Saab 9-5 NG successor (draft)

Quite frankly, there is no successor in sight for the last Saab 9-5 generation. Even if there were unexpected signals from Trollhättan in the media in the previous week. A topic that will certainly occupy us in the coming days, but without any serious relevance. Saab is no longer, but designers are still designing what never was.

Saab 9-5 successor
Saab 9-5 successor design by Joe Zechnas

That's unusual. But fits the picture of the brand. Another question would be whether the design of Joe Zechnas would suit what Trollhättan could have run off the line. His idea is a mix of the last truly produced Saab 9-5 generation, the Aero X study, and the designs of Castriota.

NEVS could have built something like this if the trademark rights had not been so carelessly gambled away. Because the draft could also be imagined as a BEV. The Tesla Hunter, a Swedish counterpart to the Model S, which the Stallbacka dreamed of since 2012, but which has not yet been realized. Maybe it would have been a Victor Muller thing as a replacement for the 9-5 NG, which was planned for 2017. Or an upper class Saab 9-7 drawn by Castriota, which, along with many other models, was a vision for 2020.

No matter, the study is pure fiction. A trip beyond reality, before we deal with things in real life tomorrow. What is the opinion of the readers? Does the design of Joe Zechnas look like Saab, or is it just another post without value? Can he pass next to the 9-5 NG, which is still timelessly beautiful and apparently never ages? Opinions and comments are welcome.

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  • I would like the 9-5, I like the big grille, big like the others, some Kia Stinger and BMW 6 approaches, but still the Saab elements are clearly recognizable to me. With the 9-3 study, I'm not warm, with the large tailgate would have his charm and the Phoenix study would of course be a dream.

  • Hi people,

    It's always good to see people engage with Saab. I also looked at the linked page.
    The reason, even if I have to deal professionally with design, etc., I find the presentation mega difficult.
    They indicate what is in the direction of uncertainty (After the hood) totally blurred and contrast poor, blurred with the black background. A picture shows no draft. Especially this one. You do not realize so much that in my opinion all this effort was a bit in vain. Clearly you can see the 1 to 1 Castriota front. Not more.
    I liked the things Castriota did for Saab. Not as much as the design of the 9-5 I and 9-5 II. It was something completely different what Padian did for Saab. Simple, plain, Scandinavian just. Imagine what the Padian Design could do ... a 9-1, 9-3 9-x, etc. The Castriota Design is too muscular and personal for me, even when I saw the planned 9-3, overdesigned. A little too much ami.
    Well ... just my opinion on it.

  • So the Castriota design I can get nothing, certainly more of a Saab than the soulless Zechnas design, which would have been safe for KIA, but the terrible cost wings at Castriota were already a design SuperGau, the Mercedes W212 as a pontoon fender Stuttgarters have also quickly seen and rejected the successor. I would have put a lot of emphasis on Simon Padian. The man had the makings of great Saab designs, if he could have ..

  • Quite a lot of negative comments ...

    I prefer to join Kochje and Heiko. It's great that SAAB is still inspiring. And of course, the design is not ready for production. But he is promising too.

    A SAAB as a blue whale. Why not? A progressive front with a recognizable brand identity. That’s something! And once again the appearance of a SAAB would be more modern and independent than that of a contemporary Volvo. That has always been the case, but at least for many years. Between 1970 and the 850, Volvo basically only built tractors ...

    @ KG-930,
    that's always the case with the windows and wheels in studies. For at least 20 years. If it came in series, the wheels would be at least one or two inches smaller and the windows significantly larger ...
    See Volvo S & V90 (studies and reality). But it's true, there is also a trend towards the realization and on the road (which I also don't like) that cars are increasingly looking like the fantasy products from Matchbox.

    In short:
    Joe Zechnas did a good “job” in my opinion. If this job and SAAB actually existed, it would be a dream. TO BE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. It is not. Unfortunately …

  • Good are not as many creases as sometimes common, but why do the wheels get bigger and the windows get smaller and smaller?

  • Granted, the 95 NG is very difficult to beat. From my point of view, 2x meant well, which unfortunately is the opposite of being well done.

  • I would buy the 93 from Castriota immediately. In the case of the 95 study, like many here, I would say that it is oversubscribed. I prefer to keep my “old” 95NG!

  • I'm just saying so much: when can you order it?

  • Well, I tend to agree - I like it! Certainly a mixture of Aero X and PhoeniX, but why not? Thought further and quite elegantly transferred to a “Sportback” or a “2 + 2”; He has pulled the hockey stick, sideline not as terribly high as with MB, nicely from the front to the rear lights, if he then brings a tailgate ... very successful!

  • It was also my first thought

  • With all due respect to the technical skills of the designer, but he did not understand SAAB - in my eyes this is just a "nice try"

    No offense 😉

  • For me, this is a sign that Saab is still creating creativity. I'm always happy when I see the artist or designer producing these designs. Shows that Saab is still getting something out. And VM would have considered this as a possibility. Congratulate Joe Zechnas.

  • All in all, it doesn't look bad, BUT, unfortunately I can't find anything that connects me to SAAB immediately, as with many other models. But it would certainly fit “well” into the street scene and fit into the mainstream, as Roland has already written. So unfortunately nothing for me.
    I find that there are (unfortunately) plenty of vehicles that are somewhat similar to the study from afar, such as Ford Mondeo, Opel Insignia, Kia, Jaguar, Audi, ... And personal individuality is simply ordered with a different / adapted interior 🙁

  • In my opinion, too many beads and edges. The silhouette of the vehicle from the front to the C-pillar, however, I find quite successful ....

  • Timeless I find the designs of the 9-5 NG, the 9-5 NG SC and the 9-4x too!
    These are still real eye-catchers.

    For example, my 2011 car is still often mistaken for a “new car”. 🙂

  • I somehow immediately thought of Audi in the course of the C-pillar and rear. 🙂

  • Except for the front, absolutely interchangeable, a Kia Stinger design could also be ...

  • Now I'm not a Saab owner, but I've been with you forever.
    And to that extent allows me to express my opinion:
    When I saw the picture, I didn't know it was a Saab. I tipped off a Jaguar, a large Audi coupe or a BMW study. Even on closer inspection and the emblem on the muzzle, I would not come across Saab ...
    I would say mainstream - in this respect it might even have had sales opportunities.

  • The front end looks a lot like Saab, the rest is really debatable ...

  • To top an icon is a Herculean task.
    Audi has delivered nothing after the first TT, which would have been equal. Daimler created an icon with the first CLS and flattened it with the second one.
    Even the 9-5NG is such an icon, the first from the house of Saab after a long time. In this respect, the Zechnas draft struggles with the same problem. And, indeed, he looks a bit too much left and right. That's the bottom line a few lines too much. So rather: thumbs down.

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