing is stupid that it is not winter for 12 months ...

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