Seven at once

Sounds like a fairy tale, but is pure reality, with all the joys and sorrows, owner pride and owner frustration. So there are actually seven Saab on our farm. There is not even any place in the stable anymore, two have to stay outside! The choice is not always easy for me ....

7 in one go
7 in one go

Which two have to take their place in the old dung-throws? Most of the time it's the viggen and the performance. The performance I need the most, he is almost the bread and butter car, if you want to use this actually saiföde designation.

How did I get to Saab and to so many cars? It needs several conditions. Place comes first, the joy and the will and then, of course, the financial commitment. The Saab is not so big in the purchase, but it already beats the maintenance. But it is also true that my seven Saab are about the value of a new big SUV, that is to say, vehicles that are found in the thousands on our streets.

There are a lot of expensive vehicles on the road in Switzerland in particular. (I come from the border area between Germany and Switzerland). I am anything but a "rich" snitch. I came to Saab via Citroen and Lancia (two Lancia are still in the stable, a Fulvia Berlina 1972 and a Delta HF 1st series built in 1984)

So the career is certainly traceable, Citroen and Lancia are or were on the line to Saab. Both brands were, with emphasis on goods, also very idiosyncratic and individual.

While Lancia like Saab is dead today, Citroen is still there. And such a DS 5 I could actually imagine as an alternative to my big 95NG.

My first Saab came late, in 2003 to me. I have already told this story in another post, so I do not want to be bored and repeat myself. 2003 So, quite late in my life, quasi to my 50.Birthday, I made the yellow 9-3er convertible year 1998, SE equipment, 2,3i engine and 4 gear automatic and only 30000km on the clock. A real gem.

Seven at once. How many saws do you need to be happy?
Seven at once. How many saws do you need to be happy?

This car is actually already a kind of oldie or at least a youngtimer, even if this name does not officially exist. The 2,3i is a rickety guy and the 4 Gang Automatic from the day before yesterday. But the car is something very special with its yellow color and I would be the last to give it up. With the convertible, I made many beautiful trips, was soon completely infected by the Saab bacillus and it came as it is with many Saab fans. One Saab after another literally struck me and I just had to have it.

Over the years, the following Saab found their way to me (some went again):

  • 9-3 convertible 1998 in yellow, 2,3i engine, 4 gear automatic. The yellow convertible I already have since 15 years. It runs meanwhile with seasonal characteristics and is driven at most still a few 100 kms in the year.
  • 96 year of construction 1975 in green, which I sold again in 2012. With the "Fröschli" we were 2006 at the Saab meeting in South Sweden.
  • 9-3 Aero Coupe 1999 in black, with nice beige interior. I exchanged for the Viggen
  • 9-3 Coupe Viggen in Viggen Blue, 2,3 Turbo with 230 PS. Runs just like a Viggen runs ☺ I later sold it again, which I really regretted ☹
  • 900 Turbo Commander, built in 1986, with 155 Turbo PS. This model was made especially for Switzerland. Very rare, 2 door with the sedan tail! I later sold again.
  • 9-3 Aero Coupe Year 2001, with Viggenbody, in dark blue metallic, with Maptun Stage 1. Simply a beautiful vehicle, as if made of one piece, with very beautiful proportions.
  • 9-5NG, TiD, year of construction 2011, in circulation since Feb. 2012, with 180 PS / 400 Nm HP tuning. 95NG, what else needs to be said? A Saab of the last hour, the last rearing up, unfortunately in vain as we know today. And now the Diesel Gate…. Thank you dear VW group that my TiD has drastically lost its value in the wake of "head start by crappy" ☹
  • 9-3 Convertible 2005 2.0t with 5 Gear Automatic, in Lime Metallic. Great color, in summer when the sun shines so intense, the convertible just looks awesome. All who see it say, wow, what a color! At that time, almost nobody bought it! That's okay by me.
  • 9-3 Combi, built in 2009, as XWD and 240 PS, automatic, in black. I drove it one winter and then sold it with a good profit!
  • 9-3 Viggen 1999, as a sedan, very rare and still runs as just as a Viggen runs. And the limousine in simple silver metallic you can not see how the thing is going.
  • 9-3 Sport Sedan 2005, as 2.0 T Performance. One of the few from the direct cooperation SAAB / Hirsch. 252 PS and 350 Nm from 2 liter capacity, quite good. And also pretty fast. I think this type of vehicle was only sold in Germany and in Switzerland. But I am not sure. Does anyone know more about you?
  • 96 Year 1980, Final Edition, imported directly from Poland. I only have to a story recently written. Looking forward to the 1.April like a little kid, then the 96er with its season license plate is finally allowed on the street.

If my list is correct, there must be seven Saab with me.
OK, once counted and there they stand. (Unfortunately, I'm not really a good photographer and the sun did not want it the way I wanted it to be ...)

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  • Thanks for the idea !!

  • blank

    Great cars, you can only congratulate. I would also wish the place

  • Of course, I have to write something about this submission ...
    So I (we-of course in coordination with the family) have bought this “Lime Yellow” Cabrio 9-3 4 times! (From 2003-2010) The last one is of course with us and stays there and is also a deer ex works with the 252 hp. It's just great, drives in tight corners like a go-kart…. The chassis is even better than in the Aero, not that extremely hard but at least as directional. (had the two in parallel for a short time);

    So great collection and always a lot of joy with the vehicles.

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    Finally a dose of SAAB. Thank you!

    And then almost an overdose. On the other hand, there would have been more photos and the Lancias would have liked to be on it too. For me Italy is a bit like Mediterranean Sweden anyway. Not just automotive. But that's another topic …

    I like the group picture very much. But the cars would have been worth individual portraits. I really liked “Vorsprung durch Beschiss”!

    There's a lot going on beyond the diesel debate. My 9-5 chrome goggles SC (a stalked 2.0t) consume relatively exactly what SAAB had promised in the catalog. Promised?
    Judging by the promises of other brands, it was more of a threat!

    That a heavy car with over 200 PS keeps in practice to the manufacturer's information, is still a positive exception. Up to 50% more consumption in this category are now more the rule. I am completely alienated from such additional consumption. Thank SAAB.

    Maybe SAAB was just too honest, just too Swedish for this world?

    Be that as it may, I would rather continue to drive honestly than let myself be “shit” against my better judgment. And when the honest skin ages, but there is no new one, then I prefer the honestly old skin to a mendacious one.

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    Great collection! Especially the two “wrong colors” are real highlights!

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