Brand presence: Saab shows flag!

Currently many Saab partners receive mail. And then they blow again in the wind, the Saab flags. In addition to the flags, there are rollups, mirror pendants and much more, all printed with the Saab logo. Equipment for the customer area, flags for the company premises, trailer for oil change and inspection. Saab shows flag and presence.

Saab flag in the wind

Behind the action is - of course - Orio in Eschborn. I think that's good ! And I suspect many other readers as well. Because nothing is more unfortunate than handing in the Saab for inspection where it stands in a row with several other makes. Where maybe another brand flag is blowing in the wind and the Saab lettering was removed years ago. Yes, these workshops can also perform well. But sometimes it's also about the soft factors and the heart.

A kind of feel-good atmosphere, to feel in good hands and at home. The good feeling only arises when Saab plays first fiddle. This has become increasingly rare in recent years. I am happy when a small greeting hangs on the mirror after the inspection, assuring me that Saab mechanics were at work. I think it's great to drive into the yard of a dealer when the Saab flags are blowing in the wind. Or a Saab rollup is set up next to the service acceptance.

These are Saab sentimentalities, that's clear. Marketing people would define it as a small part of the brand experience. But the Saab community is small. And minorities are particularly sensitive to some things. The fact that Orio has now taken the initiative and is flooding the Saab partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with flags and accessories is great.

With the action one seems to have hit the nerve, because the demand of the customers was enormous. Saab is a fixture in daily business and a reliable source of income for many businesses. Still. And there is no end in sight.

Of course, it is no exploit if Orio supplies its dealers with flags and accessories. Incidentally, at very reasonable prices, and made in Germany. The action is rather a strong proof of professionalism. Orio is Saab. And while the company is today active in many brands, Saab is still its core competency.

The strengthening of the public appearance gives a good idea. A long-term plan, a commitment to the brand and workshops. And for us the reassuring feeling that professionals are at work here. They will supply us with Saab original spare parts also in many years.

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  • Oh,

    Orio should therefore take over the spare parts business for new vehicles of the investor?
    Therefore the talk of (Orios) free capacities?

  • @ Tom
    Quote ”The blog will get a logo this year, the problem has been recognized. And it will be Saab ”End quote

    As a photographer and Photoshop, I like to offer my help in creating a logo. Of course for free.

  • @ Tom,

    the blog team is great! Where would and what would SAAB be in D without you today?

    At least the service and spare parts business without you would be much closer to the ground. And the prices for used SAABs would be lower. Would we still enjoy driving and SAAB without the blog?

    Hard to say …

    What is certain, however, is that even die-hard SAAB fans (who are not so easily deterred or even dissuaded from their passion) benefit when the SAAB flag is held high ...

    Thanks again for your work and commitment.

  • Hello Herbert Hürsch,

    please read it correctly first and then post a comment. The speech (mind game) was about an investor for SAAB automobiles (of course with deep pockets) who managed development and production - Orio could then continue to take over the entire SAAB spare parts logistics (I was already aware that Orio would have development costs for new vehicles or even whose production could not shoulder financially).

  • The blog will get a logo this year, the problem is recognized. And it will be Saabish 😉

  • Nice thought!

    Unfortunately, a quick look at the numbers (Orio sales and profit or development costs for a vehicle) is enough to quickly relegate it to the realm of dreams that cannot be realized ...

  • Such a well-run company like Orio would surely have free capacity. A new investor with guts for SAAB automobiles - including naming rights, of course - could let Orio's entire spare parts business continue and concentrate on the development and manufacture of vehicles. It might be worth considering.

  • Good to know! Is noted. That makes it even easier. Thank you for the info!

    Would also look good on the blog if the header were more based on the original (spelling The SAAB AB and Orio would certainly not mind. The blog does more for SAAB than NEVZ. It would be perfectly legitimate ...

  • Right, then still pitch on -140 and everything fits. It is really easy.

  • I'm not afraid. The flags were produced to order, they are (actually) not in stock.

  • The lettering (Type Gill Sans) is not rocket science. Just do it yourself!

  • Find that great from Orio !!
    Hopefully the (former) dealers will see it that way too !!
    Such a flag would do well in my house garage 🙂

  • nice that Orio continues to be so present, Orio is fine, our Saabs are fine, are we fine. I would also like the flags for my own home.

  • Cool trust-based marketing campaign from Orio. Congratulations and for the good feeling of being in good hands with the Saab partners and Orio.

  • Or the other way around, the Opel dealer appears again in the memories of Saab drivers ... since something newer from Saab has been added to my fleet, I drive to the local Opel dealer for most of the work. Has the advantage that the workshop is not as far away as the next Saabbude and they are also cheaper.

  • Great and long overdue action. Is it possible to get flags as a non-Saab dealer?

  • Totally agree with this statement by Herbert H.

  • Great action! This recalls the brand, especially at Opel dealers!

  • Congratulations to Orio!
    Keeping a small brand alive that hasn't made vehicles for years is great. In terms of service and commitment, I am certainly thinking about adding a “newer” model to my old 9000 model ...

  • A great action by Orio.

    The spare parts division is the only thing that is still original SAAB and SAAB Automobile left.

    Seen that way, it's true. SAAB shows its flag. And SAAB lives. And it is good when no corpse bat and no questionable resurrection artist get the naming rights. Please continue! The handling of the naming rights on the part of SAAB (i.e. the military division) has my fullest understanding.

  • It's true, if you read this, it will warm you around the SAABherz.

  • Thanks to Orio! This is huge as you keep the brand alive! Keep it up!

  • Very beautiful! I already picked up my “SAAB Inside” from Ralf Muckelbauer.

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