Saab time travel in Berlin and Hamburg

Not long - and April is history. May starts with two great Saab events! The brand invites you on a journey through time in Berlin and Hamburg. Saab fans should tick the 5 May in their schedule.

Saab Bredlow
Good things stay. Saab Bredlow with historic Saab CI, which is currently preserved in the back part.

Saab time travel on the 5. May at Bredlow

Let's start in Berlin! Bredlow, Germany's oldest Saab dealer, had been making headlines again in recent weeks. The article about the “immortal cars from Trollhättan”Went through the community and got a lot of attention. The family has been loyal to the brand since 1966 and has lived through exciting times with them. The small Swedish brand is still and will probably continue to be the topic.

Times have also changed on Tempelhofer Weg, but the Saab signs with the wonderful, old Saab CI have remained. At Saab, it's now about value retention and restoration, about service for classics and youngtimers. The demand for new and annual cars is preferably met with vehicles of the other Swedish brand. In addition to Saab classics and the restoration of air-cooled vehicles from Wolfsburg, Bosch Service is another mainstay.

The Bredlows are well positioned for the future and, as German Saab veterans, remain a long-term destination for the Berlin Saab community. And with Thomas and Oliver Bredlow is now the 3. Generation as a guarantee for continuity on board.

On the 5. May invites the family to the Spring Festival. Among many other Saab rarities will be an 99 Turbo, an 95 PickUp, Saab 9000CD, a Sonett II and an 9-5 NG. As the highlight of the day, a fully restored Saab 900 convertible in montecarlo-yellow will be handed over to its proud owner.

All Saab fans are welcome, Barkin Kitchen takes care of the catering, and also a team from Orio Germany will be present on site. The invitation with more details can be found on the redesigned homepage of Saab Bredlowwho went online this week. For better planning will be a registration to the 1. May by email (info (at)

Saab time travel also in Hamburg

Bredlow steps on the gas, lives the Saab cult, and it continues in the 3rd generation in Berlin! That is good, and something is happening in Hamburg too. The old-timer tank at the Brandshof is also calling for the Saab fans, and I'm sure many will come.

Hamburg is also a kind of time travel. The historic ambience of the former large gas station has its austere charm, which fits in perfectly with the industrial area. Inlet on the grounds of the tank have all the historic Saab including the 9000 series. The rest has to park outside, which is not a problem and due to the space also makes sense.

Saab meeting Hamburg 2016
Saab meeting Hamburg 2016

In the years before, the terrain and the surrounding area in the industrial area was always full of cars from Trollhättan. It will not be different this year if the weather does not put a damper on the bill.

The Saab meeting in Hamburg will again have surprises in store this year. The Saab Sonnet Group is planning a joint journey, and it will be interesting to see what else is going on.

So where on the 5. May?

That's the tough question everyone has to decide for themselves. Both the Saab event in Berlin and the meeting in Hamburg have charm, and a decision is already difficult. Last year, I opted for the dealership inauguration of Saab Muckelbauer in Bamberg, and against Hamburg. This year, the Hanseatic city takes precedence, even if a crying eye is there.

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    I wish you all a lot of fun in Berlin and Hamburg. For those who live in the East, the meeting also lends itself to 5 May in Roudnice nad Labem in the Czech Republic.

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    This is how it can go. As a long-term customer at Bredlow, I would of course like to be there on May 5th. But of all times I'm not in Berlin now. My Saab 9-5 Sportcombi, supervised by Bredlows, reliably brought me to the island of Sylt. From here I wish the Bredlow family a successful event on May 5th!

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    I think I will make a detour to Hamburg. Are from here about 180km because I can live well with.

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      512 kilometers, see you in Hamburg!

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        Let's see if it works so well. To me, Saab 9-3 SC Aero Ttid HB-T 9300 and damn much human

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          That will be fine. Contrary to first planning 9-3 I Aero, AB-SB 9, and a little less human 😉

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    Great what Berliners and hamburgers organize! Too bad that the south emanates completely empty. Frankfurter, Bamberger, where have you been? Saab meeting Frankfurt, that would be really something.

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    Hamburg 850 km, Berlin not much less! It's a shame, but I think I'll stay at home ...

    Have fun those who go there! Saab lives, even with us, but just from the south of the republic to the north it's just very far

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