The second life of the others

Sometimes the look back helps if you want to look ahead. At the Techno Classica there were trends for the future. Although beyond Saab, perhaps still pointing the way for the future of the brand and its vehicles. But at least a food for thought. In addition: a visit to Volvo ends differently than planned. And a frightening confession.

The second life for the landlord

The German manufacturers are leading in terms of second, third and fourth exploitation. Mercedes dealers have been restoring old star cars for decades. And Porsche earns really good money with the classic business. An ingenious, sustainable Perpetuum Mobile, where the same vehicles are always maintained and restored. An endless cycle that permanently flushes money into the coffers.

Relatively new to the business is Jaguar - Land Rover. The Classic department had a well-made stand in Essen and presented impressively, what works. Two open E-types, one restored, one in good used condition, showed what the customer can expect. The second life, as a perfectly made new car from the factory.

The second life, as interpreted by Land Rover

An interesting theme that best demonstrates a perfect Series I Land Rover by 1955. According to factory specifications - rebuilt with the highest degree of authenticity - as many original parts as possible are preserved. Everything else is new, strictly according to the original specifications. The "Reborn" Landy rolls to the customer with an 12 months factory warranty. Either as pure as 1955 came off the line, or with additional upgrade options that make driving more enjoyable and safer.

The price, starting at 85,000.00 €, should not be a hurdle for the envisaged Landlords. Style and class have their price. Another, not yet restored series 1 Land Rover shows the initial state. He is the last "Lights behind the Grille" guy and was on 11. May 1950 delivered in Melbourne. JLR Classic, on the worldwide search for exciting vehicles, bought him. Now he is waiting for the right customer. His second life should cost from 100,000.00 €.

The second life of old vehicles could be a business with a lot of future. Digitization is rolling into the new car market with full force this year. Virtual cockpits and displays, with more and more online offers and assistants are now available at almost all brands and in almost all price ranges. The customer will find that great - in the beginning. After a while, he might wish to return to his analogue feel-good zone. Without a cloud, without a legion of assistants, without an unrestrained flow of information.

Anyone who is annoyed, and who can afford it, could sooner or later cherish thoughts of escape. And JLR Classic can fulfill them. An 1950 series 1 Landy gives you, at least for a few hours, the feeling of the Scottish Highlands with freedom, adventure and self-determination.

A model for Saab? Perhaps ! A second life for a brand that should actually be dead - but still breathing. There is a lot of charm in the idea of ​​a factory restoration. A classic 900 rebuilt to factory specifications, with new car (!) Guarantee, that would have something. An 9000 Turbo, with upgrade options as an individual Business Express, why not? The second life for Saab. Strong classics, technically improved and up to date. And then please under the official license of Saab AB.

A model for the Saab future, maybe a blogger craze. But also a food for thought for companies that deal with old cars and Saab in particular.

A frightening confession

Each visit to Essen also leads to the status of the other Swedish brand. She plays quite well the map with her historic vehicles, but also shows the latest model. Actually, I'm more interested in the classics than the new release. Actually…

This year Volvo presented some James Bond vehicle, and the reader notices at the latest here that everything was different. Because it was the XC40 that I found exciting. Ironically, an SUV, and that was really unplanned. The beginning: There was this Sweden flag on the hood. A small, nice detail, as I would have always wanted to Saab. A styling gag that aroused curiosity in me for more. For example, on the interior.

And at the latest, the Volvo surprised me. Allegedly, many former Saab designers work at Volvo, and Simon Padian is also on the payroll in Gothenburg. And I find it hard to confess it: I like the little Swede. The XC40 design has an enormous feel-good character, you will discover many beautiful details in terms of material and design. Reinsetzen, immediately feel good, when did this happen to me since 2011?

Never, and that's the scary thing. Volvo and Saab, that has always been rivalry. One reason for my decision to keep the Gothenburg brand off the blog. And now that ... How to deal with it?

Maybe a quick look at the price tag helps to cool off the spontaneous love for the Volvo XC40. 58,000.00 € will be recorded for the exhibit. Pretty much money. Especially because it is not Saab.

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  • Pure Saab passion would look different.

    It is now very drifting away from SAAB.

    • Exactly this digression has been making the blog so exciting for years. I appreciate that very much, well written.

  • And as if it were so wanted, Volvo calls the slogan for the vehicle "typically different"

  • That was again an interesting post in the blog regarding the possibilities for SAAB. This time not only nostalgia, but an option for the future. But the comments on the Volvo XC 40 from the pen of our SAAB Boggers I find exciting, especially as I am with this car (XC 40 T4) toying. BUT on Tue, 27. March was in the technical supplement to the FAZ read a clear warning. Restrained, however, as one would expect from the FAZ otherwise.


  • Thanks for the interesting thought games, also for SAAB! 🙂
    In fact, I observe more "fully restored SAAB's" in the last two years ..., eg. B. at Fa. Heuschmid, in the south of the Republic. I can well imagine that these analog SAAB's have another future. But then "the rest on the streets" should also be secured ... 😉
    The "flag-fun" I can understand well - I would have had Frede tuned.
    That is one of the reasons why Fa. Fjällräven is so likeable ... 😉 Keep typical Swedish ... 🙂

  • I was also at Volvo - at the Volvo dealer next door. For me, too, the XC40 is the first Volvo to smile at me. But I was there because my right xenon headlight had given up in the 9-5. Stupid. But the friendly service technician said: "Sure, we like to help with a Scandinavian colleagues car." Without advance notice, this was not quite cheap exchange pleasantly done.

  • I also like the new generation of Volvos more and more ... and the XC40 has also done to me in particular. Maybe it's worth a closer look ...

    From my everyday car, a VW Tiguan, I'm currently so annoyed that I think the idea of ​​giving analogous vehicles another life, quite outstanding. Currently, I have the impression that the Wolfsburg have not only "adjusted" the software for the diesel engine, but also built in my gasoline engine various electronic, sauteure "breaking points after 8 years". To scrapping a pity, to drive too expensive ... I'm looking forward to bringing the 28-year-old 9000er out of hibernation in the next few days ... on which his first life continues for a long time!

  • So with the factory restoration is already a great and certainly also profitable thing. Only - where no factory, as there are no factory restoration.

    And I do not personally see a rivalry between Volvo and Saab. My vehicle history was always balanced here. What else should be an alternative to a Saab? The bling-bling pseudo-premium models of Audi / BMW / Mercedes but probably not, right?

    • Exactly Griffin, certainly no car from the VW Group, never ever! If there were only two brands left, I would buy the other!

    • The core is a restoration to factory specifications. The plans and the knowledge for it are (still) available. This could be anywhere under the Saab AB license - although Trollhättan would be the optimum location.

      • Unfortunately, until now only the proven workshop.
        I've also planned for next month to give my 98er 9.3 a GR by a professional hand.
        Will not be cheap. But it's worth it as Tom has emphasized so often, from an ecological point of view.
        In addition, much too much heart depends on the driving experience, which a modern Volvo can not guarantee to give me.

  • Wherever Bloggers Looks Like ...

    ... I am very sympathetic, as he shares this with us all.

    There is always sympathy for the one or the other car of the past and for many vehicles of the present. If it were otherwise, personally, my enthusiasm for SAAB would be worth half the price ...

    Just my 2 cents.

  • It is clearly a rather arrogant sign of a prosperity society, if old sheet metal for Euro 100`000.- is made usable again! I lived in sub-Saharan Africa for nine years, so much good could be done with so much money. And old Land Rovers are there too much ....

    The detour to the Volvo XC40 I can understand well. I also like it very much, but the price is beyond my imagination, one could almost say, they are just spinning the Swedes (or Chinese)

    Happy Easter to all, we enjoy our Saab on these days off!

    • The price of Volvo is very confident. The leasing rate should, as so often, put it into perspective. To my mind, it is too expensive, even if it is well done.

  • Hi,

    The XC40 starts from about 32000 €.

    This flag has only the First Edition models on the hood. Unfortunately you can not reorder.

    Greetings from the Vorharz

    • Thanks Elmar! Would have been nice if the nice flags were so 😉

  • Would have a new car ago, then I would only consider a Volvo in question, but not the XC40 (which reminds me too much of BMW and Co., for example, in the area of ​​the C-pillar to the first X3), but the fabulous, new V60 , Also in the customer dialogue I find Volvo z.Zt. very committed and helpful. So thanks for the post, Tom!

  • Unfortunately, the processing is no longer so good in modern Volvo.
    I can not understand what some people find about this SUV.
    But the price is actually okay if you compare. The new Tiguan also costs over 30.
    That with the flags, can be solved quite easily with a few stickers from the tank or elsewhere.

    Then the shadow of a moose on the hatchback and the Volvo is perfect!

  • The XC40 has something, Volvos have become very nice again in the last years and I also like how they present the cars, I was in February for the first time at the presentation at the Vienna Ice Dream, Vienna Volvo Icecube in XC40 inside. I found the seats comfortable, but could not find a seating position from which I could see all the displays on the Digital Tach without being covered by the steering wheel. The entry was not the most comfortable despite the SUV shape - it is rare that I hate my head when getting in the car. Despite the small subjective criticism he likes me

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