For all: Saab Inside as a print version

On Friday, the members of the Saab Service Club received the online version of the special issue of Saab Inside. The best reviews from previous 8 issues summarized in a single issue. This has never happened before, and we are also celebrating a very special premiere.

Saab Inside as a print version
Special edition with gigantic edition

For the first time there is the Saab Inside as a print version in really large edition. For the booklets 1 - 8 there was only an exclusive number. But now Orio Germany lets it crash and chases 15.000 copies through the printing press. 15.000 folders! 7 years after the end of the brand, that speaks for brand spirit in Eschborn, and that probably only exists with Saab!

All authorized Saab partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland received in the last few days by mail a free contingent of issues. If you wanted, you could order additional Saab Inside editions for your customers. Quite a few dealers have done that.

So the path should lead to the Saab partner in the next few days. Not only to secure one of the notebooks, but also to check his Saab once again. Springtime is the best time to go, and some Saab-Talk on-site is always fun, and you might discover the Saab of his dreams of previous ownership on the dealer's farm.

Saab booklets for the most diligent commentators

Traditionally, Orio Deutschland leaves us some copies for free use. A fine gesture that gives us the opportunity to make friends and supporters of the blog project happy. Because there were some additional issues for us this time, we want to beautify some readers the day. The blog also thrives on interaction, and diligent commentators are important to us.

Mark and I have decided to send 5 Saab Inside booklets to the readers with the most comments. Because the blog would be only half as good without the comments; it's our way of saying a little thank you. The ranking of the most frequent commentators of the last months:

  • Herbert Hürsch
  • Eric
  • Daniel
  • Mountain goat
  • GP362

They all get Saab-Post from us in the next few days, but before that we need the postal address by email. Please contact info (at) Thank you!

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  • A nice train of Eschborn. Will visit the friendly times the week!

  • A THANKS to Orio for the generous edition! Really impressive! 🙂
    A second thanks to the blog team for the idea of ​​"individual use" of the provided SAAB-Inside.
    I am so happy! 🙂 🙂
    Thank you. The sun is shining (finally) + SAAB-Inside, the day is just great !!!
    All blog participants good accident-free ride!

  • Already last week I was already at the oil change at the Saab dealer and I immediately secured a booklet .... 🙂

  • Difficult to shame, if you live in the Cuxland, there are friendly Saab dealer rather sparsely represented, and those who still do it, such as Raak in Geestland, formerly 276 ... Langen are indeed very keen for the vehicles, but not on the ball (I think) - would be great if there were other sources for getting such magazines.

    • Yes it is really difficult here with us here. Am myself from Bremerhaven and was with my 9-5 always with Raak. Fortunately, nothing was left with the 9-3. Unfortunately, the next one is really only in Kiel I know. Nice people there but unfortunately also so far away.

    • Not only in Cuxland ..

      .. Also in other regions of the country it is the "alumni" who hold the flag as independent workshops without Orio service partnership. Each Orio part is provided by a detour, parts supply and expertise are guaranteed.

      In fact, there is also an official Orio and former Saab Center partner on site (even much closer to me), but the expertise of this multi-brand branch makes one shudder.

      So it will be nothing for me with the really readable edition as a print (Top Action Orio!).
      Too bad that there is no purchase via Orio or otherwise (Hello, Orio ..?!) ...

  • Hello Tom

    I would like to leave cpetermann42 the Saab Inside, which was meant for me, because I was at the Saab Treffen at Auto Service Hoebold near Bitterfeld last weekend and we all got such a copy.


    Please send your address to Tom.

    Saabige Greetings from the East.


    • That's what I call solidarity among the fans of a small brand. Of course, we like to make @cpetermann announce his address.

  • Great action from Orio and thanks for the info. Already had my Saab waiting for the Saab partner and print the magazine for the time being. Let's see if I can get one more. Summer can come and Saab sets a sign again .......

  • This is a great idea with the printed edition. It is very appealing and with great content. It would be nice if the next issues were then to get to the dealer. I was definitely happy when I got the magazine last Saturday at the Saab meeting with the Hoebold family in Holzweissig. With me certainly also everyone else sums up 40 Saabfreunde, who spent a nice day under the same. It was a successful meeting.

  • Must correct me, in Holzweissig were summarizes 70 Saabfreunde with sums up 40 vehicles.

  • Hello dear Saab Blogger,
    I too live this brand and defend it with all reasonable and unreasonable arguments. therefore it would be nice to have printed arguments in the form of the Saab Inside.
    best regards from Thuringia


    • Hello Stefan, you like to receive a copy from me - that is of course among the SAAB friends Thuringia 🙂

      Lg. Thomas

  • Then I will stop by in Himberg.

  • I ordered something from Stephan-Individual. Today came the package and lo and behold, there was still a printed issue in the package. I was very pleased.

  • Was this morning at my friend's ....... Reception knew nothing of the "INSIDE" -Sonderdruck, seller who knows everything, not even ...... .. the master and co-owner knew what ...... to his question, what I want the reprint and my spontaneous answer: "To read!" ;-))))))) ...... .. minutes later I could hold the book in my hands and take with me ...... home brewed a coffee on my day off and on the balcony the great Heft enjoyed ....... THANK ORIO !!

  • Unfortunately, I can not get to such a book. 🙁 I would like to. When will at least the online version come? Then at least I can read it online 🙂

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